Joe: This Is Not A Coup; This Is A Constitutional Process | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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Joe: This Is Not A Coup; This Is A Constitutional Process | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • TheChiefEng

    The sad thing is that republican lawmakers have no character. They still think this is all about power and party, while it is actually about the very Constitution and the preservation of the American democracy and the very position of USA being the leader of the free world.
    Doing the wrong thing now will destroy the trust in USA for many years to come, which may destroy the unity of the free world since other free countries will look at USA thinking it unwise to continue looking to USA for leadership.

  • Garry Miller

    Republican voters don't care if Trump extorted a foreign country for political purposes. Trump is their God. That's how pitiful they've become

  • Maharajji NKB

    Why do we need hearings? The House will vote to impeach. It will go to the Senate, and it will be rejected.
    Why wait? Vote today.

  • Karen McGady

    The ON,Y approach to these impeachment inquiry hearings is to be serious. It is terrible that we have a President who so flagrantly tramples on our Constitution.

  • Wado Waleli

    Yeah, I guess it's a coup when the law stops a scam like Trump University, or when 30 women file suit over sexual predation, or when two women are paid off not to talk so a political campaign might be influenced, or when someone is cited for obstructing investigations into an alien government interfering in our election, etc., etc., etc. Coup THIS, Mr. Trump!

  • M

    The 1% are better off. Think about this : The 0.01% have had a 345% pay rise since 1970. You👈 average worker have had 0% pay rise in real earnings, over the same period.

  • Patricia Caulley

    Trump lie all the time. Trump work for Russian, not the American people. and why are they talking about 2016. He won OK. let move on. something is missing, Why keep going back? is the American people this dumb. Ask why are we going back, something is wrong with this picture. we need to vote all of them out and get new blood . OK

  • M

    What's sad these are the imbeciles that asked for "this" process to be brought to the public forum……
    If anyone in congress refuses to comply and up hold the constitution….
    they should be relieved of there duties, immediately……It's just that simply, regardless of party lines, tenure and or race…..

  • Carl A

    Are Americans deaf, dumb and blind? Wake up people and read our history and not the garbage that is pedaled in these times. Let's not go down a road from which there is no return.

  • Howard Kerr

    Sorry, but Chump calls the Impeachment process a coup for the simple fact that it de-legitimizes those who are working against him. He calls this a coup because it turns his accusers into criminals…AND ONCE AGAIN, MAKES HIM THE VICTIM.
    He is like the bank robber who says it wasn't a robbery because I wasn't able to leave the bank with any money, and who also turns around and tries to charge the arresting officers with false arrest (no money=no crime) AND police harrassment.

  • larrysheetmetal

    I want to know why a Republican head of the FBI under OBAMA !!!!!!!!! in the last days of 2016 election cycle PUBLICLY!!!! launched Hilary E-mail investigation that went NO WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim Yarbrough

    Republicans new defense today that "Ukrains" eventually got the money is pathetic. The only reason the aid was released is because of the whistleblower. Also they claimed hersey even though the people that the witnesses said they got the information from ignored the subpoena and refussed to testify.

  • Donald Johnson

    trump has Been to Court so many times, he thinks this time is also for a Real Estate Violation. he will probably think he doesnt even have to show up the first 5 times,.. It doesn't matter how Old trump is He Always will Act like a Willful Rich Kid That has Jerked All his Daddies Money Before and It Will all turn Out Just Fine. He Doesn't have a Clue,……

  • jones


    We’re trying to boot out the POTUS . . . whose wisdom was unmatched by Yoda’s.
    He’s sure to offend ya, or grab yer pudenda . . . But we’re hoping that no one will notice.

    (Abandon all hoax, ye who enter here)

    Lev and Igor were stranded in the desert.  They had been there for days, and were out of water.  
    Igor continued to clutch tightly to an old car door as he dragged himself across the burning sands.
    Lev said to Igor, “We are both too weak to walk, and we can barely crawl.  Why do you insist on dragging that car door with you?”
    Igor replied, “When it becomes too hot to go any further, I can roll down the window.”

