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[INTRO MUSIC] [gun shot sound] All I know, is that Obama will not be takin’
my guns any time soon! [gun shot sound] [Title Card: The second amendment] America is known as “the land of the free
and the home of the brave”. Francis Scott Key added that little line into
the Star Spangled Banner, because America bravely fought for its freedom and became
it’s own own republic. Part of establishing an new American Republic
was, guaranteeing its citizens personal rights and freedoms and of course limiting the power
of the government. So, the Anti-Federalists proposed The Bill
of Rights during the ratification of The Constitution in 1788 and 89. The Bill of Rights are essentially corrections
and amendments to the US constitution. Today there are 10 of them, and they sit at the
front of the Constitution itself. These Amendments have been the source of debate since they
were first introduced, but because of recent events, the second amendment has been debated
now more than ever. The Second Amendment is often referred to
as “The Right to Bear Arms”, but that’s only a fairly short portion of what the Amendment
says. When we talk about the second amendment, we’re
usually talk about an individual’s right to own firearms. However, the second amendment
is predominantly about the right to a “well regulated Militia, being necessary to the
security of a free state”. See, in the early days of the Colonies, firearms
were actually pretty rare. Settlers didn’t often use them to hunt for food because economically,
it just wasn’t smart. Hunting usually an activity that only right people participated,
because gun were expensive and hard to come by. That changed when England exported guns into
America during the French and Indian War, so that the colonies could protect themselves.England
ordered Militias to be created and handed out firearms to men who joined. The recipients
were usually white men. These guns weren’t owned by individuals, but rather, the Crown
itself and everyone registering for the Militia had to register their weapon. The wording of the Second Amendment has been
debated throughout time. To some people, it’s about a state’s right to regulate guns in
the interest of forming an efficient Militia. For others, it’s been about a citizen’s
right to own firearms. Today it’s pretty widely accepted that the Second Amendment
gives individuals the RIGHT to bear firearms, but that CONGRESS can regulate said arms. When talking about the second amendment, it’s
almost impossible to not discuss the NRA. The National Rifle Association was founded
in 1871 by two Yankee veterans of the Civil War. If you’re familiar with them today,
it might surprise you that they were, at one point, one of the most pro-gun control organizations
in the country.The NRA started because of it’s creators believing that the Civil War
lasted as long as it lasted because Northern soldiers of the Union Army didn’t really
know how to use their guns. So the NRA encouraged gun training for ALL gun owners, ADAMANTLY
supported gun control and MOST IMPORTANTLY believed in responsible gun ownership that
was in accordance with the law. Into the 1970s, the NRA was essentially a
marksmanship group with a focus on hunting, however, by 1977 there was a coup within the
NRA that shifted the organization into the more Libertarian organization it is today.
Today, the NRA regularly that equates gun ownership with the American dream of freedom
and liberty. That’s largely thanks to Harlon Carter, a former Texas US Border Patrol Chief
who lead the coup within the NRA and established it as a Right-Wing political organization. Carter joined the NRA at the age of 16 and
had already been a very pro-gun. A year later he tracked down and shot a Mexican American
boy named Ramón Casiano who had been loitering outside of his home with other boys. He was
arrested and found guilty and was set to serve 3 years in prison, but got off of his conviction
on a technicality. During his time with the US Border Patrol, Carter helped run President
Eisenhower’s campaign called “Operation Wetback” where Mexican immigrants were inhumanely
deported from America. In today’s discussions of the Second Amendment,
the intersections of the NRA, Gun Control, and Race are particularly relevant as we’re
seeing more and more that gun ownership is seen as a RIGHT for white americans, but for
people of color, THEIR ownership of guns often viewed suspiciously Today we hear a lot about the right to publicly
carry guns. 31 states currently ALLOW open carrying without a permit,
15 REQUIRE a licence or a permit to carry and 6 PROHIBIT open carrying with the exception
of law enforcement officers- including my state of California.
Historically and currently, the face of Gun Rights advocacy has almost exclusively been
white, but you’d be surprised to hear that one of the biggest advocates of Open Carrying
has been the Black Panther Party. 1n 1967, the Governor of California, Ronald
Reagan, enacted the Mulford Act. The bill was a direct response to The Black Panther
Party that, at the time was conducting Police Patrols of Oakland, California while openly
carrying firearms. They were patrolling as an act of protecting their community from
acts of police brutality and watching for signs of police misconduct.
Seeing the Black Panther Party openly carry weapons made Republicans in California very
