Keep Americans Safe Act – New Anti-Gun Legislation – The Legal Brief!
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Keep Americans Safe Act – New Anti-Gun Legislation – The Legal Brief!

Welcome back to The Legal Brief, the show
where we CRUSH the various legal myths and misinformation surrounding various areas of
the gun world. I’m your host Adam Kraut and today we’re talking
about the Keep Americans Safe Act, which as you probably guessed isn’t going to do that. The Keep Americans Safe Act was reintroduced
this year in both the House and Senate by Representative Ted Deutch and Senator Robert
Menendez. The two of them also held a press conference
that has some real gems, more on that in a bit. The companion bills would to amend the Gun
Control Act to add a definition for the term “large capacity ammunition feeding device.” Boy I’m hungry. that has an overall capacity of, or that can
be readily restored, changed, or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Excluded from the definition would be any
tubular device for .22lr ammunition.The folks over at Henry Rifles are breathing a sigh
of relief. In addition to amending the definitions, the
bill would also implement a new prohibition selling, manufacturing, transferring, or possessing
any devices that were not lawfully possessed prior to the effective date. There is a grandfather provision for magazines
that are in the possession of a person at the time of adoption of this bill (if it were
to be passed into law). As commonly seen in this type of legislation,
the bill provides exceptions for United States Departments or Agencies, law enforcement,
licensees under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 for security purposes, retired law enforcement
who had the magazines transferred to them at the time of retirement or ones that they
had purchased for duty use prior to retirement, and by licensed importers or manufacturers
for testing or experimenting with authorization from the Attorney General. The bill would also require any “large capacity
magazine feeding device” manufactured after the date of enactment of the proposed legislation
to bear a serial number and date of manufacture. As of the filming of this episode, the Senate
version of the bill currently has 29 co-sponsors and the House version has 76 co-sponsors. Both versions have been referred to their
chambers respective Judiciary Committees. Remember when I said the press conference
has some real gems? Here’s what Senator Menendez and Representative
Deutch had to say. Menendez said “the Keep Americans Safe Act
would finally limit the sale of large capacity magazines that are not designed for hunting
or self-defense, Inaction on gun violence is not an option and anyone who refuses to
address a real emergency like this one is complicit in the carnage.” Deutch added that “whether you’re using a
firearm for sport or self-defense, there is no need for a magazine that can hold more
than ten rounds of ammunition.” Before I go any further, let me know down
in the comments what that statement brings to mind. All I got from that was politicians are attempting
to spin the ability to possess magazines that hold more than ten rounds as being inconsistent
with self-defense or hunting, a fact known to be patently false. Nevermind the constitutional implications. With gun control legislation being proposed
at a mind numbingly fast rate, it is imperative that you guys take the time to contact your
Senators and Representatives and demand that they vote “No” on these bills. No, seriously, this is how things work. You need to do the leg work to stop stuff
like this. That’s it for this episode, if you have learned
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  • John Doe

    Nobody needs more than 10 rounds in a defensive gun.

    Yeah, right, until you have 3 or 4 or more thugs busting in you door.

  • ImKagetsu

    Wow, I pray to God these people understand. We don't have walls in a gated community. We don't have paid guards to take the round meant for us. We likely didn't have close arms training in the marines to avoid jail before we returned to our previous gang life. Tactics show "suppressive" fire makes it harder to be shot back at. That requires extra rounds. "A rifle behind every blade of grass" kept Japan from invading America. (I'm a Japaniphile and really like their old history and their society now) I'm an American that will not comply with enslavement. Our Gov'ment, should read the Constitution. Understand, "they" don't tell us", "we, the PEOPLE", tell Them.

  • russetwolf13

    Funny how these guys are so firm on the idea that 10 rounds is enough to put down an assailant. One should ask them how good their groupings are that they are so certain they can stop someone in 10 rounds or less.

  • Leonard Wong

    Unemployment goes down, Gun crimes are down. Common sense. Everyone should be able to protect themselves.
    If everyone has a job and is able to feed their family, why would they want to turn to crime?
    It's only the left… that wants to take away your guns. so they can control you.

  • alwaysopen

    The USA is not a socialist/communist country which provides for our needs. We don't need anything, we get what we want. If a government official in any capacity tries to justify what you need, that person is your enemy. Free people have a choice. If you care to give up your choice you can move to a country of needs rather than enjoying what you want.

  • Michael Ward

    This won't fly: The US District Court for the Southern District of California already struck down the Kali law that this legislation was modeled after (Virginia Duncan v. Xavier Becerra (Case 3:17cv1017-BEN (JLB)

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