Kirsten Dunst on Walk of Fame Star, Her Son & New Show
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Kirsten Dunst on Walk of Fame Star, Her Son & New Show

– Congratulations to you. Thank you. Thanks for coming. Thanks for having me. You had a baby since
last time you were here. I did, and last time
I was on your show, I nervously told you
during a commercial break. I’m like, I’m
pregnant right now. I hope I don’t throw up. I did.
I told you that. Yeah, yeah. Well, was I the first to know? Lie, say yes. I’d love to be
the first to know. – My family and you.
– Oh, really. That’s nice.
– Yeah. Wow. Anything you want to tell
me in the next break? I could be pregnant. I’m not. Not that I know of. And maybe even
more significantly in the grand scheme of
things, you got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I did, I did. [APPLAUSE] That was on Thursday, right? Yeah, it was.
Yeah. Last week on Thursday. Yeah, I had a week of anxiety. I’d wake up. I could barely eat. I just get nervous.
– Really? I hate public speaking. Oh. And it’s me, and
Jesse, and Sofia Coppola. We all hate public speaking. So it’s like, the worst people
to ask of all time, to talk. Jesse Plemins is your
husband, is your fiance. Yes, fiance. We’re not married yet. – Sofia Coppola, your friend.
– Yes. Director. They spoke on your behalf. All terrified speakers. Really?
What a weird thing. Jesse did the best job. Well, he’s–
yeah, he’s an actor. It’s a strange thing.
– Yeah, but it’s different. Is it different? Does it feel like
a different thing? Very different, yeah. I remember in the morning, I
just could stomach a banana. Had a glass of wine. I got there– we were
both silent in the car, like, reading our like, you
know, our little speeches. And then we got
there, and I just started crying when I
saw my publicist, Steve, and I was like, I don’t know. It’s just so emotional. All your friends and family– it’s like in– you know,
it’s a big historical thing. But also it’s really
hot, and there’s choppers above our head,
and tourists walking by. So it’s– it’s kind of
weird, but I got a good spot. Not near Hooters,
which I’m happy about. – That was nice, yeah.
– Do you know what I mean? Did you specifically– It’s not like you’re wiping
a chicken wing off your face, and you’re like, oh, Kirsten
Dunst, whoever the hell she is. You know?
I don’t know. Yeah, that Hooters
hasn’t been there forever, so, you know, there
are probably very fine actors who now have their
star right in front of Hooters. Yeah, that’s not great. No, I think I’m near Miles
Davis and Stevie Wonder, which I was very happy about.
– Well that’s very good. – Yeah, I don’t have a bad spot.
– That’s a good neighborhood. Yeah. Check it out, guys,
after the show. Where is it, specifically? It’s– OK. You walk out of your
studio, and you go– Oh, there it is. Yeah, I’m La
Brea and Highland. You’re– it’s right
down the block there. No, Hollywood.
Hollywood and La Brea. You look not that
thrilled, really. I’m terrified. I do. I’m like, get me home. I’m done. I did it. I really– I hate– yeah. Your whole family
came to the event? Everybody came, yeah, yeah. Oh, really? Yeah, my son came,
all the grandparents. We rode separately, Jesse
and I, so we could focus. But my kid was already there. And meanwhile the grandparents
are like put him on the star, put him on the star. There’s all these
photographers there. So he got a photographed,
which I wouldn’t have done had I been there. I have a photograph of that. So he’s like there. Don’t worry. The street’s real
clean out there. I know. He looks like he’s peeing,
maybe, in his diaper. He’s very cute. He’s very cute. Maybe we’ll get Dodger
tickets out of that. Does he know that man? That’s my father. OK, good. His grandparents, yeah. Well, that’s a relief. So that’s a big thing. Well, you’re glad it’s
over, but now it’s there, and whenever you’re– do you
ever walk on this street? No, you’re probably
not out there anyway. No. There was– there was
a, like, a Hollywood doctor you go to before you do
a film, and she was right there. But there’s no reason for
me to go other than that. You know, I’m interested
that you brought that up, because, yeah, there
is like a thing, a Hollywood doctor thing. Yeah, they check you up
before you go do a film. Which basically, they check
your heart, your breathing, you’re good to make a film
– Yeah, it’s weird. It’s like they don’t
do any examination– – Nothing.
