Jessica Jones’ Intervention | Robot Chicken | adult swim
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Jessica Jones’ Intervention | Robot Chicken | adult swim

[ Gulping ] Man:
Jessica, are you ready? Hold on. ♪♪ I’ve tried to make her quit,
but she can literally lift cars. No, I’ve neverseen
Jessica drink, but I can always
smell it on her because I’ve got
a great sense of smell. Oh, here’s a tip, pal —
Invest in a bidet. Jessica: So, I have a drink
every now and then. I was enslaved by Killgrave’s
mind control for years. Mind control?
That’d never stand up in court. You’re cute. Why don’t you
come here? Sit on my lap. Now put on this
“Sailor Moon” costume. Jessica, you’ve heard
from your friends and your
mind-control rapist, but there’s one more person
with a message for you. [ Door shuts, all gasp ] What happened? Jessica, the drinking is
negatively affecting your life. You don’t take care
of yourself anymore. You’ve grown cold and distant
to your friends and family. [ Voice breaking ]
Please take this opportunity to bring back
the Jessica we all love. [ All crying ] You know, the acid
destroyed my tear ducts, also. Listen, everyone.
I’m fine. I don’t need rehab. You’re overreacting. Oh, for the love of —
You don’t want to drink anymore. [ Robotically ]
I don’t want to drink anymore. Oh! Ohh! Can you help me
with my carb addiction? Well, of course,
I can. Wink. You’re in trouble
now, kid.


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