Lamar Odom’s Troubled Past Leads To Intervention
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Lamar Odom’s Troubled Past Leads To Intervention

Lamar Odom has been reported missing for
the past few days although Chloe Kardashian her his wife did say that she met with him
in and unidentified location and they talked about his addiction to crack
cocaine now he’s been battling his addiction i’m
for about two years now last year he was in
rehab for about three weeks he didn’t want to stay any longer than that but
Lamar Odom has been dealing with his own demons I in fact when he was about 12 years old
his mother died I’m were in 2006 he had a six-and-a-half a month old who who died as well in 2011
his cousin died he said his cousin was murdered and he also got into a car accident with
aim motorcycle and the motorcycle hit a 15-year-old pedestrian and killed him
%uh so in an interview he said that he feels
like he’s just constantly surrounded by death and also top it off with the fact that
he’s now a free agent and I mean I’m sure he feels like everything is falling
apart around him so everyone’s really worried about him
Chloe Kardashian has separated with him I’m and said that she
will not get back with him until he is clean number of course like my thoughts and
prayers I don’t really pray but still my thoughts go out to you know him in his family because it’s
a terrible thing to have to deal with is a very serious addiction so again I’m I’m torn on this you know so he’s on massive amount of drugs
apparently mean according to the reports I’m and when we say well okay here’s a long list
the bad things that happen Lamar Odom and hence he’s on drugs feel like okay
but a really long list the bad things happen to a lot of people and they’re not on I mean they’re saying
crack crack cocaine yeah cracks pretty what you know bat and so I’ll another hand yeah it was pretty long
list rate and big kid is devastating having till
someone accidentally 50-year-old devastating rate so I feel terrible for the guy in a you
know a sports fans you know you can actually
make fun of people because that’s what sports fans do dick you know were dicks rate know so Lamar
Odom is so often you know in a as a play well in under pressure et
cetera AC like well who knows you know maybe
was on drugs or maybe use under enormous amount agree
right so now I feel terrible for him of course
I feel terrible for me as well and it serves as an example of how fame and
fortune does not help you when it comes to your
personal issues it doesn’t make you happier doesn’t make life better it
makes life better in some aspects because you have a certain level of comfort in
your lifestyle but you are just as susceptible to drug
addiction as any other person we all deal with
similar issues similar problems the question is are you gonna give in to
those temptations as a way to cope with your problems I have several conclusions from this one
I’m not doing crack cocaine the same it doesn’t end up with I was
really worried about using to I’m not sure I need to make billions
of dollars like I don’t know rich people met no more
money more problems like okay look I’m say like let’s make a lot of money but you need that much fun I’m just keep
it real okay up ok to be realistic %uh and number three you know I’ll maybe was
a bad thing that I was an NBA player you know obviously it was a choice I
made and and so like he could wind up like this
I’m glad I it decided to go to different orange raging I’m glad you made this decision
ok thank you appreciate


  • John 213

    my thoughts and prayers… wait i dont pray… just toughts… lol… at least she corrected herself. I was becoming dissapointed that she was religious….

  • iwantmeatloaf

    crack? really? the people that live down the street from me does crack. he should be on pure coke. dude makes way too much money to be on such a cheap and toxic drug.

  • TheChicoNerd

    You could subscribe to their website and watch only the news hour. they have said it before, people complain bout these stories but these kind of stories are the ones that get the most views and when you are working to keep your business up base on views, well….

  • Curtis Johnson

    Like all people experiment with drugs he had multiple chances to push himself away from them. I don't believe that one is instantly addicted. I don't want to seem heartless or uncaring because we all know that drugs destroy lives and kill but he has to realize that it was his choices that led to his current addiction. With this said I am hoping that he gets help and pulls himself out.

  • fomiz

    couldn't agree more, what's the point of having a wife if she's going to leave the moment she is needed most. can't stand women like this.

  • brian morgan

    lamar odom is about the age of retirement. maybe that's a small part of the reason why he started smoking crack. when you have a good, high paying job then it usually serves to motivate you to stay away from drugs and even alcohol to a certain extent. having a wife and kids also is a big factor.

  • Jamie Anne C

    Cenk, while there are a lot of people out there, with a long list of terrible things that happened to them, who don't do drugs, a large percentage of addicts in fact do have laundry lists of awful events, which led to the addictions. The difference between person A – not an addict, and person B – an addict, is that person A was lucky enough to be brought up with coping skills, rendering them capable of processing tragedy, without the aid of a substance, to numb the pain.

  • plexdo

    all the money in the world for rehab and yet they cry about their addiction

    No fucking sympathy. And what does this video do neext to videos about nsa spying?

  • The BlankMan1234

    There whole thing is that they do a mix of everything, and btw, the gossip stories get the most views, no one forced u to click on it, u clicked on it to complain, fuck off

  • grmpf

    It sure took you a long time to complain about celebrity stories on TYT, given that they've been doing them more or less regularly since 2007. Oh, I see, you joined YouTube just a year ago. Moving on…

  • MonsieurPapito

    You do realize I have had other accounts than this.

    TYT persists on doing mindless stories about drug addict celebrities instead of focusing on actual news.

    We are also in a time where this is actual news to be reporting on. Your ignorance level is through the roof.

  • OtherAnimal

    CRACK?!!! Fuuuuuuuuck me. I thought you were going to say he was addicted to sex. Or at least gambling or some shit. Crack?? Jesus man. Get it the fuck together.

