Let’s Play “Who’s the Real Victim?” (feat. Bob Saget) – The Jim Jefferies Show
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Let’s Play “Who’s the Real Victim?” (feat. Bob Saget) – The Jim Jefferies Show

Well, it went down exactly like
we all hoped it wouldn’t. Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as
the next Supreme Court Justice. Right now, drunk frat boys and
angry misogynists are thinking, “Someday, if I really force
myself on someone,– I, too, could be a Supreme Court
judge. Or– or maybe even
President!” And it’s particularly upsetting
when you think about what the
victim had to go through.>>This whole 2 week effort has
been a calculated and
orchestrated political hit.>>Fueled with apparent pent-up
anger about President Trump.>>Revenge on behalf of the
Clinton’s.>>And a millions of dollars in
money from outside left-wing
opposition groups. Yes, despite getting everything
he ever wanted, the question remains, is Brett
Kavanaugh the real victim here? Which brings us to our regular
segment, No. Was this hard for Kavanaugh?
Sure! Does that make him a
victim? The confirmation went pretty
smooth, all things considered. Somehow, Kavanaugh rode
victimhood to the Supreme Court.
He pulled it off. And he couldn’t have done it
without a whole lot of people
also pretending he was a victim.>>I cannot imagine what you and
your family have gone through.>>On behalf of our nation, I
want to apologize>>to Brett, and the entire
Kavanaugh family. You know the woman who was
assaulted has a family too. In fact, her name is Blasey
Ford. She might even have two
families! Why is that not
important? Also, what does it matter if you
have a family? Scott Peterson had a
family. And Scott Peterson killed that
family because of that family. Personally, I think he’s
innocent. And the craziest part in all of
this, is that at the same time
Kavanaugh was going through the
confirmation process, more victims were being
identified.>>I say that it’s a very scary
time for young men in America
when you can be, uh–>>guilty of something that you
may not be guilty of.>>This is a very difficult
time. That’s right. Do you know how
scary it is for men to simply
walk down the street every day? We always have to be on our
toes, ready to deny being a
rapist at any second. Sometimes, when I walk to my
car, I clutch my old calendars
between my fingers just in
case. Do you know, someone robbed me
once of my calendars. It was a real date
rape. They did it annually, which
makes it even more painful. And it’s more than just the
accused sex offenders like
Kavanaugh and Roy Moore why cry
victimhood. Don’t forget about white
nationalists, like
Charlottesville rally organizer,
Jason Kessler. Sure, his big hate gathering led
to someone being actually
murdered, but think about his
pain. Yes, yes. No, no, he is
right. Also, in a way, the 9/11
hijackers were victims of a
plane crash. Claiming victimhood is nothing
new. After the massive BP oil spill
in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, no one had it worse than BP CEO,
Tony Hayward.>>We’re sorry for the massive
disruption it’s caused to their
lives.>>And you know, we’re–there’s
no one who wants this thing over
more than I do.>>I want my life
back. He looks like he has a bland
tasting penis. But, hey, Tony. I get
it. Millions of tons of oil spilled
into the ocean, wildlife is
decimated, people lost their
lives! I’m sorry, Tony, but you’re
gonna have to pull a late night
at work. So, Kavanaugh says he’s a
victim. Trump says men are the
victims. White nationalists think they’re
the victims. Cops call themselves the victims
when they accidentally shoot
someone. Religious people say they’re
victims whenever gay people get
married. And, unfortunately, it drowns
out the voices of the people who are being truly
wronged. If anyone can say they’re a
victim, how am I supposed to know who
the real victims are?>>I can help you with that,
Jim.>>Because now it’s time to
play, Who’s The Real
Victim? That’s right, if you can
understand them. It’s the one and only game show
that tests your knowledge of
victimization. Are you ready to play,
Jim? No. No means yes here at Who’s The
Real Victim. That’s why our producers keep
getting fired. Well, here we go. First
question. Bill O’Reilly, the former Fox
News host, was fired after several women
accused him of sexual
harassment. Now, Jim. Who’s the real victim
here? This is easy. The victims are
all the women who say they were
harassed. [buzzer] Oh, I’m sorry, Jim.
No. According to Bill O’Reilly, the
victim is… Bill
O’Reilly. Am I mad at God? Yeah, I’m mad
at him. I wish I had more
protection. Yeah. Nice work not protecting
Bill O’Reilly, God. You had one
job! Wait, how is Bill O’Reilly the
victim? Next
question. A Christian man attacked a
Muslim woman and reportedly stole her head scarf after he
wished her a merry Christmas and she replied, “happy
holidays.” Jim, who’s the real victim
here? This is a no brainer. It’s the
woman. [buzzer] Wrong again, Jim.
Sorry. The right answer is Santa
Clause. Not only is he fighting a war on
Christmas, but now, he has to go out and
get this woman a brand new
head-scarf. Does Santa even visit
Muslims? Of course not. They’re all on
the naughty list. But now, he has to make a
special trip just to deliver a
scarf. And finally, a multi-million
dollar media outlet silenced a black man from
expressing his political
opinion. Jim, who’s the real
victim? I’ve got it. It’s the black
guy. You know? Because of all the
cotton fields and the different
fountains and all that. [buzzer] Sorry, Jim. Wrong
again. Turns out that black man was
musician and slavery apologist,
Kanye West, who forced the audience at SNL
to listen to him talk about
Trump. So, the real victims here are
the cast, the crew, the
audience, and black people who aren’t
Kanye. And the Asian kid who made the
hat. Okay, this game’s totally
unfair. I’m trying to give the right
answers, but these are trick
questions. I feel like I’m being
victimi- I – I’m the real
victim! [bells] That’s
right! That is right,
Jim. Here on Who’s the Real Victim,
the victim is always you. And for your prize, you win a
Kanye edition MAGA hat and this
scarf. Where’d you get
this? Don’t worry about
it. That lady shouldn’t have told me
“happy holidays.” Plus, you get an all-expense
paid trip to a children’s migrant
detention center. You’re gonna get to spend three
days and two nights in beautiful
Brownsville, Texas teaching a captive immigrant
child what real struggle is
like. Congratulations and thanks for
playing Who’s The Real
Victim? I’m a
winner! And a