nervous so they rallied together for gun control in California and as a result, The Mulford
Act effectively made open carrying illegal in the State of California. The Bill got a lot of media attention when
the Black Panther Party marched on the state capitol to protest for their right to open
carry. “The Black Panther Party For Self Defense
calls upon the American People in general, and the black people in particular to take
careful note of the racist California legislature. Which is now consider legislation aimed at
keeping the black people disarmed and powerless at the very same time racist police agencies
throughout the country are intensifying the terror, brutality, murder and depression of
black people. ” The NRA in the 60s, was not the NRA of today.
Remember, there was a political shift within the NRA after the coup that would happen 10
years after the Mulford act was passed. In the 60s, The NRA was still very pro-gun control
and believed that the state had the right to regulate the guns of its citizens.
However, when Ronald Reagan was President of the United States in the 80s, his views
on gun control changed after the NRA’s political shift. Reagan became the first president to
be officially endorsed by the NRA. During his presidency, he became particularly invested
in Second Amendment rights, and their potential to keep citizens safe from oppressive government
forces. It seems like gun rights only matter when
the gun owners in question are white. But that shouldn’t’ surprise you if you’ve
payed attention to the news lately,. Alton Sterling was selling CDs outside of
a Baton Rouge Tripple S Food Mart. According to a witness, a homeless man approached him
and asked him for money and was reportedly very aggressive in doing so. In response,
Sterling revealed his gun telling the man to leave him alone. The homeless man then
used his cellphone to dial 911 and said to the operator that there was a man with a gun
in the area. Two white police officers responded to the call and held Sterling to the ground
within moments of their arrival. They shot him several times in the head execution style
and all of this was caught on camera. Louisiana is an Open Carry state and its one
that doesn’t require a licence or a permit. Philando Castile was a resident of Minnesota,
another open carry state. He was driving through Falcon heights with
his girlfriend and his daughter when he was pulled over because police driving by suspected
him of an armed robbery that happened in the area. The police pulled him over for a traffic
stop using the excuse of his broken tail light. After being asked about his registration,
he told the officers that he was licensed to carry a concealed weapon and that there
was a firearm in the car. As he was pulling his hands up, the officer
shot him four or five times. His girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds was Facebook
Live streaming the entire incident to the public and she captured him as he bled out
in front of his own daughter. Both of these incidents happened days after
the 4th of July when America turned 240 years old.
In America, we’d like to believe that things like racial biases no longer impact us ,let
alone how we view the law. But we’ve seen time and time again that when it comes to
the second amendment, a Black person with a gun just isn’t seem the same way as a white
person with a gun. Tamir Rice was 12 years old when he was killed
within seconds of officers arriving to a scene where he was playing with a BB gun in Ohio-
an Open Carry State. Steve Lohner was 18 when he publicly carried
a shotgun across the streets of Aurora, Colorado, 2 years after the Aurora shooting where James
Holmes killed twelve people. He refused to show his ID or cooperate with the police and
he and walked away with a citation and his life. John Crawford was shot while carrying a non-lethal
air pump rifle that he picked up from a shelf in a Walmart store in Ohio; which is again,
an Open carry state. After Dylan Roof killed 9 black people and
went on the run, when the police finally tracked him down and arrested him, he complained that
he was hungry and got Burger King before he went to jail. DESPITE already proving himself
to be dangerous, he was not only arrested with his life intact, but fed when he complained
that he was hungry. In South Carolina, it is illegal to openly carry a firearm. Growing up, I was told that if I ever had
an interaction with the police, to always comply and to do what is told. I thought for
years that would save me, but after seeing these videos, it’s clear that compliance
doesn’t guarantee that I’ll come out alive from an interaction with the police. When we see white people being able to spit,
kick, run and even shoot and the police and walk away alive, it becomes hard to deny that
racial biases still impact how the police see people of color. The NRA has been mostly silent about these
recent cases and I think we all know why. Anyways, this is all just food for thought.
I want you to always remember and never forget that you are beautiful and you are loved. Bye! If you like this video, you can support my
work by becoming a monthly patreon patron. [Hip Hop Music] What three Black Women Started Black Lives
Matter, it was more than just a hashtag. It was an is a movement dedicated to affirming…


