Joe: More GOP Bluster And Lying To Protect Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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Joe: More GOP Bluster And Lying To Protect Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • vasily202

    Keep in mind that the POS who spoke of a coup was one of the people who were outraged that a Democrat (and black) president named Obama brought shame to the presidency of the US of A in an unprecedented act. He said that Obama disrespected the office and was a bad president for… wearing a tan suit. You cannot make this up!

  • blob darkass

    Well.. this was one way to divert from the suspicious "suicide" of his dance party buddy Epstein. The drawing extra hurricanes on the weather map with a magic marker pales in comparison. "I know!!! I'll do collusion again and then this time confess before calling it a fake news hoax". Hush Money Bone Spurs McPussyGrabber at his best. "The best people".

  • Scott Sena

    Do they know not what they do or say about themselves? This is just so crazy and you know what? Plenty of Republicans see this as crazy too…..wonder when they “pop”?

  • Mr Bogart

    How much longer will the US Government let this go on before somebody gets killed because of Trumps violence inciting rhetoric.

  • Jay Jay

    The melt down of a malignant narcissist. This is serious folks Trump is capable of anything at this stage. I hope his minders have some sense of responsibility.

  • Nevuah Gallery

    Tyrant Trump, the Reprobate Republican, now wants flesh-piercing spikes on top of a boarder wall surrounded with a moat filled with snakes and alligators to prevent asylum seekers from entering the US for refuge from drought, economic devastation and gang violence in their home countries. All this from the guy who ran on the campaign slogan “Drain The Swamp.” 
    WE THE PEOPLE can no long tolerate the criminality of the LAWLESS SON OF PERDITION occupying the Oval Office. IMPEACH, EXPEL and INCARCERATE this ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump. (FYI: The initial “J” in his name stands for Jenius!)

  • Machiavelli Plato

    A coup is a highly successful, unexpected stroke; counting coups as in Plains Indians peform in battle as in touching the enemy without sustaining injury.
    A coup d'etat an illegal change in government by illegal means. The bozo may have the best words but he sure does not really know the meaning of coup.

  • Fand

    Putin got what he wanted. He got an ally as President of the United States and that President has been actively trying to destroy our government from the inside for his own power and status.

  • Hub Giles

    Nancy keep steady pressure on the Trump. He does not have the character to handle pressure. His "backup"
    is fading. His ""base"" is dwindling. His True character is being exposed. His desperation is more evident &
    finally his life & family will return to the swamp they swore to drain.

  • TNSamShiner

    10/03/2019 Trump and his Administration with All Republicans is pure Evil. The Laws governing President should be changed No one President should have this much Power. There should be a Group of people in Intelligent Group that Protects America Constitution at all cost. America should never have another Trump. The Constitution should be protected at all cost and a group of people that has a Permanent Position where a President can't be removed them. These people can only be removed by Congress with a Majority Vote of 2/3 members and the Crimes has to be crimes against the Constitution. Next, A President should be able to be Charged with crimes during the time when in Office if he or she doesn't follow the Constitution. I think all appointed Federal Judges that Trump selected should be removed from Office if they don't receive 60 Votes in the Senate. This means all. I think all individuals in Trump and Pence Administration should be investigated of any wrong doings while in Office that violates the Constitution or Federal Laws. If wrong doing is found they should be prosecuted for their crimes against America. No Individual should work or do any Government Business for America unless they are Government Employees. Trump is the Worst President in the History of America. All Republicans should be removed from Office. If you Love America and you want to protect the Constitution, Please Vote All Republicans from Office. They are Pure Evil and they refuse to Protects the Constitution or stop Trumps Abuse of the Constitution.

  • Ant B

    I wish that people would not keep on comparing Bill Clinton with Trump because Clinton's attempted impeachment genuinely was a partisan attack (sure he was sleazy and there were suspicions of the usual Political corruption…) whereas Trump is probably guilty of a litany of serious crimes not the least of which is the repeated obstruction of legitimate investigations into his crimes.

  • joris suffuhrt

    What is happening is the new form of utter divisiveness. It used to be racism, now it is politicism. And it is the reds that are fueling it.