– –at all. – Are you alive?
– Yeah. – That’s it.
– And that’s it. Yeah, it’s true. Yeah. I wonder if anybody has ever
failed that examination. I mean– If you can even call
it an examination. You’d have to
be pretty bad off. Yeah, well, if you’re a
doctor on Hollywood Boulevard, how reputable can you be in
the first place, you know? Touché, yeah. Absolutely right. Delousing Chewbacca out there. Oh, god. Did you run– did your
fiancee, Jesse, run his speech by you before he gave it? He didn’t. I would try and trick him
into telling me all the time, because I didn’t want to cry–
– Right. –so I wanted to
hear it beforehand, but he wouldn’t let me.
So. But he did a very– Your mom liked
the whole thing? Yeah, she was called out a
few times, so she was happy. Because I remember you told
me last time when you learned that you would be
getting the star, your mom was at the supermarket.
– Van’s, yeah. At Van’s. She’s like, I’m
crying at Van’s. Which is usually
a sign that things have gone bad in your
life, when you’re crying– The Van’s in our neighborhood
is actually really good. Yeah, but still, that
makes it worse, in a way. You know, if you’re crying
over the vegetables. So, you have this going
on, and now you’ve got– how old is your son? He’s 16 months now. – And what is his name?
– Ennis. – Ennis is his name.
– Yeah, Ennis. It’s like an old cowboy name. It’s like Dennis,
without the D. Exactly. Yeah, yeah. And is he named after
someone in your family? His middle name is Howard,
but we found it online. Really? You know those baby websites
where you just keep scrolling? We’re like, we like that. It sounded– Is that right? There’s also a town in Texas
named Ennis where Jesse’s from, and it’s a county in Ireland. There’s a town in
Montana named Tennis– Ennis.
– Ennis? – Yeah, it’s not tennis.
– It could have been tennis. Tennis is a sport, I think.
Yeah, that’s a different thing. It is, yeah, I think so. I wonder if there is
anyone named Tennis? That would be a weird
name for a kid, too. Maybe if you have another one.
– Well, he’ll be made fun of. Oh, if you have
Ennis and Tennis. – It can be Tennis, yeah.
– Did you think about that? Because I am– I offer my
services to parents of people I know, and I will
say, listen, tell me what you’re thinking
of naming the kid– and they never want to– but I say tell me,
and I’ll tell you all the horrible things that– Oh, I can help you
with that, because I know what Ennis will be called. – You’re good at that, too?
– Yeah. What do you believe
your son will be called? Oh, come on. You just stick a
P in front of it. There is also anus. Yeah, right.
Yeah, right. That’s not a great one. Which would be worse if
he was Enos, but it’s not– That’s my mom’s
name, pretty much. My Mom’s name is
Inez, but Enos is the German way to pronounce it. So did you tell
her that the baby was named after her in some way? You know what, it sounds
like it is, actually. – It’s close enough, yeah.
– Yeah, it is. Yeah. How old were you when
you started acting? Like, if you count acting
at three, three years old. Yeah. So Ennis has got
like a few months to go before he
needs to get to work. He’s cute enough. I’d put him in an
ad or something. Why not?
– Yeah, why not? Why not? And you were a little– you– George Clooney is your
co-executive producer on this television project. Yeah, the longest
title of all time. And you’ve known him
since you were a kid, right? I worked with him
when I was 13 on ER like, yeah, a long time ago. There’s this place
called Smokehouse across from Warner Brothers. It’s like a classical
Hollywood spot. In Burbank, yeah. Yeah, he named his
production company off of that. So, yeah, I kind of– his production company
is in the neighborhood, and he just called
me to do this show. I mean, he didn’t
call me, but like– You didn’t tell
him when you were 13, hey, one day I’d
love to executive produce something with you? Do a show with you, yeah. Should you happen to go on
to become a major movie star, I’d love to do
something together. You and me. Yeah, well, when we come
back, we’re going to see– by the way, I enjoyed the show.
– Thank you. I think it’s really good. It’s called “On Becoming
A God In Central Florida.” Yeah. Kirsten Dunst is with us. We’ll be right back. [APPLAUSE] Love your buns
with splashercise. Hips and thighs.
