Jeremy Corbyn – Calais camp, Dubs amendment
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Jeremy Corbyn – Calais camp, Dubs amendment

The situation in Calais is quite desperate. Unaccompanied children looking for some place of safety, adults displaced because of wars across the world. The Dubs Amendment which was put through the British parliament requires the British government to give place to at least 3,000 unaccompanied children. It must happen, and it most happen now. Otherwise those children will be homeless, will have no support whatsoever, and will become the victims of the most appalling criminal gangs across Europe. Sign the Dubs Amendment support now, send a message to the government. I’ve done the same, everybody should do the same. Give those children a place of safety.


  • Low Rider

    Children and Adults are two completely different age groups, I'm concerned about National security SPECIALLY after London bombings and ISIS beheadings of my fellow Christians. The old saying goes " the devil wears many disguises"
    Also another problem I have is we have 1000s of british citizens ex armed forces that ARNT getting no wear near the same support these imagrants that have flead the fight which we as a country have a responsibility to intervene and restore order so that the fleaing children don't have to turn there back on there own country.
    Call me old fashioned but I'm not happy with the spineless men and women that have been given the honour by the people to "call the shots".

  • captain birdzeye

    Fuck lord Dubs……………………fucking Czech cunt!
    Hes got lots of money let them live with him………………

  • N3rvo

    Our hospitals are full, NHS waiting times are a joke, no bugger can get a job, and we want to let more immigrants into our country, particularly those who are incompatible with Western society.

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