Judiciary Cmte. Member: Impeachment Not About Politics, But The Constitution | The Last Word | MSNBC
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Judiciary Cmte. Member: Impeachment Not About Politics, But The Constitution | The Last Word | MSNBC


  • LTAries88

    I think this is a solemn day for our country because I truly believe people have been against President Trump. I may not have a agreed with everything he’s done and said but he should be given credit for the great things he’s done for our country

  • Jessica Zane

    Now the left is so proud to be Americans and now cares so much about the Constitution? Like how much hey care about the Bill of Rights? What a joke.

  • mlouwagie

    the top comments have been used by these bots on other pages …i have seen these comments before….someone better than me can come up with a way of catching them… it psyops anyway…. probably by gop and government and corp who do not want bernie or elizabeth(others) democrats to win … they would make them pay taxes . . .17 likes in 22minutes by a poster who comments on pelosi dentures its been on other pages on you tube. . . its not real

  • Jack Breh

    where in the constitution does it say we should remove a sitting president based on unsubstantiated conjecture? last I checked thats literally the exact opposite of what the found fathers wanted.

  • madman 1050


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  • Int 0x80

    In before I'm called a Russian agent. Was a democrat before 2016. But hardcore Trump 2020 now. We'll get rid of the rot in the Republican party after Trump 2020.

  • blacksummerrain

    He is merely regurgitating leftist talking points. If MSNBC were honest in their coverage, they would point this out. The fact that it's a Democrat-approved talking point pretty much underlines how insincere and dishonest it is. Of course it's political, they've let everyone know it's political and one Democrat congressman even said that circumstantial or unproven allegations are better than having the facts. In essence, we don't like Trump so we're impeaching no matter where the lack of facts lead us. The past party-line vote and the one yet to come pretty much sum up the political scheme the Democrats are engaged in. Too, as a tax-paying citizen, I have the right and expect my President to find out if a previous Vice-President of the U.S. acted in a corrupt manner with a country everyone knew was corrupt and in a way that Obama officials had major concerns about. It has not yet been investigated and it's stunning how MSLSD is so disinterested. A leftist news organization, much?

  • Emily Merz

    #PureComedyGold #TrumpDerangementSyndrome #SmellsLikeBS #FreeThinker #ProjectMockingBird #MockingBirdMedia 🤡🌎👌🤣🤣🤣


    You can't impeach someone just because you don't like them…plain & simple but I guess we don't have a constitution anymore or rights as American's 😐

  • Iron Shepard

    Funny how they're all about the "Constitution" when it comes to impeachment.

    Yet when it comes to the 2nd Amendment they could care less.

  • Ado Atero

    Trolls seem to be on the move, telling from the influx of short, low quality comments. Why not do something worth doing instead?

  • Magister Militum

    So these impeachment proceedings aren't about politics, they're about the Constitution . . . ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . . . . . is this clown for real? It is remarkable how easily, how effortlessly these Demorats lie. A special gift they have I guess

  • Rockinghorse Winner


  • billy john

    Are you kidding? Not about politics? Every witness is a Democrat some of which have pointed out they hated the president before any of this impeachment garbage happened. BTW they all gave really long speeches about stuff that had absolutely nothing to do with the impeachment, what a ridiculous farce this has been.

  • Lord Zizumias

    I don't know… After 3 years of constantly showing disdain for the President then suddenly trying to impeach him over hearsay evidence seems very political to me…

  • John Bush

    Between the mainstream media and the demacratic hierarchy this union man and his whole Hispanic family will never vote demacratic ever again.VIV LES DEPLORABLES VIV LES LIBERTAD.HOUDENOSAUNEE.

  • Justino Nilo Perez

    Fake fake news all partisan propaganda. There is no evidence to impeachment none. No actual factual evidence. All hearsay. Trump 2020 KAG.!!!!#

  • Tom Thumb

    why is harry legs Joe Biden hate heavy old people. Hes old too. Called a questioner for just asking a question was old and "Fat" I know MSNBC didn't show this though but look it up.