  • teenage spaceland

    Who would be surprised to hear that the Black Panthers advocated for open carry? Their whole stance was that they needed to protect themselves and each other from the police.

  • Victoria Slone

    This was a great video! It's nice to see someone using facts and logic to make their argument rather than feelings. Keep up the good work.

  • Fake Maknae Markipoo

    Wow i am so glad i found your channel! I dont understand why u have so few subscribers though… Wonderful video!

  • Salina Lee

    Great video! When it comes to "touchy" topics like racism and gun control, people can be ridiculously biased and emotional. This video had great production, and was presented in a way that has true journalism at its core. Just because someone is passionate about a topic doesn't mean they have to be irrational. (*Kat Blaque used logic. It's Super Effective!)

  • MO 2243

    Get your facts right before you comment on these shooting.  Mr. Sterling was a felon with a gun.  he's already committing a crime by possession of a firearm.  I know it hard for you to wrap your mind around that, but he should NOT have had a firearm in the first place.  Yes, its illegal for a felon to own, buy, or have a gun in their possession.  If you truly watched the video with an open mind you will see that he was fighting with the officers.  Question, do you think someone who already have a record of assaulting police officers was fighting to turn the gun over to them?  Anyway, you made a statement about the Minnesota shooting.  You stated his girlfriend recorded the entire event, and that's not true.  She recorded after he was shot, we don't know what happened prior to him being shot.  Only the girlfriend, her daughter, and the officer knows what led up to him being shot.  It's unfortunate that both men lost their lives, however, we can not ignore or pretend that some of their action were contributing factors in how their contact with police ended.I'll just wait for the real facts to come out, and the investigation to over, before I pass judgment.

  • MO 2243

    You're presentation was well put together, and you were on point with most of your facts.  I'm just not one to run with the crowd on any topic.  I like to get facts before I can talk about, or give my opinion on any topic.  I'm an independent thinker.

  • Molly M.

    I love how genuine you are in all your videos. When I watch youI can always tell how you care so much about the subjects you talk about! You keep on inspiring me to stand up for victims of oppression and even myself, in some cases. I hope you continue to make videos and firing up myself and others about issues we may not have even known about and things people didn't think they'd be affected by. Amidst all the atrocities that have been happening lately, you're a shining light telling us about the issues in a fair and unbiased way. Thank you, on behalf of myself and all your fans, for being who you are. I think you could change the world!

  • christian shipley

    ok so don't take this as trolling but you do realize the democratic party wanted to keep guns away from blacks and that republicans always have advocated for gun rights for everyone?

  • MrVlogerGuy

    Honey Alton was a convicted felon which is illegal to carry a firearm , his records are of public knowledge I repeat you CAN NOT be a convicted felon and still have and operate a fire arm. However that doesn't excuse how he was treated but don't leave that tidbit out

  • Tristan Collins


    I, being libertarian, would definitely not consider the NRA to be libertarian. Its contemporary form is socially right wing. The libertarian movement is struggling with loud voices from brutalist libertarians that gravitate from the right, but the Libertarian Party and libertarians in general are socially liberal.

