Jeff Merkley HAMMERS Big Pharma With New Drug Price Legislation
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Jeff Merkley HAMMERS Big Pharma With New Drug Price Legislation

Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley has introduced
legislation that would punish drug companies here in the United States if they do not lower
their prescription drug prices. Here’s what’s so brilliant about this legislation
that Merkley has put forward. I love this. I love what he’s doing with this. If drug companies do not lower prices of prescription
drugs for American citizens to the same level at which people overseas pay for those drugs,
then those drugs that were paying the exorbitant markup on will no longer be covered by Medicaid,
medicare or the Va. Those are some of the largest markets for
prescription drug sales here in the United States. So basically merkley’s legislation is saying,
all right, Big Pharma, you want to continue to price gouge American consumers. Then you go right ahead and do that, but if
you’re gonna do it. We’re no longer going to allow a government
funded program to buy that particular drug. You are going to be punished and you could
lose as much as one third of your total sales here in the United States because you chose
the price gouging. American consumers, I mean a third, they could
lose a third of their profits if this bill ever becomes law, and that’s the problem. You’ve got republicans controlling the senate
right now in a about a month and a half, they’re going to have an even bigger majority in the
senate, so this piece of legislation is very unlikely to ever pass that actual chamber,
but that’s the point. Even if you can’t get it passed, you still
have to introduce it. You still have to push it, and then you have
to force the republicans to vote against it. How is that going to look into years when
some of these republican senators go back to their constituents running for reelection
and they’re asked the question like, hey, a miracle he was going to lower prescription
drug prices for us and you voted against it. Could you tell us why you care more about
Big Pharma’s profits than people dying because they can’t afford prescription drUgs? It’s not gonna work out very well for the
republican seeking reelection and democrats underStand that mercury is a very smart person. He knowS what he’s doing here because either
you win and this legislation becomes law and the price gouging from Big Pharma is put to
a stop here in the United States or you win because you show the public that the era that
the republicans care more about Big Pharma’s profits than they do about American consumers. There is literally no downside whatsoever
to this piece of legislation and more democrats need to take merkley’s advice, follow his
example, and do the same thing. We can do the same thing with a medicare for
all piece of legislation because even if it doesn’t pass, the republicans have to vote
it down and then you’ve got a great issue to run on in 20 slash 20 democrats right now
appear to be setting themselves up for policy battles heading into the 20, 20 election and
that is exactly what they need to be doing. They’re not going to win on personality. They’re not going to win by telling us, trump
is horrible. Everyone knows that they’re gonna win by showing
the American public that they care about the issues that they’re working on the issues,
but they can’t get the issues passed into laws because of the republican party. That’s how they’re going to win in 20 slash
20, and I’m oPtimistic because it seems like a lot of democrats, with the exception of
chuck schumer, seem to be waking up to that reality.


  • OrionPax09

    Now this is a legislation I can get behind, especially with all of the ways that Big Pharma has price gouged us in the name of getting even richer. I hope we can make those corporate fat cat CEOs hemorrhage money to the point that they drown in the saliva from their own nervous breakdowns.

  • Pilot Forever

    Good luck. While the political game continues, more Americans will die or go bankrupt from the outlandish costs of healthcare. Maybe next election. Then, maybe next election. And so on.

  • Jesse Torres

    Price gouging already makes no sense to me; if you charge medications so much that many potential customers can't afford them, then how are you going to make money off those medications in the long-term with only the wealthy top percentage of the population being able to afford them?

  • Vinnie Shirk

    As much as i like this idea. It has potential to kill folks like me a type 1 diabetic (insulin dependant). At the same time though i truly hope it goes into law. With insurance my insulin still costs me $120 a vial.

  • PinkPonyOfPrey

    Hahaha brilliant !!! It's jujutsu politics, baby! 😀
    from wiki
    Kuzushi (the art of breaking balance) is also used in jujutsu, where the opponent's attack is deflected using their momentum against them in order to arrest their movements then throw them or pin them with a technique— thus controlling the opponent.

  • independent vote

    We are turning into Mexico. Over there, ONLY those with money have any access to proper medical care and medicine. They have NO regulations, no social saftey nets. Its EXACTLY how the GOP want the U.S. to be

  • F That

    Dog and pony show, just like when senators hammered airline CEOs. Corporate America is not afraid of their own servants at Capitol Hill, they are only afraid of their share holders.

  • Vickie Clark

    I'm sorry, I think this is a terrible idea! Farron indicated the drug companies get 1/3 of their profits from govt programs. What's to say the drug companies won't just allow the loss of those customers and raise prices to everyone on paid health plans to make up the difference? What are the people who are on govt programs going to do for meds that have no generic equivalent? This could come back to bite them in the behind. I'd much rather see the U.S. approve importation of drugs from other countries that regulators in those countries have approved. Put competition into to market and make U.S. drug makers compete on price. Also, I think Congress should outlaw drug advertising, advertising just runs up the cost for the drugs.

