Israel, Bolivia and the Nazi Klaus Barbie
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Israel, Bolivia and the Nazi Klaus Barbie

Bolivia just underwent a coup d’Etat as the Argentinian Nobel Prize Pérez Esquivel just said: this is the Condor Operation number II disguised under liberal democracy of course. In this terrible situation,
the government of Bolivia through its interim interior minister,
had no better idea than to call the Israelis for help. What does that mean? Democratic legitimate governments are overturned and these disguised dictatorships who do they think to call? Israel! Israel in Bolivia. Do you feel what this means? In 1983 Klaus Barbie was arrested and brought from La Paz in Bolivia to France to undergo a trial. The people of the world,
of France particularly, of Israel,
saw it as the highest expression of justice. Klaus Barbie was nicknamed
the “butcher of Lyon”. He was the head of the Gestapo for that French
city and it had been exfiltrated from Europe to
South America thanks to the CIA. Let’s remember it! The CIA helped a Nazi criminal to run away to fly to South America. And what did Klaus Barbie do in Bolivia? He was at the head of the repression
against the “leftist terrorists” exactly the same way
as now the new disguised Bolivian dictatorship is calling the people fighting for their rights
and fighting against this puppet government backed by the CIA. It is the highest irony
that Israelis are called now to substitute to replace the Nazi criminal Klaus Barbie. This is a shame for Israel. Israel, you are supposed to be the pride of Elohim! You are the shame of Elohim! What are you going to do in Bolivia? Can you pretend to go there to defend your
national security in Bolivia? Or are you going like a mercenary like a whore for money,
or maybe for the lithium, or the natural resources that you wish to steal
from the legitimate people of Bolivia? Do you want to carry on in Bolivia what you
are doing in Palestine, killing the indigenous people? You want to kill the Bolivian indigenous people? Do you want to turn El Alto in a kind of a
new Gaza and put the Aymaras and other true people
of Bolivia in a concentration camp like you did with the Palestinians in Gaza? What is going on in your empty head, Israel? Have you stopped to have any good sense? Do you think one second about these thousands
of Israelis travelling young Israelis travelling in South America? Why do young Israelis go to South America,
or India, but South America very much? Because this is one of the only places where
they are still welcomed! Do you want to put them in danger? Do you want to put the Jewish communities
of South America, which have been living in peace for many years do you want to put them in danger? Because of course, the people rebelling against
this new backed dictatorship backed by the USA dictatorships,
will associate Israel and the Jewish people to the repression,
if you go there to help the dictators. So, Israel, be smart, if you can still be
smart, which I doubt, we doubt don’t get involved in South America,
that will be a terrible mistake and you have been doing so many mistakes lately,
that you cannot afford to do new ones. The Raelian Movement,
which is fully supporting Evo Morales and the Indigenous people of South America,
the true people of South America, supporting a radical decolonization,
a total decolonization of this continent, is quite upset by this idea of you Israel
going into South America and making a mess of it. So please Israel, stay out of Bolivia and
stay out of South America!

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