    In terms of the word ‘regulated’ in the second amendment… it had a different meaning and context in 1791. It meant, orderly… not, controlled. Rights granted to congress, to the state, or to the federal govt, are pretty explicit as they are mentioned directly in whatever passage is being read. One can totally support the idea that militias or guns be regulated, without believing that that is what the second amendment says.

    I’d say, saying the second amendment is racist is putting the cart before the horse. The second amendment itself is not, but the historic enforcement of gun controls and gun rights Is. For example, prior to emancipation the only real gun control on the books was that slaves could not own guns. After emancipation, whites in power had to find a way to keep large populations of emancipated blacks from taking up arms… and so began to implement gun control laws that would prevent blacks from owning firearms. It's clearly anti 2nd amend behavior and a good reason why we Don't want congress to be regulating it. The Black Panthers understood this and it is why they carried openly and advocated for more (classically) liberal gun laws.

    There is definitely an issue with the fair treatment of black gun owners. I was happy to see the small pockets of gun owners who have called out the NRA for their ignoring the shooting of blacks for legally carrying. More people need to speak up about it and hold the NRA, police, state congresses and courts accountable… but we should definitely not support gun controls that could disarm minority populations.

  • ymp5000

    Alton Sterling was a violent felon who was brandishing a firearms, was not obeying orders to lay down on the ground even after being tased. Once on the ground video footage shows his right arm reaching down his body in the direction of his right front pocket where his gun was. They told him multiple time to stop before shooting him. This was in no way "execution style."

  • Sophie F

    You are so incredibly calm, rational and empathetic in these videos – even though you are so close to the issues at hand. I have so much respect for everyone who speaks on issues they care about, and if you ever chose to get angry, to be emotional, to show the hurt and the pain these things caused – I would respect you just the same. So, I am just in awe when are so understanding and compassionate like this. <3

  • supernaturalXD

    Thank you! I come from a racist place. Manly white people who are republican and have NRA stickers on their trucks lol some idiot said white and black people are treated the same with cops and that BLM is just them screaming for attention and playing the race and slavery card again. So I made the same point you made with the comparison of how a black person doesn't have to do anything to be killed. They have been killed following the cops orders! But a white man can exchange bullets or make threats and still be detained with out a scratch and leave with their life and some even get FUCKING BURGER KING!

  • Trisa Maulidya

    Hi 🙂 I really like your video! I'm Asian and I learned a lot from you. I learned Eng cause you put caption in vid, about black history, about trans, and your tea section! love it and today about this 🙂 thank you so much!

  • Texas3Step

    The NRA champions the right of all non-criminal American citizens to keep and bear arms; race is NOT a factor. I'm sure there are some racist members of the organization, as there are still racists pretty much everywhere, but the organization has no racist policies and does not look at race or sex as a criteria for membership. One of their arguments against restrictions on gun ownership is that many such laws were based in racism; in many places, whites did not want blacks to have the ability to defend themselves. The NRA is open to all.

    I think one reason the organization has not commented much on recent police shootings is that many are still under investigation, and much is not known about others. Remember, the media only make national stories out of blacks being shot by police. Far more whites are shot by cops, but that won't stir up controversy, so it doesn't make the news. And the media ALWAYS skew the stories.

    Whether the shooting was justified or not, it is presented as unjustified. Trayvon Martin's pictures on the news showed him as much younger then he was. The stories never pointed out that he had gone to the store and bought two of the three ingredients used to make Lean, a street drug Martin was hooked on. All witnesses, black and white, testified that Martin was beating Zimmerman's head on a curb and telling him he was going to die, and jurors, black and white, found in Zimmerman's favor. All we were given was the impression that a weirdo wanna-be cop had shot an innocent young kid.

