• JuliaB1955

    My brother w/Down syndrome is dead because of illegals and I'm now broke and living without even running water because funding for my brother was diverted to illegals. THAT is a hate crime. No one's reaching out to help ME or avenge my innocent brother. You are a bunch of leftist, "ignant" hypocrites, and you should all GFY!

  • Carol Mc Quay

    South Carolina. Hate looms everywhere. Inside this "Christian Nation.". …What good is "A Law" when the "10 Commandments" means nothing in this here Babylon? America. Has pulled the covers on it's own head. Time to wake up.

  • superduperjoi

    Did you see the proposed 2A Ammendment legislation that bans any type of gun control laws
    Florida and Missouri now South Carolina.

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