Legislation – Finding Legal Sources
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Legislation – Finding Legal Sources

Legislative process is the process by which
laws are created and promulgated by the
Commonwealth Parliament and respective State parliaments. Usually, a Bill is introduced
into one of the houses of parliament, is
passed by that house and agreed to in identical form by the other house, and
receives the assent of the Crown, becoming
an Act of Parliament. The term legislation can refer to a single law
(also known as an act or statute) or a
collection of laws. Australian governments make legislation for
their jurisdiction freely available on their
websites. 1. To find WA legislation, head to
the Western Australian Legislation website
• From the left hand menu, Select In force – for Acts which are currently in
• “as passed” for acts as they were originally passed • Or Reprinted – for Acts that
have had amendments If I wanted to find the In Force version of the
Environmental Protection Act 1986, I would
select • In Force
• Browse under E
• Click on the link • And select the PDF icon to view
the full text of the Act 2. To find Commonwealth
Legislation, head to the Federal Register of
Legislation • Select Acts from the left hand
• and choose In force, for Acts which are currently in force • or As Made, for
acts as they were originally passed imagine I needed to find the As Made version
of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity
Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) I would select
• As Made
• Browse under En • And click on acts title to view
the full text of the Act View the Library’s Legislation Survival Guide
for more information on finding legislation. Find help at guides.library/uwa/edu/au .
Contact the Library by phone: 64882351, by
email: [email protected], or online at library.uwa.edu.au

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