    I do believe that there is a racial bias in some cops, but not most. It is clear that some of the shootings are not justified. Those shooters must be prosecuted fully; and step taken to change attitudes and responses, so that unjustified shootings are greatly reduced. And let us be very, very careful about believing everything we see and hear on the news.

  • Bel Helen

    Citation please? When was the last time white people shot at cops and didn't get killed? The reason so many people get killed by police is because they aren't compliant. All of the examples you gave were instances where somebody didn't comply with the police and/or did something wrong. I enjoy a lot of your videos but you should not be twisting the facts and creating a straw man of white people being able to get away with crazy bullshit.

  • beezzarro

    The problem is the portrayal and stigma surrounding black people in the media. You really shouldn't be allowed to "open/carry" anywhere, the reaction you get is either meeting fear wherever you go and creating a nervous atmosphere or resorting to threatening people with it. What happened to Mr sterling was not ok, and frankly those cops should be put away in max for the rest of their miserable lives, but a threat of assault with a deadly weapon is going to exacerbate almost any issue. Again Mr sterling's case breaks my heart and was so unjust, how can we trust the police again?

  • Hammy Catra

    I just happened upon your videos and  I just wanted to say how much I  appreciate your perspectives and  well researched videos.   Keep it up.

  • Ed Schroeder

    Okay, so what about the NRA being created to arm free (and newly republican)black slaves who were being attack by democrat KKK members and lynched after the Civil War during reconstruction?

    Wasn't Alton Sterling a felon? Can felons have guns? NO!

    The NRA does not care about color.

    They don't ask, and have black spokesman, Colion Noir

    But hey, what do I know, since I am a NRA member, and white, I must be a racist. Since that seems to be the answer for everything now. Everything is racist.

    Racism is NOT the sole property of any one race. Nor is any one race immune from it. The only race that matters is the human race.

    Now I will grit my teeth, cower behind my desk and await the deluge of HATE that I am sure will come my way. And in doing so, will expose who the real racists are.

  • Porter Rockwell

    This comment section is just one big leftist circle jerk. People look for the facts that support their pre-existing bias. If you carry a hammer you look for nails. There is also a disproportionate number of leftists in your viewer base that harbor severe racial hatred and it's obvious. No progress to be found here. Moving along.

  • Evil Toastie

    I liked this video, well researched, i'm inclined to believe shes right and that there is a double standard in america when it comes to police brutality,

    still though I'm a scientist and I think you should use large studies as evidence rather than anecdotal examples. If you only focus on specific examples you can get a misguided picture.

    This is the approach of BLM which I think has lead to demonizing the whole police force due to the actions of a very small portion of the police.

    Saying police are violent to black people is like saying Muslims are terrorists, a gross generalization. Police play a vital role in society, creating an atmosphere of no respect to police is dangerous

    here is evidence that it is a tiny portion of those killed that were actually unarmed

    only 93 of the 990 were unarmed, and only 34 of the unarmed were black and even in the case of unarmed it doesn't always tell the whole story as shown by the reports.

    so that's 990 deaths in 2015 of those 730 had an attack in progress. 216 were determined to have no attack in progress and only 63 of these deaths were black

    Any number of unnecessary deaths is tragic however we can't lose perspective and disregard all police. 34 is a small number when we remember that there are around 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers (NLEOMF 2014) who are constantly getting called out to incidents non stop.

  • Lobos222

    #ContrastStory Yesterday a brown person was shot in Norway by the Police. He had barricaded himself in an apartment with a modern 9mm pistol. The Police tried to negotiate, but nothing happened before they heard a shot from the apartment. Were Police entered the apartment with force and shot the person twice… in the hands area. Obviously this is very serious and the Police Special Investigation (they only investigate the Police) has now opened a case to making sure that the Police only fired as a last resort and that all other methods were tried within reason beforehand. The person who was shot turned out to have mental problems and the gun was a replica start pistol (cant fire bullets, but looks real). He was taken to the hospital and later turned in to the physic ward, which is NOT part of the prison system.

