Is Syrian Intervention A Trap?
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Is Syrian Intervention A Trap?

that President Obama looks like he set
their head down to Syria and drop a couple bombs it looks like they say
they’re going to about three days a bombings thats currently plan a present Obama says is
not set in stone we’ll see how it goes but now we begin
to see the warning signs love how Republicans might react if
things go poorly in this operation I don’t get a wrong republicans have a
demonic attack Syria throughout John McCain Lindsey Graham
have been the biggest cheerleaders for Tiger Syria and overall the Republican Party says
yes attacked them Obama but you think that’s not going to stop
them from criticizing Obama when he lists them anyway so right now there are reports out from that Capitol Hill feels
quote not properly consulted and that they have gotten quote very brief
status updates which are obviously at to that
not to their liking they would like to be updated and consulted even more now listen to john bainer says here he
says I’ve confer with the chairman of the national security committees who have received initial outreach from
senior administration officials it was average has been
appreciated it is apparent from the questions above
the outreach has to date not reach the level up substantive
consultation in other words that omit this operation
go slightly self were in a sec we were not properly
consult I said in the beginning we were properly consulted none other president has done this all
wrong if you properly consulted us us Republican geniuses would have figured
out you know the right way to approach this a you see that and heating come to
congress that sounds a little unconstitutional wait 48 wait for it okay now a 116 house members have already
sent a letter saying do not act it will be illegal and
unconstitutional on ninety eight Republicans and eighteen Democrats have
signed that letter now look here’s a little bitter irony
here I agree with that letter I think the president should actually ask for authorization before he acts from congress it is an active war to
drop bombs in another country to drop a significant amount a bombs to
destroy their military facilities that’s not the war you should ask
congress so if I was President Obama I wouldn’t
do it a less I had authorization but now big hypocrisy the republicans have is
they’re saying go for it go for did not say what I’m
saying in fact Reuters explains many wat makers have
been careful to add they generally support the decisive
action yes syria prison President Bashar al-assad in
other words ghetto kokomo call you got you’ve got to be decisive he said there was a red line and across
the red line you have to attack all US attacks hmm you shoulda gone
authorization we sent you a letter we told you learn
constitutional known I was stupid have you to listen to republicans always stupid
have you right so do it the right way but of course is not going to cause the
entire national security apparatuses tell the president might not you have to go immediately SAR right
away SAR and of course congress is irrelevant
ignore them well we have been ignoring Congress for decades on and on issues a warrant
fortunately but it doesn’t mean that we should do it
right right now one final a note here from Reuters they
slam but the administration as a midday on Wednesday had yet to
share a US intelligence report that made directly link this on
government to last week’s attack now if you go without asking for
authorization although yes that has been standard practice for decades it is in my opinion and in the opinion
of a lot of folks in apparently I least 160 members up the house today unconstitutional and you do it without what the republicans
are setting up as improper consultations inadequate
consultations and then you didn’t really present
enough evidence to them that in fact the regime had used chemical weapons you’re setting yourself up for a recipe
for disaster so I would ask the president not to listen the republicans but I’ve
been asking for five straight years to little avail slash no avail so in this case we’ll have the same
situation you listen to republicans the attack and
then you listen the republicans as a rep from a porn for attacking


  • RedXlV

    Seriously, who the FUCK cares what Republicans are going to say to criticize Obama? You act as if it somehow makes any difference what they're going to say.

  • TreyLutrash

    Cenk has always loved Obama and still sends him love letters. This story proves it
    btw how can you say the alternative was worse? Did Romney spy on you? Did Romney slaughter innocent children with drones? Is Romney planning on killing innocent kids in Syria?
    Sounds to me like you're trying to use Romney to justify Obama's horrific actions so you can continue your love affair with Obama

  • keepitrealquise

    Obama gotta be the weakest most bi-partisan president ever. I'm actually regretting giving him my vote. He never makes a stand on NOTHING! He constantly wants to compromise with the republicans. F*ck them!! You beat their last true super conservative hero in Mitt. They bash u over and over again cuz they don't believe in you or your skin color. But yet, he always breaking down and meeting these people in the middle. Makes me sick

  • JamesThomas

    We can't fix the pot-holes in our roads, or supply enough books for our schools, but we can release 3 days worth of cruse-missiles at $600,000 a pop…no problemo.

  • Aegix Drakan

    1) Again, watch Cenk rant on Obama's use of drones, the NSA spying, and Bradley manning's verdict. Those don't look like love letters
    2) Bush started the spying, Obama continued it. Do you REALLY think Romney would have stopped it, being from the same party from Bush?
    3) Romney was always going on about STRONG foreign policy and looking tough. I'm sure he'd ALREADY be in Syria, and be using drones.
    4) I'm Canadian. I don't like Obama either. I think ALL your politicians are nuts.

