Islands of Adventure | Universal Orlando #2
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Islands of Adventure | Universal Orlando #2

Welcome, travelers, to the Islands of Adventure! This park opened up in 1999 to go along Universal Studios. I came here for my first and only time 15 years ago, so I’m excited to be back, since I remember loving it. There’s six “islands” that one can visit, each one themed differently. This is the main area. As you can see, we didn’t really get the best day here. Please bless me, sky. It doesn’t matter, though; the rain doesn’t bring us down since attitude comes out on top, so I will still go on every ride regardless! In the Universal Studio theme parks, you’re not allowed to film once on an attraction, so I will show you as much as possible in the video Welcome to the Marvel Super Hero Island! Here, all our superheroes can be found. There’s many attractions inspired by our favorite super heroes, and I’m going to tell you which ones I like best. One of them is right in front of me, being the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. Hold on, I just spit at the camera. Excuse me. Okay. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is an incredible 3D simulation, don’t miss it. There’s another one behind me, although it is dismantled, which is Hulk’s ride. In September 2016 it is coming back. If it’s available when you come, please ride it. It is one of my favorite rides because you’re going up and you feel Hulk’s strength when he throws you. If you’re looking for shirts or something related to the super heroes, you’ll find them here, in Marvel’s Super Hero Island. You can also take a picture with some of the super heroes. Since there’s bad weather today, they’re not appearing, as they don’t want to get wet. Now, if you like animations but you’re not big super hero fans, there’s this island called Toon Lagoon. Here you will find all the classic cartoons; Betty Boop is there, Popeye… there’s a lot of water but don’t think it”s raining, it’s just the park’s natural water. That’s not true. Anyway, look, a rocket! Got out safe. The water didn’t get me this time. I like these comic dialogues, look! You pose for the picture and you look like you’re a comic, look. See? There’s many with a lot of funny dialogues. In some rides it’s not allowed to bring your backpack, so you need to leave your things in these lockers. They’re free for however long each attraction is, or you can rent them to leave them there longer. However, you’ll need to use these in many attractions, so what I recommend is that if you’re coming as a group, maybe you don’t all need to bring bags so you don’t rent more and to be more agile. In the popular attractions, the locker area is always filled to the brim. This island is called the Lost Continent. I remember when I visited here for the first time, all the decoration and atmosphere really amazed me. They are honestly incredible. You can find many rides here like Poseidon’s Fury, which is really cool, and the other one is a stunts show of Sindbad the sailor. Travelers, come with me to watch a battle between Poseidon and the god of Fire, who’s name I can’t remember, but they fight and there’ll be a lot of water, fire, special effects… …and punches. Many punches. “The show uses more than 200 fire effects.” There’s a fountain speaks, interacts, plays music, asks you for things…let’s just call it a living fountain. Travelers, if you’re in the mood to sit down, be attended and eat delicious food, come to Mythos. I came here because I read that it has won for six years in a row the best decorated restaurant in a theme park by Theme Park Insider. I ordered a Pad Thai; one of my favorite Thai dishes. Disclaimer: I don’t know if it’s good, but just so you know not all theme parks are just burgers and hot dogs. It’s good. It’s really good, and the restaurant is incredible, as if it was a sea cave. The kitchen is surrounded by a mythical creature, hence the name Mythos. I loved it. Bon appetite. If you wish for fun and colors, welcome to the Island of Seuss. This is Seuss Landing, inspired by the characters in his books that are really famous in the U.S., but not so much in Mexico. I still recommend that you read them because while they are children’s books, it has really fun writing. The whole island is inspired by the books and there’s a few rides here too. This island was especially designed for the kids, the smaller children who can’t ride everything, or who are scared by them. This is a more childish area, very pretty, filled with color and shops. And since Im a big boy, I found my island. (rhyming in Spanish) The ride did not scare me; on the contrary, I liked it. Check out those rhymes now that Dr. Seuss has taken over me. Colorful caramel popcorn. Egg gummies. Heart gummies. Star gummies. My adventure is now over here in Islands of Adventure. Honestly, even though the weather wasn’t feeling it today, this park is incredible. I honestly love every atmosphere. I leave you off smiling like a happy child, I hope you liked the Universal videos. Wait, there’s more. Travelers, since yesterday was a terrible day I decided to wake up early to come back to the Islands of Adventure and show you everything I couldn’t show you yesterday. If you see some sunny takes in the beginning of the video, I filmed that today. Today, there’s six islands in the park but in summer of 2016 they will be seven. Behind me is the seventh island called Skull Island, and it is an island inspired by King Kong. It will have a very secret ride because no one knows exactly what it will be, but you can kind of see how it’s going so far, and it look amazing. I’ll show you some pictures and videos of what I could see. Welcome to Jurassic Park, or rather the island of Jurassic Park because this place is split up in islands. Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies, so this park is always cool because there’s the theme song playing There’s a few surprises. The main attraction is a water based one, I’ve showed it in other Universal videos before, but I’m not allowed to take the camera there so… You can imagine. There’s a very close encounter with a dinosaur. I really hope this isn’t the last video I get to film…this is a dangerous picture. In 2010, there was a much anticipated expansion in Islands of Adventure and it is the world of Harry Potter. I’ve prepared a special video, “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”. Click to see it. If you want your picture with Hogwarts, the best place to take it is on the bridge connecting Jurassic World to Harry Potter. There you have it, it’ll be a great picture. Wow, I feel like Harry Potter in the first book when Hagrid brings him to this place. I have this one, the Harry Potter want which is an interactive wand. I’ll be giving it away to one of my travelers.


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