Joe: A ‘Confederacy Of Dunces’ Defends President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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Joe: A ‘Confederacy Of Dunces’ Defends President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • Thomas Bernecky

    Yosemite Sam rides to the rescue, who would have thunk it? Rick, I laughed a lot at your Pompey MLK NPR Lemon interview today. And I think Trump supporters failed geography and spelling.

  • Pam Chandler

    Now thats the Joe we love..I could watch that over and over..lets call stupid for what it is.. STUPID! Joe ate the GOP for breakfast!

  • Trey Sharpe

    Somebody loos upset. Impeachment not goin well for ya? Even as hard as you try. lol first of all Bolton has been refuted by all. Second, even if it were true; discussing doesn’t mean he did it. That’s why there is executive privilege. Last, even if completely true, still not impeachable.

  • Ronald Smith

    Rudy the Rat/is the one who's head is on a stick along with all the people trying to defend this sick oh fint,are in it for the Money. That's the only reason they are up there looking like Clowns!!

  • Tim Wallace

    they arent defending the president they are just making a name for themselves and some theater Embarrassing. Their is no morals anymore and this proves the point. Its like trying to defend smoking as good for you. They can make it sound okay but in the end its illegal and not right. The president can get away with anything and this proves it.


    AN EPIDEMIC OF IMMORAL IN REPUBLICAN PARTY💤Shows how dumbed down & asleep their morals are❗❗❗

  • Chance Buckman

    Trump is holding campaign funds over the Republicans Heads like a noose.. or a pike.. same thing.. Money empowers these guys… They don’t care if they look stupid… We have the power.. to see through their ruse… Vote them out!!

  • xmrtuvgs

    This was the Morning Joe team at their best, with Joe hitting all the high notes perfectly.
    I was literally envisioning a tractor pulling the corpse of irony through a graveyard of stupidity.
    Best description of the trump defense team ever!

  • birdlynn hubbard

    OMG, that was Grrrrrrrreat! Had me in stitches like none other. We needed that today. It was great hearing our U.S. brothers and sisters cracking up, you preach it, Joe! Felt like a real family again. Good job, brother Joe and team, really appreciate you all, and love you too. Thanks for hanging in there with us all. 🙂 We are on the same team, and that feels good too!

  • Jovon R.

    Everyone around trump keep going to jail and they think he is a man to get behind and defend. What is the Republicans thought process to throw themselves under the bus?

  • Ivan Karamazov

    "When you compare that to what Trump has done with Trump University, with so many other things, I think there's no comparison between who has engaged in more corruption and who is more likely to continue that if elected President of the United States," Dershowitz said. "So I think what we're doing is we're comparing, we're saying, look, neither candidate is anywhere close to perfect, let's vote for the less bad candidate."
    –Alan Dersowitz in 2016

  • Lucid Dreamer, Psychic Reader

    WE'RE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS! Embrace and celebrate the corona virus! No borders! No walls! No flight bans! No humiliating medical screening! Crush xenophobia! Embrace cultural enrichment! Where are the sanctuary cities for the oppressed and disenfranchised corona virus carriers? Humans aren't "infected," they're human! Kindness, Always! RESIST RACIST AND INHUMANE QUARANTINES! No borders! No walls! Crush xenophobia! Down with racism! Down with disproportionate discrimination of, fear of, and isolation of carriers! Don't isolate the infected in hospital cages! We're soooooo much better than this! Strong and independent women: stand up and lead! Crush the patriarchy!

  • SellingGames InSD

    The fact you all can yuk it up as if youre not a huge part of the reason we have trumpism would be nothing short of jaw dropping if it wasnt par for the course for yall. Been calling him ignatius j trump for a minute cause its really obvious but go off i guess

  • Phylum

    I’m interested why Schiff has not released the 18th witness transcript of Atkinson from his inquiry to the Senate. It’s seems a ‘Standard’ of Schiff to leave out facts that don’t suit his argument. In my book omission of facts, distorts the truth. Is that a definition of lying?

  • John Kelsey

    Wow Joe and Mika you folks are in rare form today Tuesday January 28th 2020.

    The corpse of irony!

    I love it, parade of Dunces Sandwich Board of idiocy whatever you want to call it a hypocrite's hypocrite.

    Okay, I get it, thank you.

  • Trish6704

    I still don't know WHAT the Bidens have to do with this. The GOP has yet to come forward with anything on the VP and Hunter isn't even involved in politics. Whereas Ivanka got all those Chinese copyrights and so did her husband. Plus the Chinese President slipped her a cool million dollar check on his first visit to Mar a Lago after Ivanka's daughter sang him a sweet little Chinese lullaby. OH PLEEZE– I want to PUEKE !!

  • Phylum

    And now this quote makes sense … “ First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” ….. Enjoy the show

  • Ant B

    That is being very unkind to people who have genuine learning disabilities… This pack of clowns had the advantage of a very thorough education, though they must all has passed on the ethical component…

    This is really a display of the sort of breathtaking ignorance of the relevant Law that would be laughed out of any Court in the land, but apparently it is good enough for the Senate.