  • ML Isaacs

    The Dumbocraps…cant be serious…"choose country over party" maybe DeGuse should take his OWN advice!!!


  • Michael G

    We are doing all of this very somberly and with an impartial eye and blah blah(fart)
    Let’s view it objectively now. Let’s cut through the b.s. and observe it like a robot:
    Did anyone observe an actual crime? No. Is any lawyer who is worth his salt willing to even state that a crime was committed? No— not even the three hideous liberal “intellectuals” who we saw a few days ago. Let’s say that his words were improper or inappropriate or whatever— I disagree even with those adjectives. But let’s roll with it. Improper words are not what the founders envisioned as an impeachable offense. Sorry— that’s what the robot would intone to you. But as Turley stated repeatedly, this is entirely about rage, not reason.

  • John Lutz

    President Trump will easssiiillllyyyy win at least 40 states in his re-election and then Mike Pence will be the next President for 8 years.

  • johnlyn1

    Its not about the constitution. Its about pure hatred. Democrats are shredding the constitution. In the end after the senate acquits Trump will take this unconstitutional shame to the Supreme Court and the democrats unconstitutional process will be overturned. This disgrace by democrats will be well worth it in the end just to have half of them removed from office in 2020. Every single one of them should lose their reelection but unfortunately some of them live in big democrat districts with useful idiots who always vote against their own interests. That is the one thing they are actually right about. Their voters are stupid and useful idiots. But millions of them are finally waking up to this fact thanks to the democrats radical insanity. Trump will easily get 25% minimum of the black vote this time and they will also be voting republican across the board. You think democrats would have learned their lesson from 2009 when it cost them over a 1,000 democrat seats across the country. That will look like a nothing burger compared to what they will lose in 2020. GUARANTEE IT!

  • mike ables

    Who gave the worse interview that first lady or the second one? That first lady told Obama not to give Ukraine military aid while Russia was invading. The second lady, the constitutional scholar said Baron Trump is not a real Baron. Who was the dumbest lady to testify for the democrats?
    Comment below

  • Napalm Bonerfart

    The impeachment is literally about the Democrats being angry that President Trump won and will likely win the 2020 election.

  • Alex Parrish

    The like dislike ratio here gives me hope in humanity. To the left – “America is not stupid”. Enemy of the people.

  • Ted S

    Does this mean democrats are now going to drop the sanctuary city farce, follow federal law directed by congress and work with ICE? Didn't think so.

  • bellmeisterful

    This is truly amazing to hear and watch. Dems have become the worst weve ever seen in our lifetimes. Do nothing contemptuous liars.

  • Pyrogue

    Republicans: "Build the wall!"

    Democrats: "You're racist!"
    Republicans: "The rules are the rules, can't have illegal immigrants."
    Democrats: "Impeach the president!"
    Republicans: "You're just haters!"
    Democrats: "The rules are the rules, and Trump broke them."

  • dm gib

    *I'm not sure what they were going for here, but this video amounts to an admission that the democrats have failed to make their case with the people. Do they really expect Republicans to bail them out of the mess they have created for themselves? They can't even convince all the democrats in the house to go along with them  I know we are just ignorant commoners to them, but do the dems and their media allies at MSNBC really expect us to buy that this isn't 100% about politics? They should fire the PR firm that has obviously told them that people will believe their ridiculous claims that they are "somber" and "prayerful." They are lying to our faces with this B/S.  They made up their minds that they would impeach him on the night he won the election, and everyone knows it. This is about pure partisan hatred. Trying to tell us it's about anything else, is an insult to our intelligence*

  • Ronda Doolin

    And when members of the FBI were lying on fISA warrants to spy on the trump campaign was that in line with our constitution that's enemies that are domestic trying to take down a presidential candidate and then the president how about that where does that fit in

  • Ryan Wiley

    Constitution??? Is that why Dems keep trying to take away our "Constitutional" rights… no biggy- just "Free Speech" and the "Right to Bare Arms"…. what comes next? Oh ya- Socialism

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