    Lev and Igor, after drinking to the health of their best friend Rudy, and Vlad, and Donnie J., and Don Corleone, and all their families and pets, found themselves out of vodka so they proceeded to stumble toward the liquor store to replenish their provisions.  They decided to take what was thought to be a shortcut down the railroad tracks.
    After following the tracks for what seemed an excessively long time, Igor said to Lev, “Lev, my friend, my comrade . . . isn’t this the longest stairway you’ve ever seen?”
    Lev replied, “I don’t mind that, I just wish the bannisters weren’t so low.”

    Punxsutawney Phil in 2020.


  • john herring

    I am still trying to figure out what the right's actual defense of the President is?  Jim Jordan was throwing a fit but it didn't change the facts?Trump did itThere is proofHe got caught

  • bellamoon

    What the GOP is doing is a coup. The Democrats are trying to keep the GOP coup from happening because the majority of the people in this country don't want to live under the autocracy that they are creating. The GOP is using the Electoral College, Secretaries of State across the nation that they have put in place, gerrymandered seats in the House, and undermined local and state governments in swing states. And the last nail in our democracy's coffin is the stacked courts with judges who report to the GOP and their donors.

  • Dai Lee

    Jim Jordan is a disgrace to this nation! I always wonder if men like him has a God, a mother, a wife, kids somebody that he'd want to be the best he could be for? But, if they are like him it wouldn't matter!? He is a mess! A lawmaker, if you didn't know you'd never guess Jordan was much of anything!

  • Debbie Trudeau

    A "coup" 🙄🙄 I wonder who explained to dumb trump what a coup is and how to spell it 🤣🤣 Also the lady on the panel is quite correct….trump has had SO many scandals, committed so many faux pas', misdemeanors and high crimes WITHOUT consequence that it's about time SOMEONE holds him accountable. I watched the hearing today and the republicans are still NOT going to be the responsible and patriotic representatives they were elected to be. They refuse to see what is obvious to the rest of us, refuse to LISTEN to anything that does not fit into the narrative they've created for themselves and their chief of corruption, refuse to put Country before party and refuse to do their main job – uphold and protect the Constitution and the Rule of Law. I saw respectful and intelligent Democrats asking pertinent questions of 2 witnesses that have more honor, integrity and experience in public service than trump and his republican boot lickers could ever hope to have !! From the republican side I saw rude, obnoxious, not very bright and loudmouthed uncouth bullies using their time to make a mockery of a LEGAL, WARRANTED AND CONSTITUTIONAL hearing. Their main focus was the whistleblower….STILL !! The information that has come out since that report makes it about as necessary as more sand in a desert !! Overall I would have to say that Amb Taylor and Dep Sec Kent were far and away more believable, respectful and trustworthy than trump, his admin and the whole republican party together !!

  • PU

    Trump has been a pathetic failure all his life with no power – now he has power he is incapable of understanding “responsible power”. In the end he is just a crook, always has been, always will be.

  • Ashim Chakravorty

    just can’t stand pouting mouth of mr. trump…..perhaps something, or someone can do it for him ,to close it .No manners this thing has.We read there are mice in the big house, so want to be careful .good luck mr.trump with you next job ….k.c.

  • T S

    Exactly!! Americans better believe that Trump hates the CONSTITUTION! He hates the CONSTITUTION because it puts limits on his power!! If you say Trump shouldn't be IMPEACHED then you also look at the CONSTITUTION as something that doesn't matter!!!

  • blob darkass

    Repubs are resorting to the "but Hillary" defense. It is a joke. What will it take to get them to acknowledge we have a constitution in lieu of a king? Of course there had to be an impeachment trial as do they really think just asking Trump nicely to not do this would actually stop him? The guy does not even seem to realize when he does something illegal until standing trial.

  • blob darkass

    Read the transcript? You mean the "perfect" phone call one where Trump perfectly tells Ukraine to do us a favor by finding dirt on Biden and his kid perfectly because he is holding back desperately needed military aid? Really republicans you see nothing wrong with this or do you really think we are all that stupid?

  • Crimson Halo

    That's game, set and match. Now we get to see whether American institutions are still robust enough to remove a criminal from office.