  • Nation First

    there is a difference between having something right in the front and somebody claiming the same…i thought libs didnt believe what people say without proof..u know religion

  • Chuck Russell

    Ford took a lie detector test to express her truth. Kavanaugh did
    Not take a lie detector test to hide his truth.
    Welcome to Great America of corruption and apathy, where thugs

    rule, and the elite and privileged buy and sell laws and regulations,

    And justice has a price.
    My fellow Americans VOTE VOTE VOTE

  • McDangerously

    It wasn’t just that he was accused without evidence, it was the ridiculous shit being added onto it up to gang raping. Then he was acquitted based on zero evidence and the only people that actually know what happened are the woman and the guy. If Kavanaugh was black The left would’ve divided in two and self-destructed. A white woman accusing a prominent black man?!

  • nathan brady

    Jim jefferies got famous telling rape jokes and saying cunt on stage in the states. Now he calls other men misogynist for comedy central. What a fucking tool.

  • Johnny Herrengo

    Jim usually doesn't pick such easy targets to mock. What's next? Hitler jokes? As a fan of his I'm really disappointed in him.

  • totallypreposterous

    Did Bob Saget ingest something he's allergic to right before stepping out on stage? Cuz he's grossly ballooned up. You can even see the suite he's wearing bulging from the disproportionate fat areas along his body.

  • Rammsteinkills

    Lmao. Great touch with the cage. I’m latino and think it was a funny joke. Don’t you all get your panties in a bunch.

  • Hadley Souther

    Well, Bill o Reilly isn't far off, the christian zealots act like they should be excused for their insane behavior because they're part of a special cult
    More attacks and acts of violence have been perpetrated in the last 20 years by racist white fuckers or insane christians than terrorists by far

  • Some Blackguy

    I use to think Jim was funny. Then he became an NPC.

