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Is my vision blurred ? Or is it blurred ? Is it me ? Or is it blurred ?
-I think it’s ok
-My vision is blurred -It’s blurred !
-No it’s not It’s 7 am at Osaka 大阪市 -We got up early and we are tired to go to the park because we have to buy the tickets and we’ll wait for a long time because it’s saturday and it’s holiday We’ll look at the best coasters in the subway In order to know where to go we’ll start with Harry Potter There’s no rain for the moment I saw that it will be sunny during the afternoon So I’m happy We decided to go to the park today So we’ll not visit Osaka and its castle And unfortunately we are in Osaka for two days only Next time we’ll spend more days here And from what I saw yesterday, Osaka pleased me a lot It’s a foretaste for the next trip Yesterday it was so nice It’s the city but with all the lights the big structures It’s beautiful and impressive We’ll lunch in the park tonight we don’t know The tickets coast 70 euros per person and tomorrow we’ll go to Hakone 箱根町 we’ll relax for two days and try to see the Mount Fuji I don’t know if we’ll succeed to see it (debating about school holidays in Japan) Tomorrow our train is at 10:15 am We’ll try the onsen Small correction We paid 90 euros per person There’s Moaning Myrtle in the toilets It’s crazy There’s Moaning Myrtle in the women toilets
-Really ? Yeah she’s crying and complaining We are in Jurassic Park We are soaked and it was so good, we loved it We came back to Bacon Meadow We’ll eat at the restaurant It’s a butter beer cream And we took chicken with corn and potatoes It’s so hot The sun is at its zenith we’ll take a frozen drink It’s frozen We do Harry Potter for the second time It’s amazing we’ll talk about it later bacause there’s a lot of people and I’m no sure if we’ll hear me Will we hear ? It’s a virtual reality attraction It’s the best I’ve never done


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