Kangana Ranaut vs Media: Trolling is not a constitutional right | Pinkvilla | Judgementall Hai Kya
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Kangana Ranaut vs Media: Trolling is not a constitutional right | Pinkvilla | Judgementall Hai Kya

Hello Kangana welcome to PinkVilla Kangana when you know something like this happens while you are promoting a movie do you think it adversely affects or is it that people only want good cinema? I don’t know see I mean I would not would want to say that I have some expertise over all that but the truth is that the said journalist when he was trolling me and in making fun of my face and you know why don’t you use plastic bag to send mails to your ex things like that well that should not concern the nation and for me he is not a journalist first of all people are thinking it you know ah you know because it was journalist and star for me he is just a bhatka hua navyuvak you know how does he even qualify to be a journalist. Journalist can definitely write a piece of critic but jab aap ninda karte ho, alochna karte ho, bit***** karte ho, uska kehte hain trolling trolling main aesa kuch constitutional right nahin hain kisi ka kisi ko bezzat karna, zalil karna, unko sharminda karna aesa koi right nahi hain to aap agar trolling ko constituional right chahate hain jin cheezon par maine unko mudda uthaya woh koi samaksha nahin thi woh simple trolling aur sharmindgi ya bezzati karni ki cheeze thi so obviously I do not consider him a journalist mere liye wo bhatka hua navyuvak hain mujhe wahaan dikha maine usko bol diya bhai tera kya chal raha hain tum toh humare dushman ban gaye yaar arrey nahi badi ghatiya batein likh rahein ho aesa hain? sach likhta hoon. Kitne kitne jyada gandi gandi baat likh rahein ho itna ganda sochte kaise ho toh kyu? mujhe kehte ho ki I abused him agar mujhe koi ek aesa ek aesa clip dikha de jahaan maine abuse kiya ho or even I raised my voice or yeh jo abhi pitch hain kyunki us din main mujhe jhukam tha agar ise jyada ho to I will say sorry and I will do shashtan pranam in his feet if somebody why will I gaali galoch us neech insaan ke liye main kyun geerungi Itna ki I will gaali matlab like I said I am celebrity being so I in that leken kya maine socha ki film main naturally ab film pe iska kya asar hoga mere ko itna toh woh nahin hain maine kuch galat nahin kiya maine ek acha kaam kiya ah and film ki apni merit hain aur film ke liye bhi main ache promote karungi and Kangana yesterday one video of yours you know was posted on social by Rangoli and it went viral and people are discussing about it precisely I have two questions ah the first question is you know you have said that you are only against anti national journalist so how do you define anti national mere ko yeh Vaibhavi yeh question acha kiya apne pucha because saare log puch rahein ke agar Kangana journalist ko blast kar rahi hain ya usko puch rahi hain she is only talking about national issues but aesa nahin hain jaise maine apko bataya tha said journalist aur bohot saare aesa journalist hain jinko maine personal ah woh bhi bheje hain notice bheje hain kyunki woh mera personal matter hain nation ko main tabhi address kar sakti hoon when the said matter is about the nation nation kya hain hum sab milke nation hai right toh jo bhi yeh bandhe ne mere jo personal bezzati ki woh to mera personal matter hain lekin jisne rashtra ki bezzati ki hain aise ki ap kal Bhagat Singh ka naam bigad de usko Bhaga Singh bana deya Manikarnika ko mani haha banade so it is it is a shaheed ka mazak hai that only I can discuss with you you only address nation when it is a national matter but a collective matter when it comes about nation tabhi nation ko haq hona chahiya usko puchne ka aur wahin maine kiya For me there is only one definition of a good person the bad person anti national or nationalistic one person who is only bothered about one’s own well being a person who has a very selective thought process but a person who thinks about collective wellbeing is a person who is a nationalist you know maine yahaan paani piya isko yahaan fekh diya apna pet toh bhar liya yeh gandigi fela ke chale gaye nahi we should all think collectively for everyone what works for everyone is ah is what we should enhance in our society you are in immense you know position with lot of power you can influence many so there are people out there following you and in the same video when you know you said that people come for free food or journalist come for free food so so do you think that you went and probably a bit overboard with it Vaibhavi you know what journalism ek aesa profession hain ki ah main apko batao jiski koi criteria nahin hain it is the most abused profession ever apko pata hain itne logo ko jinhone press card leke rakha hain parking ke liya adhe se jyada log humare press conferences main aate hain journalist banke apko pata hain kitna they create so much ruckus selfies sirf selfies chahiye hoti hain inko unko na koi apse question puchna hain woh journalist banke photos lene keliye some of them are so jahil like this one matlab woh banda aayega kabhi interview lega interview nahi likhega sirf trolling karega woh born troll hain pata nahin kuch jinko frustrated aate hain jo struggle kar rehe hote hain kuch nahi hota press ka card rakh lete hain lekin unka mann us job main nahin hain wahaan pe kya gand faila rahein hain so aesa aap mereko batain ko kyun logon ko bura lagna chahiye agar kal ko aap Vaibhavi aap ek video banate hain ke industry main 100 pratishad mese 80 pratishad actors ekdum bhand hain unko zero percent acting aati hain theek hain kuch na kuch influence se woh wahaan par baithe hain aur muft ki opportunities kha rahein hain theek hain It is true main kyun bag pack kar ke jaun? I