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  • Valium Sadfemme Mcdouble

    Thank you for your hard work on this video. The editing is very funny. I've used a card to refer people to this video from my Steven Universe video.

  • Mars P

    I was schooled partially in the US public school system and I can tell you that none of the information discussed in this video was included in any textbooks or class teachings. Most Americans wouldn't know a whole lot about true democracy and even less about what their country has done in the name of "making the world safe for democracy". I am a US citizen and there are mostly good people here, but quite naive and poorly educated (esp. History/geo politics) so the average American has little idea why the rest of the world would view US as the Authoritarian Empire it is or acts suspiciously like. This information is badly needed to be dispersed to Americans citizens so that they might wake up and hold their leaders accountable.

  • Jackson Duruy

    Interesting thing of note. One of the most blatantly murderous and brutal communist regimes in history, the Khmer Rouge, was supported by the USA. They were removed from power by the Viet Kong, the other communists the US had been fighting. IRONIC!

  • SomeRandomGuy

    You forgot to mention that America overthrew a democratic elected nation of Honduras and then started the caravan crisis

  • ProksenosPapias

    You forgot the CIA-USA backed military coup in Greece in 1967, for which president Bill Clinton apologised in front of the greek Parliament, 30 years later. During the 7 year junta, many were persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and killed for having left winged (let alone communist) beliefs.

  • liquidpebbles

    as a Peruvian I kinda feel lucky in comparison to most of our brother countries (dont get me wrong, the USA has fucked us over too, but not as bad)
    I'll be adding Spanish subtitles so more people can watch this amazing vid

  • Soi Boi

    Or perhaps it was when the US invaded and occupied the Dominican Republic from 1916-1924 and elected a dictator by the name of Rafael Trujillo, who killed up to 30,000 Haitians.

  • Dylan Edwards

    I hope the future of American foreign policy changes for the better. 'American values' like freedom and democracy are a good thing but you cant force anyone to oblige. The best way for it to spread is naturally.

  • Adam Garcia

    Don't forget the whole stealing half of Mexico and subsequently commiting a genocide against mestizos and other indigenous people in said territory

  • Uncontrolled Substance

    U.S. also overthrew the democratically elected government in Congo in 1960 killed the leadership in Hawaii and colonized Puerto Rico in the 1890s. And supported the military dictatorship in Brazil through the 80s and 90s as well as Pol pot in Cambodia.

  • Lies Müge

    It's important that we don't generalize governmental bodies as all "good" or all "bad" or impossible to change. Despite America's historic and continued atrocities, there are still voices that speak against American imperialism within our government. Pay more attention to your politicians. Organize and mobilize. Demonstrate locally. Literally n o t h i n g will change if we continue to support and comply with the establishment politicians that value money and might over life. If you are willing to settle for this, you are only complacent.

  • Tiger Style

    Man, if Castro and Lincoln had a kid and it was Amish you're essentially what I'd expect it to look like 😂✌ I'm sorry. I love you. The US has some cool shit I guess, but no more than any other spot on Earth and it's most definitely not a force for good in it's unopposed, brutal and endless imperialism amd meddling or it's anti-human nature within it's borders.

    A decent list, peep: https://williamblum.org/essays/read/overthrowing-other-peoples-governments-the-master-list

    "Destroy the USA! Hey! Hey!"

  • Antonio Guiomar

    They also funded far-right paramilitary group in Thailand. Elevated monarchy to untouchable status, supported military coups. We have more than 10 coups in 60 years! what a world record.

  • José Lopez

    Wherever the US meddles, the alway leave a mess greater than they wanted to avoid in the first place, i.e. Central America, Middle East, South East Asia, South America

  • Javier Berjon

    The US also invaded Mexico in 1846. They won the war (obviously), and as a result, Mexico lost half of it's original teorritory. That is, the US invaded Mexico to take half of it's land (California, Nevada, new Mexico, etc)

  • William Langer

    Why do canada and usa believe iran is the most dangerous country in the world?? I just don't understand… i am from north america and i just don't get why anyone would legitimately worry about iran when there are countries that can literally blow up the world.

  • Santiago Pacheco

    Is no one gonna mention the fact that the US financed the Mexican cartels and trained the death squads which committed multiple student massacres

  • Muhmmed Nadeem

    "Socialism is great on paper, but in practice, it always results with the West continually trying to undermine it's very existence"

  • Centre for Excrubulence

    Hey man, awesome video. I just linked it to someone to help make a point that's… more or less the one you made in the video. I also linked the study you mentioned about the US's worldwide perception. I had to google around for it though, and I'm not sure I got the same one because well… apparently there have been more than one study that show this effect lol. It would really help if there were links to your sources in the description.