  • grmpf

    No, I did not realise that because there is no way I could have possibly known that.
    It seems to me that either you are ignorant about how this show has been structured for years or you are trying to effect a change after all this time of it being structured that way because you perceive a change in terms of tabloid stories replacing instead of complementing "actual news". People have had complaints like that back in 2008. My initial point that you are a little late to the party still stands.

  • Charles Sinclair

    I understand that his addiction to crack is a very serious thing, but after hearing everything Lamar has gone through you can't but help feel sorry for him. Khloe is a bitch in my opinion, she shouldn't have kicked him out but offered her unconditional support as the loving wife she claims to be. Best of luck to Lamar and the battle against his addiction.

  • MonsieurPapito

    So you are saying since time has passed, I am not allowed to make a valid criticism of a 'news' show?

    All I was pointing out is that the word 'News' is being used loosely here. I don't mind the occasional celebrity story that actually has substance and a purpose behind it.

  • Kyle Perry

    Amazing how many idiots in the mainstream media (unlike The Young Turks) talk about how being rich brings people happiness. After all these years and bad stories these media losers STILL believe that. Just one of the reasons they're so ignorant and I generally can't stand watching them.

  • emildaman

    Why the difference in coverage of Tyson and Odom? That's crazy what Odom has had happen in his life, but Tyson had some crazy shit happen as well.

  • 55tdodgers

    Not surprised that a woman is putting her feelings and will not go back to him is more important than the marriage vows. I, ____, take you, ____, to be my (husband/wife). I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.

  • Hipster Beavis

    What the hell are you talking about? Why is this any of our business? This poor guy should be able to deal with this problem in private, not in the publics eye. The only news outlets that covered this story are gossip/celebrity news sites.

  • Wardemonxi

    Why do people come to fluff or entertainment stories and get mad that its here. There are serious stories too you could only click on those its not like its hard to tell which is which.

  • DJ Rakk

    Listen up unless your a Boring Fucking hipster nobodys gonna watch the show about straight depressing news…it was never about that..Loosen the fuck up and realize the show would be garbage if they didnt switch up and do different things.

  • JayDukes

    1:42 Cenk had to catch himself from saying "Crack is whack." It's like he's fighting hard to hold back a bad joke, untimely.

  • Brandon A

    What the heck, although he is most often a positive attribution, cenk really let's down that team with arrogance sometimes, thank goodness Ana is such a babe.

  • Øystein A.

    Whats a Lamar Odom? Does it do tricks? Oh it is a human. Wait it is fucking a Kardashian? Guess it is not human after all.

  • Øystein A.

    As long as it is about the rich who gives a shit? If it does not want to be rich, it can become a human by giving away its property to charity.

  • ruumpleteaser

    I do not want to hear about these crack head celebrities. I simply have them pop up in a play list of TYT videos so they come up some times for me even though I do not want to see them.

  • Sean Hayes

    Dude… that guy's married to Chloe Kardashian? Isn't she the fat one? As in all the idiocy of being married with a Kardashian, but without the nice rack of the other one…

    … I'd be more surprised if he wasn't on crack.

  • bigziam

    Lol…. Ive known alot of crackheads in my day…. Lamar isnt showing these features… Remember people can say anything nowadys and its anxiously entertained!!!!

  • Nopi

    My mom also died when I was 12, and my father who I'd just gotten to know killed himself when I was about 16 years old. Then my great grandmother dies and then my grandfather (turned 100 years old!) and at the same day as the funeral, my little dwarf hamster died. And then I was with my friend in Sweden to meet her cousin a few weeks back now, and he lost his 15 year old friend two months ago in a cross accident. So I'm pretty surrounded by death too, I know the feeling. Am I on crack? No.

  • Anthony Oodie

    Some Rich Folks just can't handle life, and all it has to offer.
    Shit, if I had 1/10 of that kind of money I would be living the dream.

  • JordannaBanana

    ok. Just saying, she married this guy after knowing him for 3 weeks and he already had kids by a woman he'd never married. Ladies, don't believe in romance. Take your time to observe all the facts.

  • KrissyWicked Fines

    I guess 'bigziam' must know that he's ok. After all… 'bigziam' says he's not showing the signs of being a crackhead. I'm so relieved! Obviously this utube commenter must know everything about the guy, cuz everybody else just sees media about him. Wow ppl are ignorant! How the fuck do u know what goes on begind closed doors?!? Even IF u were his BEST friend, u still wouldn't have a clue.

  • CoCoHardstyle

    I love it when couples walk down the aisle and say "for better or for worse" and then once it gets bad, they leave eachother lol It's quite beautiful. She should stick by his side, that's her duty as a wife then again there is no longer such thing as a loyal wife anymore.

  • Gnar Gnar Binks

    I'm sorry, but I've never heard of anyone casually smoking crack for two years and nobody had a fucking clue. He played in the NBA, they do regular drug screenings. This nigga's been cracked out the whole time, and NOBODY noticed?

  • Kese S

    You should not judge this woman because you do not know what she has been enduring. She has been going through a lot and as a person that knows what it's like to see someone you love with an addiction–it takes a lot to let someone like this go. It is evident that she loves her husband in spite of the issues that he has.

  • DonRade

    She has been going through a lot? While her husband is a crack addict and witnessed death all throughout his life… If she loves him, she will find a way to help him and support him! It's easier to go through stuff like that with loved ones!

  • Bhejendra Pun Magar

    You already know that painful stage when your brother’s friend (who’s been a loser always, I have to say) gets a jaw-dropping girl to fall for him in, like 2 weeks?! Absolutely, that basically occurred. I know I should be pleased for him nevertheless I would prefer if it was me. He stated he learned from the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wanna disappear inside of a cave instantly.

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