    You hear how the crowds laugh in the background? I used to mock sitcoms for using laugh tracks. Now they don’t even need to prerecord them.

  • handyhippie65

    there are a couple of shows on comedy central i want subscribe to, like this one, but there's a lot of them i don't. why not let me subscribe to the ones want? why do i have to subscribe to the entire network? i can subscribe to the late show with steven colbert, but i don't have to subscribe to the entire cbs network. because of that, i don't subscribe, and probably never will. sorry jim. love ya, though.

  • Matewos Temesgen

    I am black and i hate Trump and the Conservative. But, I believe Kavanaugh is innocent and that woman is a SJW trying to discrete the conservative. But the rest ARE ALL GUILTY AS FUCK.


    So far every one of these things I've seen is absolutely fucking hilarious! One of the funniest shows I think I've ever watched! Great fucking job Jim

  • d'edsi

    The majority of people hear something on the news and firmly believe it immediately, as tho they believed it all along, it makes it very hard to try to change their minds, cuz it's like trying to get someone to leave their religion. Also, because they have the belief injected into their brains as a fundamental truth, with no theory or reasoning behind it, they can't even articulate an explanation of what that belief is, can't debate it cuz they'd be challenged on their viewpoint and expected to defend it, and look and feel stupid when unable to do so. They can't even analyse it to themselves cuz they don't have enough information, and their minds have been conditioned not to think critically by being spoonfed ready made beliefs, if they only listen to one source its even worse because everything will fit in nicely with everything else

  • joshua2585

    I'm gonna laugh my ass of if Jim Jefferies is every accused of something and loses his show without a trial. just wait, throw all the stones you can now.

  • Eric Zetterlund

    The whole proceeding was a farce. Nobody questioned his ties to major industries and pro-corporate stance on issues. Instead neo-liberals asked about stupid issues that don't matter to the economy.

  • Ethan Yetman

    Am I the only one who thinks that this dude is too political, I dislike both parties, but some of the stuff this guy says is bullshit. It's so sad how comedians are now propaganda machines for the right and left.

  • phu cue

    The real victims are all the people that believe your obvious agenda against Trump and anyone he appoints ! Jim Jeffries you have no business sticking your Aussie nose in American politics ! I really enjoy your comedy but I can't help but think you would get punched in the face for spouting off about President Trump in my neighborhood pub ! Then to top it off you bring in Bob "the pedophile" Saget ! Nice !

  • Large Soda

    Christmas isn't even originally Catholic. Christmas was originally a drunken party in a settlement. But then after they were colonized by Christian people, the priests just made Jesus's birthday Christmas for some reason and the people were ok with it as long sa they got to party.

  • ian 1971

    This is great, "Let's play "who's the real victim?" by Jim Jefferies. Avi has just proven possibly all your guests where the victim. You seriously underestimated the following Avi has got worldwide hahaha.

  • DroneXFun

    These fucking people that want to to be victims remind me of people that want a disease or want to amputate a limb.

  • hellcat1988

    Every day, I'm more and more convinced we need a new plague. Things are so much easier when the bigots and the racists and the assholes are scared for their lives, so they hide away and let intelligent people handle the problems.

  • Dresden Kilnik

    To be perfectly clear: someone losing their job based PURELY upon accusations is a victim. I am not an apologists for any of the big names that this has happened to, but I've seen it happen multiple times (luckily NOT to me) and it is absolutely disgusting. As always, we're in desperate need of balance: we can't have these giant companies ignoring and becoming complicit while harassment and abuses take place under their watch, but we can't be trigger happy and go ending people's jobs based purely off accusations. Especially now that we've seen, for example, plenty of women lie openly about being raped, only to have video and other forensic evidence prove anything but. A good friend of mine, for another example, works in a psychiatric residential treatment facility out west – working with adolescents with severe sexual behavior problems. Probably once a month there is an accusation made towards a staff member (the staff are warned in training about the nature of the facility, likely things that will happen to them, common client behaviors, etc.); the place is so rigged with cameras they quickly get to the truth and 99.9% of allegations disappear immediately – but EVERY single accusation is taken seriously and investigated immediately, no matter the track record of the child in question…meaning even if that child made a monthly accusation (lets say for say of simplicity they make an accusation on the 10th of every month)…it simply doesn't matter. Legally and ethically EVERY SINGLE ACCUSATION is investigated. It's a perfect balance that protects everyone involved.