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  • Slytherin Reviews

    Navy Officer of Construction: Captain, Republican ship of the port bow


    Me: I’m agreeing with the Joker

  • Greylin High

    Republicans need to make a news press conference, about how this is all a cover-up, don’t look, don’t see anything, we don’t want you to see anything, cover-up, we’re scammers, this is a sham presidency and a sham government

  • Jasmon2020

    Confederacy of Dunce's are so smart that their "intelligence" shows how ignorant and stupid they are. Can't deny it, they are the best of the worst.

  • LoveAndLight 360

    I want the world to know that we cant stand trump either! 🙄😤💩 That sorry excuse of a man does NOT represent the majority in this country and is being evicted as we speak! if not now, then in Nov. Trumps entire administration is a total waste of Oval office space. -our weakest link.

  • BillySnowball

    I don't really listen to Joe and Mika cos they remind me too much of Richard and Judy. But that was actually pretty funny from Joe

  • Colin Fraser

    I enjoy watching all the Msnbc news broadcast shows because of the high standards of integrity. My favourite show is Rachel Maddow. She is a remarkable TV presenter who deserves the high award possible for her incredible insight into seeking, investigating, researching and delivering the truth. I'm also a Hugh fan of morning Good morning Joe. Two amazing presenters who are a compelling to watch. Keep raising Msnbc you are the best TV new channel in the world.

  • Mark Scott Staggs

    Hmm some dunces! I guess we defenders of the innocent should bow down to your most high academic omniscient ones. We who are so stupid and low cannot walk in your footsteps!

  • Wendell Hackley

    By his lawyer own administration he said abuse of power is not enough to impeach a president, he impeached Clinton for the same thing, hypocrites lying about everything.

  • Elgin Prachett

    LOL LOL laughing out loud I really really needed that laugh you have really hit the typical bone on the knob thank you so very much that made my day brought me out of depression there is a level of sanity still floating around 😂🤣😉

  • Sandra Grimes

    Of course he didn’t admit it, does he ever admit to wrong doing? He always has his crazies to do his dirty work so if anyone goes to jail it will be them and not him. I say crazies because you’d have to be crazy to stick your neck out for someone who throws people under the bus every day

  • Frank

    I encourage you to watch the full testimony of Alan Dreshowitz, he's a Democrat and he's bipartisan. Then draw your own conclusions as to whether these articles rise to the level of an Impeachable offense. Every Congress in our history has alleged Abuse of Power, Including Obama (Fast n Furious) but No sitting Pres. (whether you like him or not) has ever been impeached on that basis – none because it would put Congress above the law; every President would be Impeached by their opposition. So why should this time be any different and how would having witnesses change the basis of these flimsy articles? I know that Joe and Mica would disagree, but facts are facts.

  • Tolu Osinowo

    All the attorneys who defend trump should be DISBARRED. They are forbidden to say anything they know is false and untrue to a court or deliberative body under oath

  • G. Strauss

    Joe, you very often get under my skin with you interruptions and lamentations about your 'poity' that's gone down the drain. Today, however, you were magic!

  • Margaret Alexander

    I have never seen such team of the best, loyalist and dunces, perfectly mesmerized, and flagabasted by the threat and promise of going no where,(with Trump). What is the reason for them deliberately landing on the "best land of ignorance", and dramatizing alleged a- ca-dam- i-a, (I come daming ya), regardless, of our recognition of the President's, multitude of wrongs? How morbid, and what a public demonstration of a forever, a digging, depth of stupidity! All of a sudden, the alleged best hand picked "legal trumpets," (blowing Trump's horn), are hicupping, endless repetitions of disastrous cover up, hoping we "just get over it"! What a sad pitiful laugh, and a witnessing debut, we are unwillingly beholding and experiencing!

  • K Souder



    The dictionary definition of "dunces" gives as it's best illustration : "people like MSNBC commentators, i.e., those who refuse to see that there are two (2) sides to every story!" 😏

  • Tyger Eyes


    Enough said! GOP threatens that… “if you want Bolton, we will call others…” and “1:1 witnesses” — scary — and people on all sides are stupid enough to fall into this double-speak!

    “Dear GOP – I would like to inform you that you already have the majority and can call anyone you want as witnesses, including the Bidens, right now – so freakin’ DO IT!”

    Let’s have witnesses and documents and all the things a REAL TRIAL would have – dare you! In fact, let’s get to the master dare – I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU! CALL THEM!

  • Pamela Ramsey

    Obstruction, obstruction, obstruction to thwart off first hand evidence of corruption in the White House. That is abuse of power

  • Thomas Toner

    I hope Joe Scarborough gets an Emmy for best performance in a comedy. A brilliant ranting semaphore of metaphors mixed with heartfelt exasperation..

  • bobmatzke

    The very definition of a "witch hunt" was the Whitewater investigation and Ken Starr. Apparently Clinton should just have ignored the subpoenas.

  • dmwegnerowicz7554

    The key word here is Confederacy. It fell the first time, and will fall again. The only question is, how many more people have to die to defeat it! Our lady of Fatima, pray for us! ROSARY every day, and Orange Satan will be CRUSHED by his own lies!…Wisdom

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