To John Delaney and Hickenlooper

  • John Zee

    Great for Delaney ! About time Democrats are waking up to what will lose them the election. Because old man Bernie says it, it's now Moses with the Commandments, and don' t question it…right ?

  • John Zee

    Delaney is right. Why should 150 million people lose good health insurance; because the Crazy Old Man wants no competition for his Soviet-era givaways.

  • John Zee

    I am quite sure all the Sanders people will be happy when Hillary, Obama, Pelosi and Biden throw him under the bus again. Like in ' 16. It will happen.

  • Brandon Purdy

    I have healthcare that paid for my wife's cancer treatment but I know that Medicare for all would be better for all Americans not just a lucky few.

  • John Zee

    And Delaney is really scared that the scatter- brained 29- year old fool from NY – 14, Ms. Allie O' C. told him how it is

  • JabberCT

    The last thing we need are more Delaney's in US politics. Remember, any old blue, just won't do. Time to get rid of these outdated, corrupt, menaces to our society. BERNIE 2020!

  • John Zee

    Schiff, Nadler, Cummings and other knuckleheads. Pelosi doing all she can not to look bad. 20 or more " Yeah, I'm a socialist, too!" No wonder Trump will win again.

  • John Zee

    Mr. Trump reclines in his leather chair; and wonders " why are they all making this so easy for me to win again….? "

  • John Zee

    Everytime Sanders talks, same thing: " Donald Twump is a pathowogical liahr…My way, no middle gwound…Evewything for fwee.." Wait til somebody outside the Democrats calls him on this bullshit.

  • John Zee

    I want to.move to Delaney's district and register Democrat, so I can vote for him. Solid, sensible leadership. Doesn't simply go along with The Old Fossil.

  • Ryan Lengacher

    Mr. Trump Sets on his throne and Laughs 😂
    Wile the Democrats rip each other apart
    Democrats are too stupid to see it, but they’re basically giving trump a 2020 victory Acting like this.

  • Tim Soel

    A public option is not universal healthcare. Only the ones that can affort it will get it, leaving people behind. Healthcare will stay a privelidge.

  • griergang6

    Why did you cut off the the part where they booed him for his lack of support for straight up socialism?????? Why are you hiding that?????

  • World Shaper

    We are not playing anymore, if you are taking money from big Corp Get the fuck out!
    No Middle Ground!
    Or you are for us or for them.

  • RoRo Zorro

    Lmfao he deserves it . These guys are comic candidates . People should be careful of Biden , he is a corporate sell out not to be trusted

    Bernie or tulsi 😉

  • Threemen WalkedIntoABar

    unfortunately too far leftist will give us another Republican win. sad that the ones who make the most sense are shutdown. booing reasonable ppl will cost the election

  • joseph hunt

    Universal Health Care shouldn't be a right vs left thing the right says they're religious so they should have to do it out of there Christian obligation and left just cares about human beings in general this shouldn't be a fight or an argument we are retarded as a nation.

  • AlmostSober

    Rights + entitlements. Not one or the other.

    Right to bear arms and join militia, also entitled to benefit from national armed forces.

    Right to hire security guards to secure your property, also entitled to call police and other emergency services.

    Right to buy private insurance… Should also be entitled to not die of lack of basic medical treatment due to individual lack of wealth.

  • Mary Czarnik

    That is what happens when the gov gives freebies away for the people that are able to work cause they do not want to lose all those freebies and now want more. Now we have all those illegals crossing the border to get the freebies too for 18+ yrs. Who is going to pay for 1 million illegals that have crossed over the border that is bigger than cities in the USA and babies on the way?

  • j ena

    I'm South Korean. We have Medicare for all single-payer system which is no co-pays, no deductibles, no premiums and gives me the freedom to choose my own doctor and freedom to leave my job and not have to worry about how I'm going to get health care. I've never ever worried about health care in this much poorer country than yours.

  • Shane B.

    The people who won't support Medicare For All should do themselves a favor and drop out. Stop embarrassing yourselves

  • Koroz

    Between DNC Ignoring Tulsi, and pushing people like Delaney and Biden just shows how out of touch the Democrats are, guess I won't be voting Dem again in 2020.

  • Cera Alba

    Just wondering why professional journalists at CBS chose thumbnails of Bernie Sanders for this video titled 'John Delaney…' which features parts of Bernie Sanders' speech but focuses on John Delaney getting booed for only 1/16th of this content and then get's it all wrong at end of the title. Go Corporate Journalism! And take your lobbyist bosses with you.

  • Mister Sarajevo

    How dare him for being pragmatic & not hopping on the socialist bandwagon.
    Christ, Bernie Bros are stupid.

  • Dallas Cowboys Fan

    It’s very concerning that Bernie can give a Trotsky like speech and not get booed off the stage.

  • Franz1987

    As a Marylander with him my former Congressman..ways hates him and his replacement David Throne. They both had tons of money and neither are progressives. All tbe people who live in the DC suburbs love neoliberal Dems

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