  • King of Kings & Ruler of Rulers

    Socialism is an old idea
    It's got bad parts (governmental system)
    And good parts (limiting socialism and supporting the lesser people of society)

  • Robert Eischen

    As an American I have to say I had no idea. I mean, I always kinda knew our foreign policy was fucked. But this really demonstrates it all. I really would like to know how we got away with it all and how do we continue to get away with it all?

    Maybe China is right and the world would be better off in their control. I mean, seriously, it could heardly be worse.

  • Staarrliner49

    The U.S is going to collapse any day anyway. No need to bring it down. It’s doing that just fine on it’s own. You had a good run America, but it’ll soon be time to go the way of Rome.

  • Staarrliner49

    I still feel that it would be better to be nuanced. There are indeed a modicum of atrocities the United States has done, but why not also mention the positive things the U.S has done? I know there’s some somewhere in it’s history. Let’s not be one sided now.

  • Francis Friesen

    Not a yes or no thing. The US has defended democracy in Asia and europe and halted imperialist expansion. On the other hand they installed dictators all across latin america and installed any anti communist they could find. They still protect Saudi Arabia

  • Francis Friesen

    6:41 Is there an actual list of these dictators and how he US supports them? I know that Saudi Arabia would come up but Russia backs Belarus and China backs North Korea

  • Robert South

    Not denying these things happening.  Just saying "the usa" did this is the error.  It was a few bad apples.  In positions of power.

  • Bernie

    It couldn't be that the US has the strongest military and the only country that is an actual threat be the reason they are seen as the most dangerous country. Nah it couldn't be that. What a clown.

  • Izelle Ts

    Found the map funny, showed a colleague, wondered what the data was about exactly (local threat, world threat, economic threat?) and got no sources in the description.
    Sources, man. I know "it's all just entertainment" but it really gives a bad impression when they are not there.
    I don't know what gallup is or wether the graphs, data you show on video are publicly available or not! And if I can't check the methodology, the data means shit, as well as the opinion based on it.
    When looking it up on duckduck, the second link actually said that Americans feat Russia most, which seems to contradict your map. This illustrates if anything how reliable this kind of data is, unless you can look into it in details. And I should not had to dig up for your sources, links should be in the description.

  • Communist Trash

    “How many South Americans does the CIA have to kill before you realize that communism is bad”
    -Charlie Kirk, founder of turning point USA

  • Anderson Wang

    This is one of the best deepfake pragerU videos ever

    A plethora of evidenced calling out hypocrisy and atrocities bullet style.

  • My name is Jimmy Fitzsimmons

    The CIA also ensured every outcome for every presidential election in the history of the Republic of the Philippines. The world was worried about the rise of fascism in the 1930s, and we came out of World War II with fascism being the new order of things in the world with the capitalist imperialist United States at the helm.

  • blessed_nowλi

    This is the perfect video to recommend everyone a book "Why Are We the Good Guys?" by David Cromwell, where he documents media's bias towards imperial practices of US and its allies

  • Ric Sta

    Respect for US all, as always. Yet back in time at University with room mate of Soviet–Afghan War. Yet with no common language we both seemed to agree that quite often WeAreRight ie WAR is not what it seems.

  • Logan Kordinak

    I'm not really a part of the breadtube ecosystem but this was a really useful and good video for me. I'm an American and I really like my home and America has a lot power and potential and I think stuff like this makes me sad but also encourages me to try my best to move my home towards being a better part of the world community

  • Meta Contrarianism

    Lovely! You didn't include how the US helped set up a farcical "election" of an extreme right wing dictator that proceeded to execute over 200,000 suspected communists in South Korea. And refused any concessions for reunification of the province and helped ignite the Korean war. And prolonged the war for years after it stalemated, resulting in millions of deaths and the complete devastation of the country. Oops!

  • jakerox2468

    Also Reagan (and Thatcher) supported Apartheid in South Africa and did everything within their power to keep PW Botha in power.

  • qualivia

    The Rest of the world: Bastard, how many countries have you destabilize for your own interest!?

    USA:Hmm.. lets see..Do you remember how many people my puppet leaders have killed?

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