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Legislative Process | Jordan Wohl

So currently, the legislative branch of the
United States has a really low approval rating and people don’t necessarily approve with
what is going on but they continue to vote for the politicians who are currently in Congress
because they aren’t informed on the issues that are going on. A lot of people will say a lot of things about
Congress but won’t back it up with clear facts and clear knowledge. I was one of those people before I took Legislative
Process last year with Professor Kursman. It was a really great class to not only know
about the Legislative Branch, the original intentions of Congress with the Constitution,
but also to learn about what is going on currently, the effect that lobbyists have on the legislative
branch and how today’s politics really impact what goes on every single day. I would definitely recommend Legislative Process
to any student who doesn’t feel set in their knowledge of the legislative branch or is
willing to learn more, to have conversations about current events with students and just
have an interest in politics.

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