  • joris suffuhrt

    For are red, if you are blue, you are considered to be a lesser human being a filthy sub human only worthy of being denied anything. It is that bad. The reds can do anything to hurt the blue. For the reds that is justified. The problem is that there is no arguing against that, as no red will ever listen to a blue, no matter if it is light blue or dark blue. So blues stop arguing and start the fight to defeat politicism.

  • vasp99

    The GOP's disgusting partisan impeachment of Bill Clinton was in fact an attempted coup. Joe was part of that sleaze and to this day it is his main pride in life. Think about that. Think about that every time , every episode of his show , when Joe pimps out his typical sleazy lies against the Clintons. Joe is part of the disease.

  • Alice Costa Lodge

    Anyone notice tRump using Mafia motions like speaking with his hand surreptitiously the other side of his mouth, AND did that in front of Iceland's President/ Prime Minister.

  • Linda Mcgehee

    Amen, Elise Jordan! !!! To Mike Barnicle: I know you mean well but please give citizens more credit!! I would like to have more of a voice in what is going on!!! I write letters but my representative is Devin Nunes! Enough said!

  • 4EL95

    At some point these Republican will have to decide.
    Then- we’ll see who’s hide they want to save. My bet it’s their own. Then – it’s over.
    This will be fun!

  • jhhayes

    Joe: "More optimistic than my wife" LOL Trump is the rarest form of malignancy that this nation has ever seen. Trump and his corrupt people that cradle him all must be cut away from ruining our democracy. If wannabe dictator Trump wants to continue defying The Constitution, threaten people and our democracy, he will eventually lose, no doubt.

  • Jack Shrader

    Hey MSNBC, you lost the election and you will lose the next one. You idiots, two years of investigation and no prove of Russian collusion. Trump taxes – nothing here. MSNBC is nothing but lying drama queens.

  • Jack Shrader

    Trump calling for the killing of Schiff? Man you people at msnbc are really on drugs. You tell fantasy stories. Civil war? You are so desperate.

  • Nolan JOHN

    At this stage of Trump's presidency, considering all that has happened, it would be indulging in miracle thinking to expect, or hope that the GOP will have a sudden attack of conscience or an outbreak of decency. They remained silent while their President maligned a dying man who was also a war hero and a member of their own party. They remained silent when the President threatened national security and the security of America's allies, by bragging about matters to Russian officials which should have been kept in the strictest confidence, indeed, arguably, treated as sensitive material only to be shared with America 's allies. They remained silent whilst children were being torn out of the arms of their parents. They remained silent when Trump publicly disagreed with American intelligence agencies and took the side of Russia, which must have been the most humiliating day in the history of the US. They remained silent when the president insulted female members of congress and told them to go back to their own country. The list is endless. And each time the president dragged the presidency deeper into the gutter. America must never be allowed to forget what the Republican Party has done to the presidency and to America.

  • Elasticbrand

    How is it a coup, holding aa public servant accountable for his actions through a constitutionally established legal process, exactly?

  • Julia Giles

    Watch, and you'll notice Trump's pattern. Whatever he accuses anyone of doing against is precisely what he himself is doing or is hiding having done. He calls impeachment a "coup". Well, the dictionary defines a coup as a lawless, violent and sudden seizure of a government. I contend that this is precisely what Trump has been engaged in doing himself for the last three or four years. He's completely lawless and incites violence at every opportunity, which has directly inspired individuals to engage in mass murders aimed at females and people of color, as a means of intimidating both voters and politicians. If you want to know what he's really doing, listen to him accuse others. He's telling on himself. Listen.

  • Ricky Perez

    We no longer have a POTUS. He's little more than a Mafia type MOB BOSE, running a Crime Syndicate, who's only interest is using the Presidency to line he's on pockets.

  • Andrew Garcia


  • Gnirol Namlerf

    Ms. Jordan makes the point I always state this way: any person in any institution (business, education, health care, government, etc.) who spends time scheming over how to get ahead, how to get more power, how to make more money is wasting time that would be better spent producing a better product, teaching a better class, saving more lives, solving problems for the nation. Imagine if 250 million adult Americans all focused on contributing to society. Yeah, I know I sound like John Lennon, starting that suggestion with the word imagine , but I also sound like John Kennedy (not the current senator from Louisiana). "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country," is not something Pres. Trump or anyone on his team believe in. (And yes, there are Democrats who take the same attitude, but not as many and not to the exclusion of service to the people of the nation.) Trumpists would sneer and snicker (or worse) at any such concept. Their purpose in life is solely to enrich themselves with wealth and power. But would the Founders sneer and snicker at JFK's words? Would Jesus sneer and snicker, for all those self-styled Christians who believe in Trump more than the teachings of their Lord, and twist themselves into philosophical pretzels in order to justify their president breaking the Commandments and rebuking, through his actions, Jesus' declarations, backed up by His own supreme self-sacrifice, that you DON'T put yourself first?