  • E

    Love u Faron, but you are banking on the morality and intelligence of trumptards here. After record breaking obstruction, shutting the government down over healthcare, constantly lieing, being exposed as corporate brought puppets guys like King, McConnell and Cruz continue to be reelected when their voters know they are full of shit and purposely vote against their own interests everytime because you know, the socialist will take over and let the Mexicans rape them and take their guns while implementing Sharia Law and whatever else the MAGA cult believe.


    Hey, Hey Upchuck Schumer, ya know what that's called? Actually fighting for the people, showing nerve, possessing a pair of balls. You don't see Merkley crying like a #whinylittlebitch giving Trump his judges because he's in a rush to get home and suck more corporate cock for donations. Merkley for Senate leader.

  • richard bidinger

    He knows its not going to pass, but he also knows dems can use it like a club to beat the republicans in two years. I like this guy.

  • Boyd Gilbreath

    There are so many Congressmen in huge debt to the Plutocracy. Party does not matter. If Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House, that's the same as having a corporate Republican in the position. Wait and see, having a Democratic House will not make any difference. And heading to 2020 the Democrats will only run losers or sell outs. You just look at Trump and see how little the laws matter now. Just wait. People in America are dying now, but that will get much worse. There will be a wave of doctors committing suicide because they can no longer service their personal debt. They went with the short term gains supporting the Medical rip off, only to discover they actually don't have a place at that table. On the other hand medical tourism will really take off!!!.

  • Guapo Desperado

    Are you insane? "Literally no downsides to this legislation", really? What about people who require life-saving medication that they can only afford through Medicare or Medicaid? So you're just going to say that if the pharmaceutical companies won't come down on the price on those medications, then Medicare and Medicaid just aren't going to buy the life-saving medication for these people. This is crazy, you're crazy for getting behind such a ludicrous idea. You obviously have not thought this through.
    I'm no fan of big Pharma and I think they should be heavily regulated if not just have all their life-saving drug patents stripped from them and placed into the public domain, but this sounds like a terrible idea to me and could easily result in very many Americans losing their lives. There are far better ways of tackling this problem without the risk of Americans going without necessary medication.

  • nomad bors

    Big corporations raping America so hard if you don't get money out of politics nothing will change and life will end in very bad way

  • jacktheripped

    You WILL go down in flames if you vote against this bill and that message needs to go out NOW!! I got two real Reptard Senators, Crapo and Risch….they are going to hear from me……

  • Joey C

    Check out Elizabeth and Bernie's bill it's even stronger. There is legislation for Congress, house, no more than two terms.
    Then their trying to put bill for Surpreme Court that goes as day past, that a judge can only be seated for two terms as well.

  • Bill Pool

    Guess the downside he forgot, they'll show the public how many senators are in big pharmas pocket. Not all of them are republicans!!!

  • bones007able

    Wait a minute…… is Merkley a establishment dem? he must not be on the lobbyists payroll … either that or big pharma was late with their monthly pay off check…

  • Lindalee Law

    Do It! My Rep. Dianna DeGette, (.D- CO.)is chief majority whip. She's working with Repubs on " wtf is insulin so expensive?" She has,a,Type 1 child, and so do Republicans.
    Why I keep her ? She reaches across the aisle.

  • bigraviolees

    somewhere someone's  kid is dying from a lack  o f  insulin. 0h that's 0k pharma we will beg in the st corner that will work 0ut

  • ZeroLivesRemain

    Correct me if my interpretation is wrong here, but wouldn't blocking federal coverage for these drugs (at least in a short term until the company lowers the price) force those receiving assistance through medicare/aid/VA to pay the full price themselves, leaving some without the ability to get their own medication? Premise of the bill sounds good. But if it would play out the way I have interpreted here, it would be a very rough short term for the people that need the medication.

  • Rit the Rugger

    Sounds like a good plan.
    I agree that we need to get the GOP on the record as having voted against this sort of legislation. However it is unlikely to happen.
    I am no expert on the parlementery procedures of the House and Senate but I have gleaned from various stories over the past few years that the majority leader of each house gets to decide what comes up for a vote and what doesn't.
    It is very unlikely that Mitch the Turtle will even allow such legislation to be discussed on the Senate floor and so getting these votes on the record is highly unlikely.

  • Dan A

    This is the type of thing the Democrats have to pass in the house if they want to win in 2020. Also you get to hammer trump for not supporting what he campaigned on.

  • Field and Stream

    These bastards are criminals… The education is piss poor in this country. They don't teach the roots of disease, they don't allow cost effective innovative treatments, and they keep fabricating science to lie to the public. Better education was in the 1800s.

  • NanL Phillips

    We know Congress works for lobbyists like Big Pharma. This is grandstanding over a bill that's in the early cake making stages. Tell us about it when you ready to get to put frosting on.

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