  • touch of grey

    On behalf of our nation! Hahahahaha eat shit you stupid cunt! MOST of us knew you were a dimwitted SOB before you tanned! I mean ran..

  • Phil Rabe

    I want Jim for president. We can make a little adjustment to the Constitution just this once. He has long MANLY fingers, not like the ponce we're stuck with presently. And I'm hoping he never golfs!

  • TheAllomar

    So Jim Jefferies says being accused of something (not found guilty, just accused) means you are a guilty criminal.
    So we are no longer innocent until proven guilty.

    BTW Jim Jefferies raped me.

  • U S Ti

    They won. Theres no point of rasing your voice against them on any platform, social media or otherwise. They win. So what's the point of all those satirical talk shows, all the reasonable debates, the witty comments, the revolutionary speeches and the savy tweets. They won. Make all the fun you want, does not matter.

  • Dutch Van Der Linde

    My cousin had his life ruined by a rape accusation…..courts found him innocent but Facebook doesn't care. So yeah there is a problem, women getting hurt is evil and should be punished but so should women using lies to destroy men they don't like.

  • Proud Liberal Dad

    I love the 1.5k thumbs down, the republican snowflakes are crying after watching you but are they really watching or just hitting the thumbs down? Youtube should make it a rule, you can't thumbs up or down until you have watched at least half of the video.

  • David Maccormack

    Love u Jim but your.. off point.. ok u regeared and said u thot he was innocent, Ford is obviously a lying whore with..wi the baby talk etc,she auta be sued for bearing false witness
    Don't need to tell any guy women generally spout shite,l flirt wi other women in front of my bitch to keep her on her toes,she says "have her if you want",she's lying,l only tolerate her cos she loves my rottweiller (and he loves @protects her)@ shes fat,l tell her that when she's bust my balls wi nagging,guys just tell other guys thier a cunt and that's that,over,but bitches mine opined "l don't like that shirt" me "well why the fuck did you buy it for me ?",that was a beauty, put her gas at pepp immediately, they just 'feel' then blurt it out,l feel,process it then squeeze the trigger,being a neonazi sociopath this antisocial art comes 2nd nature,served me v well when l was in law enforcement, got results mate!
    [email protected]

  • ZionHillCalling

    YOU are the real victim. YOU out there reading the comments, following the news and trying to get a grasp on what the fuck is going on in our world today. We all are the real victims here of all these dirty games, fake news, conspiracies and false flags. And the Epstein case is going to take it to unprecedented levels of fuckery, I can assure you that. Truth will never be the same.

  • gamingsfinest1

    I’m not political but I believe this: if you’re not guilty you’re innocent which means you were wrongfully accused of a crime and it also means that the prosecutor was wrong. So Brett should be able to be a Supreme Court Justice and the people accusing him should apologize. Anyone can accuse someone of a crime and that’s why you’re innocent until proven guilty.

  • Davey Houston

    There is no evidence he committed rape none it is political to just believe the woman and not the man that is worse for real victims the liars pile on

  • Ceco Elvisa

    As a straight white guy I laugh at the notion that straight rich white guys are victims and are marginalized . It's completely absurd , historically it makes no sense and it's just meant to cause resentment among insecure passive aggressive losers

  • sailormanariel

    I was in a fraternity in college. Do you know how many women accused us of rape when we were just walking down the street? None. Because we didn't rape anyone. Ever.

  • janusz delondre

    if i ever had to appear in front of ”hon". bratt m kavanaugh, i would address him as the "honourable" judge rapist, this would confuse him, as he wouldn't know which supreme court judge i would be addressing, are there any honourable right-wing judges, or is it an oxymoron, repugnants!

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