  • bluegold21

    The single greatest threat is global warming. Even the army chiefs have said that but Trump does everything he can to deflect people away from that fact. Whilst he's got people skipping through legal hoops he's still got a bank account being filled with donations from oil companies. He will run away before losing his seat in the oval office and would still have achieved what he set out to do which is to get rich off climate change denial. This impeachment has to happen now so progress on the real problems can be achieved.

  • L I

    During the 2016 elections, didn't Trump try to put a bulls eye on Hillary's back saying if she tries to take away the 2nd Amendment that's what could happen.

  • Ewald Bracko

    Oh, how I love the Parliamentary Systems!
    One single majority vote of mistrust on the chancellor/prime minister in the Parliament (= House of the Congress) and the whole government would be gone! Most Parliamentary Systems have also second chambers equivalent to the Senate but their votes wouldn't even be needed!
    But the USA still hangs that much on an outdated Presidential System and an electoral college which itself is based on racism because it was implemented by white people to keep the black ones in check.
    Perhaps it is time to update the constitution, which was written in the 18th century, to the claims and needs of the 21th century and also to fix the pro-racist electoral system during that process…

  • brumartube

    Of course, Trump is the one doing a COUP. Not his first one, so why not a second one?
    Trump betrays all American and European values. He does not just love Kim-Young-Un, he behaves like him.
    Trump has to be removed from Office urgently.

  • brumartube

    If Barr is not indicted soon, as well as Kavanaugh, and Pompeo, and Trump, soon, I will side with Mika on the pessimist side. It is urgent. They behave already like in a dictatorship. And it is false that a president cannot be indicted. And his behaviour is the biggest internal national threat ever. What he did in Ukraine is just unforgivable. Humanly and politically unforgivable.

  • MrVader282

    Part of the Russian Threat , like crack , is the amount of money flooding the markets that influences what they want. Americans are susceptible to greed and will do anything for Money , Russian money is just as good as any other. We don't provide what Americans need, imagine a love one dying, does it matter how you get what you need?

  • Sto-ik The Poet


    Impeachment attempt 12,562 against President Trump 😂

    Sorry, Democrats.. You can't impeach a duly elected president just because you don't like him.

    Keep it up & I guarantee President Trump will be reelected.

  • Isaac Garza

    I use to respect all Presidents Dem or Rep. but this guy is the Orange treasonous pig..all about himself and money he works for all citizens not just 5 or 10 percent.

  • Brownie lover

    'Good and decent people' dont side with a monster to undermind human life and help to support the destructive practice to take fair services from others so they can live better or have more than others! – people not willing to see all for one and one for all! Is the way everyone wins!

    This me first and im more the valued human 💩 isnt GOOD AND DESENT! Thats the MAGA supporter.

  • Teresa Butts

    Didn't notice that the Democrats had armed themselves and taken over the White House, aren't they the ones who want to take everyone's guns away. (Sarcasm). Must of missed that news flash, but then again I don't watch to much Fox news.

  • Stephanie James

    Putin choosing a big, Dumb Thug for President was a pretty genius move, but then he is known for his wiley ways. The entire Administration works solely for the benefit of Russia.

  • F. D. R. / F. D. R.

    Morning Joe is the worst program on the air. They've never said or done anything fair. Wonder who is
    supporting the cast and it's producers??? Maybe they should be investigated as to where their pay
    comes from behind home office. Democrats who repeat negative copy written by ????
    President Trump has not made these quotes. No wonder they call media substandard as this 'fake news'.

    Talk. Talk. Talk. Where are ALL THE REPUBLICANS? To all Republicans everywhere. If you love your president or should you

    hate him your emotions are not the issue. ALL of you should STICK TOGETHER, STOP these Left Handed Democrats and too

    stand by your man. It seems the Democrats stick together whenever one is questioned. They will cover up for each other then

    argue amongst themselves.
    They don't care who knows it or what the media says. First and foremost they are a team, a family.

