• Sigurd Kristvik

    Why not just use github? we won't die from using that 01:46
    Artifacts seems to just be a marketing term… great to see the Debian team using this … but I don't understand the advantage of using this instead of other universal repostitories

  • Stefano Borini

    I find myself more and more annoyed at the marketing strategy of modern companies. Today, the best strategy to get information about what a product is and does is to search for its wikipedia page. I am not going to watch a video, I am in an openspace. I am not going to scroll through tons of marketing padding words on your website to get the information about what your product is and does and what problem it solves. (software is liquid? wtf does it even mean "Shipping updates continuously and automatically has become a critical element of any successful operation. JFrog is revolutionizing the software world with the practice of Continuous Update, with a speed and continuity that forever changes the way organizations manage and release software." This means nothing to me. It could apply to anything)

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