KING KONG!  Skull Island Reign of Kong Ride Universal Studios
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KING KONG! Skull Island Reign of Kong Ride Universal Studios

what was your favorite part the spider don’t make a sound don’t even breathe alright so what is this called Kong Island or something Skull Island what reign of Kong looks
very ominous trembling it’s a lot of skulls Jillian daddy just
a lot of skulls don’t be scared Addie Jillian I know
you’re scared but don’t be terrified my all right what happened did you like it
did you like it what was your favorite part I liked the part with the spider what did you like I liked the dinosaurs Addie look up ahead it’s awfully cloudy today isn’t it
cloudy’s good it’s better than sun whoops sorry yeah
three seconds I think so alright what are we waiting in line for fast and the furious supercharged which I don’t think we’re gonna be able to record anything in there because it’s it’s the
3D simulator but there’s some cool cars here got a tricked out hatch it’s another cool car this is a big space in here as it is
huge Addie what did you think of the
ride it was loud what did you think it was
fun it was short though I felt like it should have been a like a whole second
act or something but it was cool oh that’s cool Jillian I need $6,000
hand it over now are you gonna buy cars not naturally naturally you can buy cars
when there’s more cars check this Corvette I guess right please do not
touch lots of stuff lots of stuff casually walked past Captain America
did we I missed him oh there he is

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