  • HodgePodge Doodles

    As long as nearly 50% of Americans only watch Fox News and other right-wing media, America will remain split on Trump. They are fed so many lies that a large group of America lives in a very different mental reality.

  • Maureen Tate

    I find it impossible the figures on these polls ! I think the press/news is full of crap !i am very discouraged with the convoluted coverage , we don’t know who to trust! These are not individual newscasters, they are bought and paid for, they spew what the owners want them too!

  • grantg98

    When pete is having g a hard time running a city, and corruptly at that, by NO means is he qualified to be president. We're already dealing with a deeply corrupt president, the LAST thing we need is another one.

  • Thomas Tamir

    Joe, I imagine you know you can hide behind the second amendment, You talk Constitution big mouth, so tell us what rights under the Constitution have been broken? Tell us Joe, its not a behind door hearing with the Nazis. Is the second amendment all you know Joe? Tell us what rights were broken by the Nazis Joe.

  • Robin Riser-James

    Presumption and hearsay is a coup joe. Americans are not "dumbed down" as you demonrats would like. No matter what lies or FAKE NEWS you try to spread WE aren't listening anymore. By the way did they ever solve the murder of the woman in your office? Asking for a friend lol

  • blob darkass

    Trump also called the emolument clause fake news. Does he realize that clause is in the constitution? Of course Trump does not like the constitution as it is what is protecting us from having a king like him.And he does think he is king. Thank goodness impeachment is constitutional because I doubt just asking Trump nicely not to extort and collude and obstruct justice would get him to stop.

  • xuebaiqiang

    Congress need to move at a brisk pace but not so fast as give Trump any freebies he doesn't deserve. They need to ask for expedited court reviews all the up to the SCOTUS to make it clear that claims of executive privilege in this case are bogus, instead representing obstruction of justice. Have the courts force Trump's inner circle to testify and start sending resisters to jail. Once that bubble is burst, public opinion will shift dramatically against Trump. And it will give the saner GOP Senators the cover that they need to overcome their timidity and do the right thing.

  • the last wild one


  • Jessie Johnson

    I'm sorry, random thought. Apologies. Just asking…….Does tRump do his own hair? Comb it, shape it, spray it? Or sit in the beauticians chair every morning? Just ouch.

  • KristaL Mac LeoD

    True American Heroes telling FacTs . trump talks about a WALL ? HOPEFULLY SOON HE Will be Marched up to and AgainsT a Wall.

  • Reality Check

    Cognizant Americans, know the facts to date, Trump engaged in actions that violate Constitutional mandates for his personal gain. Trump impounded Congressional funds,1) in violation of the 1974 Impoundment Act/ 2) releasing funds was contingent upon Ukrainian election interference, publically disparaged the Democratic Party, labeling Biden/Clinton corrupt/3) obstructing Congressional oversight/abuse of power are impeachable acts: 1) Impounding funds 2) extorting election interference is a 3) plotting with others, conspiracy, to corrupt Ukrain 4)violation of Constitutional oath. The US intel report confirms extensive ongoing Russian election interference since 2016. The GOP continue their false narrative: Ukraine never interfered in any US elections. Biden received GOP/international community support when insisted on the removal of a corrupt Ukrian prosecutor.

  • Megan Williams

    Why does everyone over there seem to forget that the President is a Public Servant, and as, such is supposed to work FOR the American People – your EMPLOYEE….Not an Absolute Monarch. Your ancestors fought a war against being part of a Constitutional Monarchy, yet now, your Elected Head of Govt is acting like an Absolute Monarch.

  • sina mumuta

    He is a Innocent Citizens Presidents of the USA is all about money shaking and t rating hard to destroyed President and the truth about the demograt and liberals who designed Violence hatred dangous bullied and killing innocent Citizens but pushing in drugs and terrorists illegal activist to Destroyed innocent people

  • sina mumuta

    The construction industry is the most prejudice dangerous violence in life's of Innocent Citizens representatives that the democrat and the liberals and media's whisleblower that trying hard to destroyed President and collect their money from Soro

  • Saber

    Call it whatever you want. The fact remains is that after this sham impeachment blows up in the Stalincrats faces they should impeach themselves.

