John Baker: What Should be Done to Address Rising Crime Rates?
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John Baker: What Should be Done to Address Rising Crime Rates?

President Trump had said in January, not long
after his inauguration, he had said to Chicago that if you can’t fix the rising murder rates,
I’ll, quote, “send in the feds.” In terms of federalism, the federal government
ought not simply to try to go in and take over what a city can’t or won’t do. People deserve the protection for their life
and property, and that’s the first responsibility of local government. If you won’t do it, then it should go to the
next level, and that is the state government. But when the state can’t deal with it, there
is in the Constitution a little-known clause called the domestic violence clause. And it allows a state to request the help
of the federal government using militia federalized or army troops to come in and restore order. Chicago has the highest murder rate of a,
of a big city. The real issue is, for the city, if it can’t
handle it, or won’t handle it, for the state to deal with it. If the state government can’t do it or won’t
do it, then the federal government is available, but we ought to deal with it at the level
closest to the community itself.


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