  • TreyLutrash

    1: No proof whatsoever Bush was involved. NONE
    2: No proof Romney would be in Syria. NONE ZERO
    3: Why am I even bothering talking to a Canadian. Don't you have something to do with wood today? Wood or wood related products?

  • Aegix Drakan

    Don't YOU have something to do with guns today? like whining that people are gonna take them away from you so you ca-

    You know what, [email protected]#$ it, I'm done here.

    I have to go ride my pet polar bear into the sunset to get my free health care. 😀

  • ramone2185

    BOMB them Obama! *Obama bombs them.* Look at Obama starting another war. Worst President ever…This will happen soon. Trust me. Prolly Fox news.

  • Camtaine82

    So are you telling me that if he gets approval from congress, you'll be satisfied and stop calling for his impeachment? Or will you continue complaining and calling for his impeachment like you were ages before syria was even a talking point? Lets be straight, you will always call for his impeachment whatever he does. Yesterday it was benghazi, todays its syria, tomorrow you'll be slating him for something else. I'm no obama fan, but I know people like you. What happens if congress say yes?

  • TheMindofRa

    Ah so that's how they plan on impeaching him… well in that case ready a case against the Bushes because they did the exact same thing several times over. I think the only legal war we engaged in since the 80s was Afghanistan. Personally I would recognize that I was stepping into a trap and tread very carefully or not do it at all.

  • TreyLutrash

    Don't give me that "lesser of 2 evils" justification for electing Obama. Romney never spied on us. Romney never slaughtered children with drones. Romney isn't planning on bombing innocent kids in Syria. You can take that lesser shit and shove it up Cenk's ass

  • jamison870

    You are correct sir….I have nothing personal against Obama but the system he represents is illegal and immoral….please get some popcorn and watch the Obama Deception…to be honest I voted for Obama in 2008 before I understood the Federal Reserve scheme to enslave humanity….how do you know how long i've been calling for impeachment? are you a reader of my blog? google blogdog if you are interested..thanks it has been nice chatting

  • K1productions

    right-wing Conservatives are the masters at making things look MUCH worse than they actually are, unless they are the ones in office. Remember how bad they made Clinton look, when the country was practically at its PEAK under his administration?

    The second a Republican gets in office, you know damned well he'll take all Obama's measures, claim to repeal them, but simply re-institute them with a Republican name and call them amazing, especially Obamacare (a.k.a. Romenycare)

  • bobbytiger

    On the other hand, gullible people, (perhaps yourself), fell for his "Hope & Change" crap, and probably peed in your pants when he got his Nobel Peace Prize, no?

  • Jay McJakome

    I was unclear, the items on the list are stupid, we have wasted a lot of money over millennia inventing new ways to kill each other. Why draw the line at WMD? Your inability to avoid foul language and hysterical ranting are also stupid, however.

  • Dyvim Tvar

    Obama ran on being center-'right' and has been using Bush's 'right'-wing policies and pandering to the cons at every opportunity, granting them most of what they want while they trash him.
    The cons seem to think that if a full blown 'right'-winger were in office, those 'right'-wing policies would never be utilized.
    Just imagine the power plays if McCain/Palin were running things.

  • Josdamale

    Let's see: the current regimes of the Saudis, Israelis, and Turks all want to get the US to destroy Iran and its influence in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. Is this the false flag to draw the US into war with Iran? Surely Obama can't be that unaware of the real facts? Wouldn't war with Syria and Iran be worse than war with Iraq?

  • John Drain

    The article is about the history of Syria and its population, how his father seized power and the tactics both him and his father used to control the region, how it got to this point as well as the attributed crimes on both side and the external influences. At the end it talks about the US intervention via the Geneva convention, as hypocritical as they maybe, but it does not justify it and nor do I. If you actually looked instead of guessing you might learn something instead of bothering me.

  • The Dullohan

    This is one of those damned if you do damned if you don't situations. Hes a flip flopper if he doesn't act, hes a warmonger if he does, hes incompetent if he waits, and hes a criminal if he goes now. No matter what side he picks its the wrong side and those that hate him will persecute him for it.

  • TreyLutrash

    Wrong .. Going by YOUR logic Obama should've been a Saint, yet he's murdered with his drones and spied on your ass. So how can you possibly say Romney would've done what the Dims said he would? The Dims said Obama WOULDN'T spy on you and WOULDN'T murder children

  • Domenica Stone

    Obama wanted nothing to do with Syria, McCain and his warhawk buddies wanted him to arm the "rebels" and forced him into the "red line" statement and now all of a sudden Assad wants to use chemical weapons? Suspicious, just like McCains little sneaky little visit to the rebels..

  • NYCAustinNYC

    Hey if you want to ignore the reality of the TYTs content there is nothing I do about that.

    Still it does make you sound like an ignorant jack-ass to anyone that is a regular viewer of the TYTs.