  • Fluff Fluff

    Whaaaaaaat thhhhhheeee fuuuuuuuuuck. You stay weird, you dumb racist bitch. You're opening my eyes to how asinine a talking point can get.
    A few more doses of this and I may yet become entirely immune to such idiocy.

    Ah, and the blatant propaganda. Heavens. You are perfect. The antithesis of good faith given form. A demon for all to gaze upon and truly know disgust, else drown in deceit like so many insects to a sweet-scented pitcher.

    But nah like fuck you. Go over the actual statistics, ya tit. Why not report all… 600~ deathsbycop this year? Assuming the lone source I checked is valid. But mneh. If anything, it's strange to see the rate of blacks drop by like well over half, and where's your love for them there Native Americans? I can only hope officers aren't putting themselves at risk to appease such hordes of mad dreamers.

    Edit: Fuuuuuck, comparing you to a Carrion Flower would fit so much better! Intoxicating, sick flesh. Dousing hapless fools in your foul seed, loosing the husks to spread your corruption :c Something like that! Nooooo!

  • rippleleena

    There's nothing like good solid information. I'm a 66 y.o. black women who lived and actively participated in the "Movement" of the 60s. Your information is very well researched. Thank you for taking me back to a time when we as a people unified on all fronts. It's time we do it again? BLACK LIVES MATTER!!! Rap on, Kat Blaque, rap on!

  • sunset261

    "gun ownership is seen as a right for white Americans but for people of color, their ownership of guns is often viewed suspiciously" It's seen as a right for both but for blacks there might be more suspicion due to the insanely disproportionate rates of gun violence in black communities.

    "in response sterling revealed his gun, telling the man to leave him alone" Unless the homeless man was actively threatening sterling's life, threatening someone with a gun is a crime. I also love how you fail to mention that his gun was illegally owned and he was a convicted felon. People are getting sick of leftist lies. You intentionally omit facts to play up a narrative.

    "tamir rice" It was an airsoft gun which looked exactly like the real thing with no orange tip, and he was waving it around and pointing it at people. You neglect to mention that in the exact same year, Christopher Roupe, a white kid, was shot and killed by police for answering his door while holding a WII CONTROLLER. You people are the most dishonest people on the planet.

  • Eri Marie

    I have a question. Why would Philandro's ( sorry if I spelled that wrong) girlfriend livestream her boyfriend bleeding to death instead of calling 911 immediately?

  • Mak933

    Stop playing the victim and arm yourselves. There are plenty of blacks who exercise their 2nd amendment right and will not give it up. You should really be ashamed of yourself.

  • Madelaine Morbioni

    Once again Kat.. BRAVO! I love your content and you're a beautiful person! ❤️ never stop posting and never give into the trolls!

  • Anthony Volpe

    if your confused about the wording of the second amendment, lets look at what the founders intended based on what they said in relevant documents

    the constitution shall never be construed to to prevent the people of the united states who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms
    john adams

    the constitution of most of our states and of the united states asserts that all power is inherent in the people.. that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed
    thomas jefferson

    i ask sir what is the militia? it is the whole people. to disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.
    george mason

    no free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms
    thomas jefferson

    also look up pre constitutional assult weapons (belton flinlock, the puckle gun. pepperbox revolver) and dont think that the founders were blind to the idea of weapon advancement.

  • mike ridley

    you should make a video "Can young black males be responsible for their own actions?" i think it would be an interesting topic. Like Trevon Johnson and the statement his aunt made, "You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood,” “You have to understand … how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point of view.”

    do you think white ppl should have the right to defend themselves?

  • robert hoffman

    You come across so prepared and fluent on the topics, but the way you omit some information removed your credibility. Sterling should not have been killed that day, obviously. But then you reference La's open carry status, but omit how Sterling was not allowed to even own a gun due to his past violent convictions.