    REPUBLICANS act like the family you are. Your team members are being harassed repeatedly. Unite. Stand together and don't

    stop until you protect each other. If you don't like your president that's your decision. This is an act on all of you. Get those so

    called investigations moving and indictments issued. Those Democrats will never let you back into power, stop being spineless.

    Once you've got those lousy Democrats out of your hair maybe you can get some work done and done faster. Don't any of you

    believe what they've been telling you. Liars and thieves are what they are. Perhaps when investigated once & for all we may find

    more corruption at it's worse. Treason should not be removed out of the picture. They are running scared. This is your chance

    to move forward. Attacks on one Republican is an attack on ALL Republicans. Don't forget that.

    There are so many conflicts the Democrats have among themselves but when one is merely questioned the whole team becomes

    an electric fence so no one can get near their person.

    Will ALL of you once and for all unite and get these jerks out of office completely before they spend more taxes chasing their tails

    and too a whole bunch of Soros money fixing the 2020 election?

  • F. D. R. / F. D. R.

    Democrats are afraid of the electoral college because they know they cannot win honestly. A popular vote would be easier
    to hack and win. The reason for the electoral college balances out the volume of people. Listen to these idiots and don't
    be eating a meal while you do. Their word could make thinking person vomit.

  • Patricia roe

    Trump was doing this for his own personal profit. In the obvious fact he would benefit from it in the 2020 election. He had all intentions of using any dirt Giuliani could get on Biden. This is a ABUSE OF POWER. And John Adams commented on it

  • LadyHotdogOfTheBun

    Oddly, Bush attended Trump's inauguration primarily to witness the peaceful transfer of power. Who knew… the orange angry bird would grossly abuse that power and authority in which he was entrusted.

  • Pamela Hall

    He admits his loathing of our constitution and our laws every time he opens his obscene, trashy mouth ! As usual, had to leave town to avoid the press, to spew out his putrid lies!!

  • 6684 ACE

    I vote Democrat and never once thought or said it was a coup when Bill Clinton was being held accountable for lying. I don't know anyone who did. but maybe there are videos of people in Washington who did at the time. Trump's betrayed his oath to the U.S. Constitution. He's been violating the Emoluments clause for his time in office. He's a narcissist whose tactics are damaging our country and he should be held accountable for all his crimes against our Constitution and our people.

  • Roy Gonzalez

    You can Corrupt some of the Politicians some of the time , you can Corrupt some of the Politicians all the Time , but you Cannot Corrupt All the Politicians All of the time . . . . Unless You THINK LIKE Don the Con . . . .

  • Jason Collins

    The reason they call it a coup is because the law requires a vote to begin the impeachment process, and the Democrats just bypassed it completely, making the current impeachment process totally illegal.

    The liars are these idiots, and if you listen to them, you're being fooled.

  • Jean Redman-Roberts

    In information warfare we are now using American bows and arrows to fight Russian guns= we need to wise up on information warfare techniques. Maybe in the classroom?

  • sal been

    Wow. They're worried about what Barr's up to. That's going to be interesting. The Dems & news seem real worried about Barr.

  • Ben Dickmann

    The stonewalling by the fake Republicans (now Trumplicans) including all about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Once her Supreme Court seat is vacant, the Senate (based on Moscow Mitch's own words) will immediately fill the position with someone to their (his) liking. When that accomplishment is achieved, the Trumplicans will have decided that they got all they need from the Donald. They will then kick him to the curb, try to return to conservative values and move forward the entire time blaming the Democrats for the deficit.

  • Gus Martinez

    cadet bone spur is calling it a" coup" so whats it called whe he went around congress to take money away from the US military for his wall 😒

  • happy goluky

    Govt. forgetting about the people's business. A waste of the peoples tax money with political scandals. Every State ought to reclaim their states. Take it back. Leave the Union. Republicans getting more corrupted every day. Then every State can each have their own representatives. With only two year terms. No lifetime seats. Keep the people's money well spent within their own states. Too many trillions are lost and shuffled thru the hands of crooked politicians. No need of one ruler over all the states.

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