  • Michael Smith

    I would absolutely love for Hunter Biden to testify, if… I say if… Mick, Mike, Mike, and John also testify & hand over ALL requested documentation.

  • NitroExpress

    Brother’s, Sisters!

    Now is the time to rally to the defense of your country. I call on all Democrat’s to support, defend and advance the Democratic agenda. Perilous times call for bold and decisive action. Our actions will call for sacrifice, denial and aggressiveness. Perilous times are ahead of us. Sacrifice will be needed. I ask you to support Open Borders, Medicare for all (including illegal’s), $15 minimum wage, Free college tuition, Decriminalizing and making it a misdemeanor for all border crossers. Oh and by the way, for you middleclass citizens — you’ll be screwed.

  • Marcos Juarez

    This is Constitutional process. Not a coup. All what Donald J. Trump wants to do is to undermine the United States Constitution. Our Founding Fathers are rolling their graves to point their fingers at Trump. Yes, Trump should be held accountable for his actions. There's no doubt it.

  • Don Johnson

    I think Russiapublicants will lose control of the Senate. They have to defend 24-12 seats and losing just 3 net makes it a tie.

  • Tom H

    Both sides should state why he should be removed. You will get a lot of because he’s cool and because he’s a doody head. 🤮🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Veneil

    I don't think Trump fully understands that even if he fires his entire White House staff, the State Department and everybody else he doesn't like or perceives to be "disloyal", IT NO LONGER MATTERS. The genie is out of the bottle….

  • James Williams

    How Blind you are Joe ….BTW currently 63% are saying DON'T Impeach and get back to work and climbing and Joe I suggest you read the below and Compare HR 581 and HR 660 and say how this fiasco is following Constitutional precedent I'll give you a hint "Jointly" and "with the concurrence"

    You're right No One is above the Law, including Democrats or those running for office After they heard of an investigation and entered the 2020 race on 25 April 2019 as the 20th entry(Last until Steyer) … MSNBC Pleasse don't tell me you didn't know that Ukraine elected their anti-corruption President months before Biden entered the race, and he entered the race right after the anti-corruption Ukraine Parliament WON … think maybe Biden was watching that Ukrainian Parliament election closely?

    Let me see if I get this right …. Presidents make foreign Policy not unelected officials … or the media or the "House" … However lets go with that, two career diplomats decades of experience and been dealing with Ukraine for a Longggg period of time … In that time billions of dollars in NON LETHAL AID was sent to Ukraine, which they can't find(IN THEIR WORDS); corruption was rampant and didn't get better it got worse (IN THEIR WORDS); they were very concerned about Russia thought Russia was the bogey man, AND A HUGE THREAT to Ukraine our Allies and the US(IN THEIR WORDS, BUT didn't see the invasion of Crimea; NOR did nothing to stop or reverse); OK I get it Normal channels and YOUR policies(which you don't make) were doing really great???

    So along come TWO NEW PRESIDENTS both running on similar platforms: Drain the Swap and Make Their Countries Great Again ….hmmm and these TWO SEASONED DISTINGUISHED DIPLOMATS are UPSET because President Trump didn't follow the failures of the past starting in 1989? Hmmm

    BTW President Trump is busy doing his job, and aside from the Collusion Delusion, Impeach 45, etc, and this fiasco what HR's or REAL business has the do nothing Democrats done … please tell me I'm all ears … BTW how's the ratings

  • leftinthirdgrade

    I dont understand how any voter could be undecided at this point. Either you are cool with racism and corruption, or you arent.

  • Sandra Nelson

    Trump BELIEVES that he IS the absolute monarch of America. As such, he has no use or requirement for the Constitution. And the GOP are all in it with him. The GOP on this committee will do their level best to hinder and derail these hearings. They have no interest in letting the truth come out, as it will show their "king" to be the criminal he is. And America will wake up and go vote. An awakened America is the worst thing that could happen for the GOP.

  • Thomas L

    If there truely are 35% of Americans who stands behind Trump as a Cult base at this point in time, then USA will have serious internal conflicts to deal with for decades to come. Anyone who stand behind Trump at this point in time are in fact Traitors against USA!

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