    You come so close to sounding honest, but then your angle drips through as bad as a non-white person on Fox "News"

  • Adaept Zulander

    For damn sake, the issue between the 2nd and racism perpetuated by society are two different things. This is what the left does, they conflate arguments that are unrelated.

  • LinkyLeaf

    You know why black people carrying guns are suspicious to the police? Because most of the gun crimes are happening in places where blacks are the majority like Detroit or LA Suburbs. Thus, with this information, police are going to be suspicious of blacks carrying guns.


    look at all the white people get ignorant and show their true white privilege colors😒reading these comments. and still you CHOOSE not to see the TRUTH.

  • Jay Schwartz

    Do you believe in debate?  Do you just unfriend people that do not agree with you?  Is it that simple?  Are you a happy girl, because you seem to spew hate toward everyone.  I am Jewish, they threw my people into ovens and burned them alive.  they hung your people on trees.  I can go on with the oppression that all creeds and people have gone through.  Try to look for happiness, whatever your trying to do, its back firing.   You should try to listen and speak to other people that differ than what you think.

  • Sebastian Sean Crow

    As far as carrying guns go, I think it should be required to open carry. That way you have an idea of who is or isn't armed and who not to mess with.

  • Kym RAdelaide

    Take a look at the Second Amendment:
    “A well regulated Militia, [COMMA] being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
    That little comma caused the Supreme Court to strike down D.C.’s
    ban on handguns, the country’s strictest gun control law to date.

    Before the Supreme Court heard the case, the D.C. circuit court of
    appeals nixed the ban, too. “According to the court, the second comma
    divides the amendment into two clauses: one ‘prefatory’ and the other
    ‘operative.’ On this reading, the bit about a well-regulated militia is
    just preliminary throat clearing; the framers don’t really get down to
    business until they start talking about ‘the right of the people … shall
    not be infringed.

  • potatoassassin8

    It's easy to point and say, "racism," but it's even harder to prove it. The US Constitution applies to ALL American citizens. As a result of the Civil War, Emancipation Proclamtion, 13th Amendment, and 14th Amendment, the Black community had been fully recognized as US citizens. As time grew on, many Southern and some Western states began to grow more accepting. The 2nd Amendment applies to all, the Black Panther Party was a radical nationalist and socialist party which caused social tension and chaos.

    Also, if you really want to believe there is this underlying fear of blacks, then you should blame a great majority of your own community! How is it that blacks are only 13% of the population, but commit 50% of all the murder? Explain to me why black on black crime is significantly higher. Why is it that blacks aren't passing school (and it's not because of systematic racism, i'll tell you that much)? How is it that the black community has fallen to rock bottom and why does BLM continue to spread chaos and riot? How is all of this possible after Civil Rights movement led by MLK made such tremendous strides? Is America more racist now than in the 50's and 60's? If so, how the hell did that happen?

  • Good Fella

    wow you look for racism in everything! you know nothing about the second amendment. it isn't about the militia fool and there were a variety of firearms back then and they did not have to register their weapon liar. comes cannot regulate a right when it violates the right. the nra also fight for black folks to be armed to protect themselves. gun ownership is exactly tied to freedom and our first defense against the government. read the fingers opinions on the amendment where you know what you're talking about. black folks owning guns don't look suspicious. I can't get over how much bs you spew and actually speak add if you know what you're talking about. you're an idiot

  • eclecticaspie

    Funny how gun rights groups like the NRA don't seem to get all in a lather about the rights of black people who to own guns.

  • SadisticStang

    ;sigh; just another feeble drastic attempt by the left to keep their 'social justice' as relevant, as they watch it crumble around them. I also like the ignorant comments from people whom link the 2nd amendment with the NRA. One is a Constitutional right, the other is an organization. This idea that the 2nd amendment would change if the NRA did not exist, is false and wildly false. Americans do not bear arms because of the NRA, they bear arms for the exact reason it's in the Constitution. The NRA is just a club. Learn the difference and get some new rhetoric talking points because 2017 is here and ya'll got your asses handed to you. Go away and regroup because the new right is rising, and your time has ended. Enjoy twenty+more years of losing… you have only yourselves to blame.

