Kids’ Universal Exhibition 2021 project description EN
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Kids’ Universal Exhibition 2021 project description EN

Hi everybody, the college La Marquisanne is
pleased to present you its ambitious project “the Kids’ Universal Exhibition 2021.” The main goal of our project is to launch
the first universal exhibition conceived by pupils on a fundamental topic for the future
of society. Throughout the project we will study the relationship
between digital technology and Nature and consider how to create a positive relationship between
the two. We will also try to answer the question: “How
could digital technology be on the side of nature?” Education has a big role to play in making
young generations aware of the issues they will face tomorrow. Indeed, our pupils are more than concerned
about it, because they grow up in this changing world and it is important to inspire them,
as Leonard Da Vinci did with other generations,. It is our duty to make them think about solutions
for their future, and to give them tools to understand and
learn more about the world they live in. This topic is international and universal,
that’s why it is fundamental to work with partners from different countries. Five European countries have already joined the project. With this peculiar topic, we would like to
make our pupils dream and think of a better future and to put sparkles in their eyes. The inspiration to launch such project cames from what Oscar Wilde once said, “shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” We are now going to describe the outline of
the project for the following two years. All partners will start by a working period
named P1 from September to November. During this period, We’ll ask pupils to
think about : What is a universal exhibition? has your country ever organized
one or participated in one? By the end of the first working period, each
country will have to select ambassadors with teachers to present their works in Slovakia
which will be the first mobility named C1. After 7 days of exchange kids should be able
to define what a universal exhibition is and they will have the ambition of organizing
their own. In parallel we will have our diplomatic briefcase
activity, our hyphen, our link between countries. Inside the briefcase children will find a
handmade book, a pocket printer, a smartphone and a tripod. Pupils will have to write the story of
their adventure in the book. The French will start and will bring it to
Slovakia. Each page of their writing will be published
on a web platform named TwinSpace. which will be Then we’ll start the second period of work P2 with a new question : “How to promote our exhibition?” This question will launch the posters activity. Each country will meet in Hungary to show
their proposition. One proposition will be chosen by a jury as our official
poster. The diplomatic briefcase will follow its road
from Slovakia to Hungary. From there, we will get to the heart of our
theme. We will start the third period by looking
at our behavior and our impact on climate and thus on nature. Each group will work on their carbon footprint
and on the solutions they set up to reduce and compensate it in their school. We’ll meet in Sweden to share solutions. From there we’ll leave with a new question,
“what do companies do for sustainable development at the local level?” The diplomatic briefcase will follow its road
from Hungary to Sweden. So we’ll start the longest working period
with this question : Each group will have to: —Look for local
companies committed to sustainable development, companies wich are engaged in reducing their carbon
footprint. —They will have to study their solution, find the way they
use technology, then select the best solutions. We’ll meet in Italy to share our ideas. At that time kids should be able to imagine
their own solutions. Sweden will bring the diplomatic briefcase
to Italy. During the fifth period of work, each school from their own particular situation will have to think about a solution to how technology
can be at the service of nature. We’ll meet in Spain in Lanzarote to share our work. Then from there will come a new question : “ how to passon our knowledge to the largest number of people?» Italy will bring the diplomatic briefcase to Spain in Lanzarote. Then will come our last, but not least, working
period. Each group will work on the organization of the Kids’ Universal Exhibition 2021 in France, in Toulon. We’ll display our vision of the future regarding the relation between digital technology and nature and show our legacy for the next generations. Spain will bring the diplomatic briefcase
to France. We’ll end the writing and publish the book. Thank you for your attention. Any question about the project, feel free
to contact our team at the following email address.

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