• theseoldbeats

    If Labour thinks appointing someone as cynical and sarcastic as Jess Phillips would be good for the country then go ahead – remain totally unelectable 👍

  • The voice in your head

    Me my whole family of more then 30 people have voted Labour our whole Lives and now seeing these toffs makes me think that Labour isn't getting any closer to winning our votes back.
    Bunch of muppets.

  • ian close

    First 8 comments I can see basically all saying Jess Phillips is fake and lacks the ability to articulate herself. Glad to see most people find her just as pathetic as I do.

  • Bryan Battista

    It surely can't be Long Bailey, might as well just keep Corbyn. Labour needs change if it's ever going to be anything more than the protest group it is now.

  • Barbara Dempsey

    Labour needs to develop a long-term strategy to win. Listen to the people and move to the center. Be more positive about your message and lose the anger. If you want to win over Tory seats down the road, you can't achieve that by constantly bashing the Tories! Keir Starmer is the only one, policies aside, who looks like a future Prime Minister.

  • Annie Schlater

    I like RLB’s strong democratic socialist message but I am also trying to think how this will play with the swing voters Labour need to win. I think her style is possibly too firebrand. I still want those policies but there are ways to implement them once power is gained. At the moment it’s between LN and KS for me, but it’s early days and I need to hear more from all the candidates.

  • Mavericks Dont give a fuck

    I feel as if the first candidate to speak was mistaking the Labout party with a faction within it, Blairism. Labour wasnt formed to be a centrist party.

  • Commander Peglegey

    Honestly as a conservative voter at the election just:

    Jess seems like she's just having a go and a fake cry (wouldn't vote)

    Emily being the cocky sweary yelling candidate trying to stand out as (Boris is bad so I can't be that bad) wouldn't vote

    RLB continuation Corbyn and I don't sense any emotion from her bit of a dry voice so fails to transfer connection with me. wouldn't vote

    Lisa acting prime ministerial acting like she's the leader already and is calmly saying her plan going forward. She'd be a threat to Blue

    Kier… Seems a bit manufactured has qualities I saw from Nandy but (it shouldn't matter) but I can't ignore his stuffy nose voice ! – possible threat

  • Ani S7live

    If only Emily hadn't made that White van blunder,
    she's definitely a strong woman, who can give Boris a matrons smacking.

    All others need more experience and need to up their game,
    They're all new MPs.

  • Andy

    Not sure how I feel about Long Bailey. She would be a fantastic gift to the Torys. But I still think a strong opposition is important, Keir Starmer is the only credible option

  • The Wood peck

    Lol I would not vote for labour if you payed me the biggest joke in the uk labour 😂😂😂 you will Neva get back in power your all idiots

  • The God-King

    Surprised by Lisa, she seems quite good. Although, I will still back Starmer. The number one priority for Labour is to unite, the other candidates will not be able to unite the party. I like Long-Bailey but she will not be able to win an election victory, Thornbery and Phillips are trash.

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