Jack Gullahorn Discusses the Role of the Lobby in the Legislative Process
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Jack Gullahorn Discusses the Role of the Lobby in the Legislative Process

>>I think that legislators
are always going to make their decisions,
you know, they may be very dependent
upon somebody for good advice. They may find themselves
wanting to listen to somebody with whom they have a good
relationship, but that’s never, to me that’s never the driver. Pete Laney is the
perfect example. Pete Laney and I
became very good friends through [inaudible] stuff
and then all the stuff that Pete did and everything. I always used to consider
it a challenge to see if I could ever get Pete
Laney to vote for anything that I had an interest in ever. [Laughter] And I’m
not sure I ever did. One time I left the Capitol
after going up to see him and he said I think I can
help you, I’m finally going to help you on this one,
and as I was walking back out the front steps of the
Capitol down towards my office across the street just south of the Capitol he literally
opened his window and yelled at me, I changed my mind. [Laughter] By the time I
got down to the street, he went: Hey Gullahorn! I looked up and said what? He said I changed my mind. [Laughter] But that’s, you
know, people as we talked about base a lot of
decisions on trust, information that
they have, you know. A good lobbyist is
always going to come in and tell you both
sides of the issue. A lot of times a lobbyist will
tell a member this is this issue, this is the right thing
to do, it’s not good for you in your district, I just
want you to know about it so please stay off the
microphone and try not to hurt me, but you probably
need to vote against me on this. That’s the way that
system is designed to work. There is a lot of integrity
in the system and I can get on a big soapbox about it. There’s a lot of integrity,
there’s a lot of hard work in it and in a very minimal amount
of that process is spent trying to convince somebody on the
basis of things you do for them.

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