Karina Davis Discusses Hypothetical Changes to the Texas Constitution
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Karina Davis Discusses Hypothetical Changes to the Texas Constitution

>>There was a parliamentarian
who once said that the rules are perfect
and if they changed every one of them they’d still be perfect. I think you know as far as
process go that’s largely true but yes I think there
could be tinkering. The constitutional order of
business I talked about earlier, you know that was
put in place in 1930 and the reason it
was put in place is because they had per diems back
then that had not been changed for a very long time and the
per diem, which is the salary that a legislator
is paid every day, before 1930 they were paid
five dollars for every day that they were in session
for the first sixty days and after the sixty days they
were only paid two dollars. Well, that was in
there forever and in and around 1900 I guess the
cost of living sky rocketed and what they found was
that they were having all of these regular sessions
that only lasted seventy days. Well, the legislators
couldn’t afford to be there so they had these
regular sessions that were only seventy
days, or thereabouts and they were having a
bunch of special sessions and it was driven by money. And you know that’s not a
bad thing I’m not trying to you know say that
was a terrible thing, but that’s why we got that
amendment saying woah, slow down, you can’t do
anything in the first sixty days and they also changed
the per diems. Well, here we are in
the age of technology and there’s no reason why
we shouldn’t be able to take up a bill you know
fifteen twenty days later because what’s happening
is is we’ve got that crunch of sixty days till the hundred and fortieth day we’re passing
things like crazy sometimes and you know it might not
be deliberative enough and if we were you know passing
bills in the first sixty days, we might be managing
our time better. But that’s one that
could be changed, but is it worth you know
submitting that to the public? I don’t know the
public might say, “Hey we you know we don’t
want you doing more, we want you doing less.”

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