Law & Order: SVU – Benson Saves Carisi’s Life (Episode Highlight)
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Law & Order: SVU – Benson Saves Carisi’s Life (Episode Highlight)

– [whimpering] ♪ – [crying] ♪ – [muffled cries] ♪ [muffled crying continues] ♪ – Drop your weapon now. ♪ – Okay. Don’t do this. I’m a cop,
just like you. It doesn’t have to end
like this. ♪ – It’s too late for that. ♪ [gunfire] – [panting]
– [whimpering] – You’re all right.
You’re all right. Quinn? Quinn, look at me.
Look at me. Quinn? Quinn, look at me,
look at me, look at me. You’re safe.
– [cries] – Quinn, you’re safe now. You’re safe.
– [cries] – You’re safe. ♪ I got you.
I got you. Shh.
– [cries] ♪ – I got you. – How you holding up, Liv? – I’m fine. – The LBA is sending a
representative to the station. He’ll be with you
when you make your statement. – Got it, thanks. Hey, so they’re gonna
take you to the hospital for precautionary purposes,
all right? – He said I was ungrateful. I appreciated him, I did–
I don’t understand– – Quinn. This is not your fault. You hear me? Guys like Cole, they’re… they’re predators. And they look for light
and they look for goodness and they–
and they try to steal it. But promise me you will not
blame yourself for this. – Thank you, Lieutenant. ♪ – Hey, how’s she doing? – She doesn’t understand
why he would do this to her. – Neither do I. Maybe all those years
on the job, dealing with the worst
of the worst, I mean, how do you
come out of that clean? – No, being a cop
didn’t change him. He was always bad,
it just… it just took time
to come out. – Lieutenant, thank you. For helping me out back there–
I owe you one. Hope this doesn’t make you
want to retire. – Nope. The exact opposite. ♪


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