am not that actor but if you are saying this it might be a bitter truth but it is true there are great people also there are great journalist infact ah I don’t want to take names but through my ups and downs there have been people in journalist profession who may we have not you know I’ve not professionally engaged with but I have cried in night cried in their laps and I have cried over the phone and I have had such great friendships and I still do so aese is baat se kya itna ganda unhone mujhe apko kyun lag rahaan hain apko bola jabki maine bola 4 log hain aese maine count bhi bataya 4 woh 4 logon kuch weak logon ko influence kar rahein hain woh bhi 50-60 ho gaye honge but woh weak logon komain jake influence karungi woh phir se mere pass aa jayenge but woh jo 4 log hain woh toh iss incident se pehle mere peeche itni buri tarah se pade hain this ban is actually a relief because abhi un logon ke kam se kam 20 cameras ane the jinhone sirf trolling sirf nuktachini sirf gandi batein how I’m going to stop them in in a Balaji Production? I cannot stop them. Unhone phonchna tha sabse pehle toh woh pahuch the hain. So acha hua na today is the best day of promotion 4-5 hi interviews kiye hain maine. There is there is peace around me and there is no trolling you know so I am happy like that but I’m taking this conversation forward you know recently there is a report that in Tamil Nadu producers you know have come together to ban those journalist who probably right anti them or criticize the celebrity so so do you think industry overall is becoming sensitive ah to things like this? No critique is definitely more than welcome. You must have seen how much I ah promote criticism. Infact, then I am the first person who if I’ve become what I have become is because of criticism you know you know mere ko ek time pe English nahi aati thi. I did not have styling sense is because of criticism Trolling is not good also aap agar public figure bhi hain and agar aapka kahin na kahin kaheen ap public daitwa bhi hai to itna us insaan ka aese matlab bezzati kardena bina kisi cheez ke is also not good. Kangana as we are talking about trolling is that the reason that keeps you are away from Social media? no that is not the reason I think social media is a great platform and that’s why I am not worried about these bans and all because aap bataye aaj kal ke jamane main can you ban somebody? how can you ban somebody when social media youtube stars are the main sensations in the world if actors surviving they’re only surviving because of their Insta accounts and twitter account I am actually social media star it’s my film like Queen which has got such a small ah this thing you know whether it’s Queen whether it’s Tanu Manu Tanu Manu they didn’t even give me awards they were trolled for that. Social media again social media came to my this thing otherwise, this organisation who have always been banning me but now they are openly banning me otherwise, they had slyly banned me so ah that happened my performance is the try to give my films like manikarnika but again everyday it will trend we stand with Manikarnika again social media now with this media ban whole country was like you know we stand with Kangana So, in this time and age do want to abuse your power, it’s not good and by talking about ban you know there have been other lot of celebrities who got into a tuff with media during events or you know in general. But I don’t think anything has reached to this level. Yeah! Good! so you know what is your thing on that do you think it would have been controlled at the right time on there was something that is? It was controlled if you see like I said I told you openly anybody can show the abuse or even when I yelled. Right now what is the volume I have that’s the same volume I had, I had throat infection that day so ah after that another journalist said that you please we are not interested in his whatever he’s been you know trolling or bullying you we want to continue with the event aap chilana band kijeya kijiye lekin 1 second 1 second bro there is a reason why I’m here chill karenge aap? Can you please chill? Nahi! So we continued with the event and that went onto another 25-30 minutes. but it’s the afterthought of some people who are this but you know what they fallen into that. I am the happiest because the only way they could have damaged me a little bit or you know by writing about me but now if they are not going to write about me and it’s just going to be about work then this is the best thing no it will upare ki jo gandigi thi na wo saaf hogayi hai which I’m very happy about and ofcourse one last question after all this things chaos now when the movie is all set to release how would you see your journey definitely, I am a small town person and ah my journey is very special and like everybody else’s essentially I am somebody who comes from a grassroot level So that’s why I seem so different to people here but I think a lot of village people are Dhakad like me I don’t wanna be manicured and I don’t want to be polished to a point where I become plastic and dead that’s what they do with people they dump you down where you’re dead I’m alive I’m thriving with life even when I am down with viral I want to be like that like a thriving life like village people. Village people are fullon life when they dance they dance like there’s no tomorrow when they cry they cry you know it’s only city people who are just…you know like stuffed if anything? take a pill! I don’t want to be like that… I want to be like village people like fullon Kangana thank you so much for talking to PINKVILLA Thank you Vaibhavi! If you like this video, like, share and subscribe to PINKVILLA


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