  • Edmyn

    …Firstly, explain how my logic lead you to believe that Obama should've been a Saint. Secondly, what the fuck are the Dims? If you're referring to the Democrats, I'm not saying Romney would have done these things by what they have said, but what he has said on matters of foreign policy etc.

  • Edmyn

    I feel like you're not going into this discussion with the right attitude, first ask yourself if you're willing to change your mind. If not, you need to re-evaluate.

  • TreyLutrash

    I'll see you at the impeachment proceedings. I'll be the guy pointing at Cenk and laughing. (Cenk will be the guy with Obama's dick in his mouth)

  • bobbytiger

    Hopefully we can all learn from the past. As a conservative libertarian, I suggest that it is more important than ever, not to forget what happened to the United States in Vietman, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. I shudder to think that we have so quickly lost our sense of past similar involvements.

  • genie0390

    people deserve the Government they get.

    if you believe a little inexperienced community organizer makes a better President, you're nuts. How is he working out so far?

  • K1productions

    I call it as I see it. I've seen bad Republicans, I've seen horrendous Democrats, and I've seen both parties flip-flop their stances from Liberal to Conservative and vice versa. What I see, in the last few years, is a blatantly obstructionist Congress (same thing that happened to John Quincy Adams), and an entire party holding the well-being of our country hostage, if not completely sabotaging it, for the sole purpose of getting the Democrat out of office by any means necessary.

  • Edmyn

    Better than Romney would have, however I'm sure many third parties would have been better options, however not by far with the legalized corruption. I'd say that individuals don't get the Government they deserve, you can't chastise an individual and say he deserves something when he/she is helpless. Obama is far too conservative in his actions, my own 'nuts' presumption I guess is that the right wing candidate would be more right wing.

  • timoback3000

    Obama's a dumbass if he attacks them. But U (Cenk), 99% of the rest of media are dumb for supporting this. I'm assuming Israel must be behind this

  • John Drain

    I have no idea who Anne Applebaum is and I'm from the UK.
    I don't simply expect every article or journalist to hold my views and I'm not going to defend the Washington Post.
    The article is simply a place to get some depth and context, not to take as the be all and end all.

  • genie0390

    "Obama is far too conservative in his actions," really? first learn what conservative means!

    Like I said, people deserve the Government they get. Obama is a disaster and it's guys like you that voted for him

  • John Drain

    Yes you do get them, The Guardian for example can on occasion have good and informative pieces but they have one writer in particular (i can't remember her name and would block it out if i did) who's a strong Israeli supporter and seems to write bizarre homosexual hate pieces masquerading as cultural analysis. But I'm cautious to dismiss the whole because of the few and maybe see things from other angles regardless of if i agree. Btw, the piece seems to be by Max Fisher.

  • ClassicRockLivesOn

    Ok… How does being black matter? Why does it matter if you are white, red, yellow, or purple? He won the "Peace" Prize for being black, when he is really a warmonger? How does that matter more than keeping peace? This is ridiculous.

  • avedic

    I'm utterly blown away by Obama.
    He took everyone's hope in change….and incinerated it.
    I voted for him in 2008, did not in 2012, and am NOT a fan anymore.
    He's almost a carbon copy of Bush on damn near every single issue. How is that even possible?
    If anything, Obama's utter disregard for those who supported him will HOPEFULLY(though probably not) wake Americans up to the FACT that ALL politicians could care less about us.
    A politician is as trustworthy as a lawyer for a used-car salesman.

  • PureComedyBaby

    TYT I am disappointed in you guys lately you guys have been darma baiters. just like race baiters.

    You just want darma on your comment section, to push views.

    We are talking about LIVES, INNOCENT LIVES!.

  • kim mathews

    watch what .com, there is no name of title, to watch? please type in the title by spreading the word in between letters. Thanks.

  • De GreenMan

    Before thinking about Syria, it would be important to consider taking action to resolve the conflict with the rebels cannibals in New Guinea. Please let the peaceful cannibals immigrate here. And then send our troops to put a new cannibal regime in place.

  • genie0390

    actually the conservatives outnumber liberals by 2:1 in America, a big voting block is independents.

    you and millions who voted for Obama are extremely naïve, uninformed as to how the US Government is structured. The real power is Congress, which controls the purse strings, the budgets and writes laws. The President signs bills into law and executes on the laws in force. His only power is that of suasion and Obama isn't good at that!

    you were suckered by Obama and his campaign machine

  • Edmyn

    I didn't vote for Obama, nor am I a US citizen, you seem to just make up your own fairy-tale with no evidence as to what you're saying. Liberalism is increasing drastically in the US as well as all of the west.

  • genie0390

    well if you're not an American, what body of knowledge are you relying upon to reach the conclusions that I don't know what I'm talking about?

