Justice Scalia Confused About 14th Amendment’s Meaning – Political Maniacs
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Justice Scalia Confused About 14th Amendment’s Meaning – Political Maniacs

justice scalia says that the Fourteenth
Amendment protects all races not only the blacks the blacks great trees that were so no from affirmative
action voting rights protections anything he deems racial entitlements
high court’s least inhibiting conservative was at it again this week during oral arguments in the case
advocates for minorities they’re challenging michigan’s
voter-approved ban on a per action in college admissions case res the pre
court after a federal appeals court held that the band pilot working amendment equal protection
guarantee in that prevents minorities for lobbying for racial preferences with
other groups can lobby for their favorite programs lawyer Charles the ban arguing that the
original goal the 14th amendment was to protect minority rights against a
white majority scalia beg to differ he was quoted as
saying my goodness I thought we how that the Fourteenth Amendment
protects all races I mean knows the artery in the early years that
are protected only only the blacks I thought the rejected that you say now
that we have to proceed as those purposes do not protect rights only to protect
minorities here’s why is so crazy how a little
history lesson for you forty though it was approved just three
years after the end of the Civil War it was definitely about protecting the rights of former
slaves who is not made any secret of his view that countries all done with that
racism stuff but in reality I think we all know that
the country is not done Richard what do you think about school year first and the
Fourteenth Amendments Act well and Holland earlier army is as you know he’s the far Bihar Jorge
Blanco the United in court arm and he’s deep in right
field biondi in right field home and no we this is
nothing new coming from him as a surprise me coming from him I’ll buy I think a
40-minute home 8.0 me know where he is rated when
does protect minorities on it does protect the last equal
protection under the law for all classes the people on whether that’s you know we see the
don’t mind also like that all but don’t get me wrong
just because we have this additional amendment that says that the protection
doesn’t really mean that racism is now over because raw legally protected is still laws that are
uniquely racist I’ll name you a couple the Stand Your Ground law arm though all
the new Voter ID law is happening all across the country racial profile of that promote racial
profiling the show me your papers law in Arizona I’m go on and on and on and on and on
about all these various laws but are uniquely racist and elected officials that are uniquely that are that have been than a big tree in their hearts why I
think that the point that you raise their that you
know this whole notion over the post-racial
society is the problem so if justice scalia actually believe that
really a post-racial society would he stop hearing cases about race an order discrimination in the wrestling
room maybe those cases and cease to exist that you really did nearly out of a job racism exactly
so it’s a really crazy there power


  • Stikibits

    There needs to be an amendment that states all government officials & their legislation MUST be inline with credible information from our universities.
    If Government aren't forced to engage in truthful discussions, then snake-oil is always going to win because snake-oil salespeople are willing to tell lie after lie.
    The USA Government has less credibility than Uri Gella, Hitler or Starlin, but here they are trying to force their disproved, tyrannical notions on free people all around the globe.

  • Wobbles and Bean

    In Florida, several whites have gotten off sot-free after shooting a person of color (and not just George Zimmerman, although he's the most famous). However, several black people that have attempted to use the same law in their defense have been convicted anyway. Can you tell me that Florida isn't being remotely racist with that idiotic law?

  • Wobbles and Bean

    If you ask me, ALL federal laws should be put to a popular vote. All of them. We have the technology to easily do this, it'd create tons of jobs, and the people would be in charge of this nation. Governors can still propose said laws, but ultimately the entire nation should be allowed to weigh in on each and every one.

  • Stikibits

    An appeal to popularity is bullshit.
    Federal laws should be in line with credible info from multiple universities. Government policy should NEVER go against science and research.
    If you can't find credible support from secular universities, then you're foisting beliefs, so if you can't find credible support (science and research), then keep those beliefs out of public life, government and its legislation…or become an ignorant tyrant.

  • Kaydell Leavitt

    I believe in equal protection under the law. I share a dream that someday, people will be judged by their character and not by the color of their skin. I believe in equal opportunity, not necessarily equal outcomes.

  • Jimbo Powers

    You're either an idiot or don't understand that the 14th amendment allows federal government powers over the states which creates an incentive for government never to solve racism and to perpetuate it. It also is how corporations who are now "people" get equal protection and corrupt our federal government.

    So the 14th amendment forces government and corporations to promote racism to continue the federal powers they want to maintain their power over our country and rights.

  • william mosco

    the 14th amendment does not protect against private discrimination, it protects against government discrimination. Read the fucking amendment.

  • paul pinnock

    This black guy is a moron doesn't know what he's talking about the stupid liberal we need to go over man protection from everything dumbass

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