Jeffery Addicott Speaks at 2013 Confederate Decoration Day, San Antonio, TX
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Jeffery Addicott Speaks at 2013 Confederate Decoration Day, San Antonio, TX

As we gather here today to honor our Confederate
ancestors’ one question is constantly asked and continually repeated. We owe it to our
dead comrades in arms – to those who did their duty to the bitter end to examine this question
with the greatest of care. That question has two parts: First: Was the South wrong? And
second, Did our heroes die in vain? If we answer the first, we can answer the second. In the minds of the North and the Politically
Correct, the matter is not even worth analysis — the South was wrong and North won the War
because the South was in the wrong. Accordingly, it is our duty as Southerners
whose fathers fought for the Cause to answer these false voices — voices that have brainwashed
our society from top to bottom and back again, but not those who have gathered here today
to honor the truth and to thereby refute this distortion of the truth. Their voices are
now silent — our voices must never be silent! To the student of the true interpretation
of history, the South was morally and legally in the right to fight for its sovereignty.
To say otherwise is irresponsible and the height of magical thinking. As our ancestors
might quip as they marched to battle: “It’s a ____ Yankee lie!” Under the Constitution of the United States,
the separate States consented to join the Union, recognizing the God given right to
do so, but also recognizing the God given right to leave peacefully. This is called
a government of the consent and is rooted in Biblical Truth. While one can argue about the causes for secession,
the legal right existed. True, the great stain of slavery hung as a great evil over the North
and the South. But social problems cannot be solved by violence. Indeed, slavery did not cause the Upper South
to leave the Union; it was the cause of freedom and allegiance to the Constitution. In fact,
Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas refused to join the new Confederacy — believing
that the grievances against the Union were not sufficient cause to leave. It was only
when President Lincoln demanded that the remaining Union States provide men to create an Army
of 75,000 to march into the deep South and force the new nation of the Confederacy back
into the Union by the force of blood that the upper South reject Lincoln and his tyranny
and join the Confederacy. They would have no part of a Union that would use violence
against any State exercising its Constitutional rights. Slavery did not cause the Upper South
to secede — Lincoln’s power grab forced them out. Morally, the people of South fought for one
reason — they were invaded! When Southern POWs were asked why they were fighting the
answer was: “Because you’re here.” All people have the right to defend themselves
from aggression. And defend ourselves we did for over 4 years against incredible odds.
Over ¼ of all Southern males that entered the military were killed or wounded! The best
of the best died defending their homes and their new nation. The attendant suffering
of our women and children is beyond what we can comprehend in this modern era of indulgence.
For many families, there would be no father coming home to provide for them. Listen not therefore to the voices of those
that malign our Confederate heritage. Be they from the school classrooms, the mass media,
the politicians, and even your “friends.” Heed them not. Rather visit on them the righteous
scorn borne of the past sacrifices of our Confederate heroes. Repudiate them by word
and deed. Those that are our friends will understand, those that are not our friends
— we pass them by. Be proud to be called a Rebel! So as we gather here today, we — the sons
and daughters of the Confederacy — can be proud of ourselves and of our heroes. If they
could speak from the grave, they would approve of us as we approve of them. Courage stands
here today — above and below the sacred soil of the South. May God grant that the true
blood of the Southern cause — love of country, love of family — will never be lost from
the land. As General Lee told us and as is reflected in the Word of God: “Do your Duty
in All Things.”


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