Hips and thighs. Love your buns
with splashercise. And move that butt. Move that butt. Move that butt. Money in your pocket. Money in your pocket. Money in your pocket. Money in your pocket. That is Kirsten
Dunst in “On Becoming A God In Central Florida,”
which is not an exercise show. I’m the Jane Fonda guys. My videos are coming out. I don’t know that that
clip represents what actually goes on in the show. No, no, it’s– yeah. No. My husband– well, if you’ve
seen some of the episodes, he passes away. He gets eaten by an alligator.
– Uh-huh. And what happens– In a very comical fashion. Yes, it’s a dark comedy. And then what ensues is
that he’s been attached to this really awful pyramid
scheme taking money from him, and I kind of get
left with this, and have to figure it out,
because we have a child, and I have to pay the
mortgage and everything, and it’s all been dumped on me. So I kind of am forced
to be a part of it. It’s an interesting
world, that world of this kind of quit
your job and sell and be your own person. Is it based on
anything specific? Is it based on something real? Yeah, it’s like Amway or
Herbalife, all those companies that kind of get
people that are down and, you know, you can’t
live off minimum wage, and it’s just like
you’re trying to make it, and they give you hope. And that’s what
this show’s about. Then you see
someone driving a car that has the name of the
product on it, and you go– – All of it, yeah.
– –well, that one’s– you’ve got the car, and
maybe I’ll get the car. I’ll hit the bonuses. I’ll move up the ladder. You’re explaining it great.
Thank you, Jimmy. Thank you very much, Kirsten. You’re doing all
the hard work for me. I feel like I could be
the co-executive producer. George Clooney probably barely
even showed up to the meeting, right?
– You’re right. He was doing “Catch-22.” He’s not even involved! Well, that’s something. And you have a baby in the show. I do, a little baby. Baby’s about the same age
as– do you get your real baby and your TV baby confused? Very confused, yeah. I can’t tell the difference
between either of them. Yeah, you’d have to
be so careful with that. Like, where’s my son? Now I’m breastfeeding this one– That’s so wrong. You know what? People do that, though. I know, they give
milk to other people. It’s true, you’re right. Well, they don’t just
give milk to other people. Like, there have
been, in my family– Milk given? Not just milk given. Milk dispensed. OK. Hey, whatever works. I have, like– when it comes
to women and breastfeeding, you keep your mouth shut.
That’s what I’ve learned. – Oh.
– You haven’t learned that? – Well, I guess not.
– I don’t know. I’m always like, don’t want
to step on anyone’s toes. Like, formula– everyone’s,
like, very sensitive, I feel like, to that stuff. I just remember
hearing stories of the women in my family,
from when I was a baby. It was like, here, feed this.
– Oh, yeah. Here, feed this.
I don’t know what it is. It’s need milk, you’ve
got some in you, right? I’ve heard that, too.
Yeah. – Yeah.
– I mean, whatever works. But it seems a little odd. It seems like– Hey, man, I feel you. Jimmy, I wouldn’t be
feeding someone else’s baby. So you’re not feeding
the on-set baby? No, I’m not, but
it definitely– I was much more familiar
to babies needs. You are not providing
craft services for the child? – No.
– But you do, yeah– [INAUDIBLE] You probably have
feel for– it’s like, hey, I know how to handle–
– I would, like, handle the– hand the baby like trash on set. Like, I remember
there was a scene where I had this, like, you
know, like, a paper towel– empty paper towel roll,
so I gave it to the baby, and the baby’s like,
oh, I love this thing. You know what I mean? They love trash. They love stupid stuff, yeah. They love anything. My son wants, like,
old credit cards. He just wants everything
that’s not a toy. That’s exactly right. Especially little boys are
attracted to remote controls from a very young age.
– Remotes, oh yeah. We have a song we made up,
because he had the remote and he’d like to pound
it with a guitar. So Jesse and I would sing– (SINGING) Motes and
guitars don’t mix. Motes and guitars don’t mix. You can do anything
you want to, Enny, but motes and guitars don’t mix. [APPLAUSE] I like it. But that’s what
we’re doing at home. That’s what we do. Kirsten Dunst, everybody. Remotes and guitars–
– Don’t mix. –do not mix. That’s what we
learned. her show is called “On Becoming A
God In Central Florida,” Sundays on Showtime. Thanks for watching. If you liked that video,
click the Subscribe button. And if you didn’t like it,
well, you hurt my feelings.


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