  • John Walker

    Here is a list of historical quotes from the forefathers themselves, in regards to firearm ownership.

    "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." – Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Constitution, Draft 1, 1776

    "The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms." – Samuel Adams, Massachusetts Ratifying Convention, 1788

    "Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined…. The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun." – Patrick Henry, Speech to the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 5, 1778

    “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.” – Richard Henry Lee American Statesman, 1788

    "But if I have no room to escape, or if I run and am pursued to the wall or into a corner, where I cannot elude his fury, and have no other way to preserve my own Life from his violence but by taking his, there, I have an indisputable right to do it, and should be justified in warding thro' the blood of an whole army, if I had power to shed it and had no other way to make my escape." – John Adams, September 5, 1763

    “I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” – George Mason 1788

    The same mistakes happen with whites as well, you just don't report it I wonder why?

  • SecxyBear

    I understand why you've got the "explain all perspective intro" but the second amendment is pretty clear about who it grants protection to. So were those who wrote it;

    “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” – Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Constitution, Draft 1, 1776

    “I ask who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers.” – George Mason, Address to the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 4, 1788

    “The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” – Samuel Adams, Massachusetts Ratifying Convention, 1788

    All rights in the Bill of Rights are individual rights. Also, giving us 4 stories where black people where shot and 2 where white people could've been but weren't, is not remotely helpful. I can give you 164 cases where white people have been shot dead by US police in 2017. If I wanted to play the story game I could blow your four out of the water! Of course that wouldn't give anyone the full picture, but why do that when there's a narrative at stake?

  • slightlyoutofreach01

    Fantastic video, you've just earned a new subscriber.

    As a (Latino) gun owner and Second Amendment supporter, the race-based double standard that exists when it comes to the Second Amendment and who is allowed to exercise it has always disgusted me, as does the blind spot all too many other(mostly White) gun owners have when it comes to this issue. I love my country and I'm a firm believer that the Constitution applies to everyone, not just white (or especially rich and white) people. We're a country that loves to boast about being the best, the most prosperous, and most importantly, the most free… but we need to do more to live up to that sort of big talk than we actually do.

    (My one nitpick with this video, though, is Alton Sterling. Technically, he had a prior felony record, and thus was not allowed to own or carry a firearm. It doesn't change what happened, though; those officers still handled the situation horribly and murdered an innocent man.)

  • vikingwoman1988

    Meh. You talk as if there are only two groups of people in the USA. In 30 years you won’t have the white devil to blame.

  • Kyle MacDougall

    I'm part Irish and Scottish. Stop appropriating my people's hair colors and hairstyles, you cultural imperialist!

  • Bob Marley

    The body of the Militia are the body of the people able boded from the age 16 retirement not for Regulation. As for the restriction against Blacks are from Democrats which run California and Chicago, and most major city's where there majority of Blacks. Oh the NRA changed their focus when in 1969 they tried to ban all firearms. But especially in "Black naborhoods. The bill was pushed by Democrats.

  • Disabling Bow27

    In 1775, after the battles of Lexington and Concord, while the city of Boston was under siege, General Gates sized more than 2,000 muskets from the residents of Boston – at a time when the population of Boston was 6,753 – including women and children. There were, in other words, more firearms in Boston than there were adult males residents of the city.

  • Colton Barta

    So I don’t think the problem is that the 2nd amendment it self is racist. Kat doesn’t provide any data to show that black people have a harder time arming themselves in fact if you think about it this video is very pro 2nd amendment showing that if black people are living in racist tyranny they should be armed to the teeth

  • Rotondo Law Firm Injury Law Toronto

    Will White gun owners continue to embrace the second amendment when Black males start owning guns at the same rate as whites?

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