  • Mirquella Santos

    Cenk I won't be watching your videos for a while. I am ready to take my signs and protest against this stupid war. I am against it. We don't even know who used those chemical weapons. I am dissapointed at Obama.

  • Will Michael Maer

    Sorry the title is The Syrian War What You're Not Being Told.
    It's on StormCloudGathering channel, please watch the other videos he has made also. =)

  • Dyvim Tvar

    You cons seem to think that anyone who isn't of your nation can't comment on anything your nation does, and then claim that your nation can do whatever it wants to other nations.
    The reason regressive cons outnumber progressive libs is because Low IQs outnumber High IQs.
    Anti-fact/education cons can't think beyond their own bias, and can't sufficiently pass the grade. Anything that goes against their fantasies is soundly rejected instead of used to correct faulty knowledge.

  • genie0390

    so the progressive libs that turned Detroit into a cesspool have high IQ scores? How about the ones in California, the far left idiots who ran Soviet Union?

  • West Winds

    Totally agree. You've heard of a Hail Mary pass past the opposition; well, this is Obama's Hail Dubya Pass past We the People. Another corporate a** kissing move.

  • TheGruvu

    Obama isn't nearly as unintentionally funny as Bush. Obama has also yet to declare a crusade, until then there are a few minute differences.

  • Dyvim Tvar

    Obama ran on being center "right". It's public record. Loads of video of him saying so from the very beginning.
    He leans towards 'right' wing policies, but isn't as crazy 'right' as the religious zealot funda MENTALists are, so, of course, he uses 'right' wing edicts as his own.
    He acts like any moderate con would have in the 90's. The USA doesn't have a 'left' wing, progress party at all, and hasn't had one for decades. It lauds regression to older, superstitious times.

  • 408Magenta

    Obama has no qualities which warrant 'one' vote but the game was rigged in such a way that we were given such a horrible alternative in Obama, we had to vote either independent and as a last resort, Obumer.

  • Dark Pariah

    What? He did make changes. Not changes that we wanted, or that really made any differences of note, but he did. He offered hope, and people kept getting dragged along because of it.
    On a side note. I might be an atheist, but isn't this around the time Tzeentch was born in Warhammer 40k canon? Maybe it isn't simple science fiction, after all? We certainly seem to be falling into an overl-complex series of treacherous lies and false hope to keep us strung along by an unseen puppeteer.

  • leCCeh

    "maybe we should let someone else do the work". Emplies you believe Assad did it…sorry didn't realize you were a twelve year old…

  • QuebecOffroading

    the ONLY hope is to vote liberal or independent…this is the only way to stop big funding of political parties who then owe favours in return

  • kim mathews

    Obama is kissing the American people with a Judas kiss on the cheek to the, while he tearing down America…… just like Judas did when he betrayed Jesus with a kiss……just so you know, Judas was the son of perdiction Judas turn Jesus over to his killers. That exactly what Obama doing now,folks.

  • David Cohen

    oh they want Obama out of office becouse of Israel
    he dosen't serport Israel on the Iran issue to attack them
    so the jews are going behind his back and trying fuck him over.
    so they can get a new pupet in office that will go to war with Iran.
    look the USA dont got the money for wars any more it need to fix its own problem frist and that obama job.not to going around as God of War !
    let Russia handle it for once or China its there turn give the poor USA a brake for once !

  • David Cohen

    if i was Obama i let the UN handle this and step back and watch.
    i want no part of Syria its only going to lead to biger problem in long run its always dose.

  • Shala Font

    I don't know who did it nor do i care. I never said maybe we should let someone do the work. i said "let someone else do the work" meaning, let us take a brake and allow another country to intervene if they choose to. and thank you<3 I've always been told i look younger than my real age, 15. but i am short for a high schooler. your so obsessed with stuffing assad down my throat why don't you go suck his ass, moron. have a nice day

  • 233kosta

    Basically, they want to drag Iran into a war over Syria. They've been looking for an excuse to invade them, and for years – Iran has refused to give it to them. I seriously doubt they're stupid enough to declare war on the US. Eventually, the US will come up with an excuse and invade them, hopefully it won't be any time soon.

  • BW022

    Of course it is a trap. It's not a Republican trap… it is an Islamists trap. al-Qaida, the Brotherhood, and every Islamist in the world wants the US to attack Syria. The moment al-Assad falls… they take over. The Christians are dead, they get another base to attack Israel, a chance to get chemical weapon stockpiles, more money, more weapons, etc. Complete Islamist win.

    We've seen this before. In Afghanistan 1980s, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Chechnya, etc., etc. There is no democratic movement… its an Islamic movement. al-Assad is a brutal dictator, but he isn't trying to make an Islamic caliphate or world takeover. When will the US leaner… anyone but the Islamists. If you don't want to support Assad… fine. Do nothing.

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