• Mathenaut

    Banning Nazis didn't make anyone in Europe forget about WW2, and taking down these statues won't stop the south from bitching about how it lost. The stakes are not that high.

  • James Harris

    To anyone who says these monuments celebrates their Southern Heritage: The Civil War was an attack on the United States of America, very close to an act of treason, and really no different than the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. If you condone such attacks, then you are certainly Anti-American, but also probably a racist.

  • Angel Rose

    I'm so happy some of the monuments have been given to museums and groups. We need to make sure to preserve history, even if we don't like it. If we forget our history, we will repeat our history. We need to learn from our mistakes. If we erase our mistakes completely, we are doomed to repeat them. is a future anthropologist

  • IrishRebel92

    I understand the arguments on why the statues should come down, but just getting a rope and ripping them down is a crime and is not the right way to do things. the police are already rounding up those people and charging them with the appropriate crimes. leveler heads need to prevail here. if you destroy the past, you can't learn from it.

  • Mark Simons

    The sketches are a load of $h*te compared to the withering monologues. Must be the cultural difference between US and UK.

  • Arturas P

    reminds me of the lenin statues that we toppled in 1991, communists also like to bring up the historical value of these monsters, as if these statues were some history lesson and not the symbols of oppressive regime.

  • melvoid01

    Anyone know of any statues of Hitler and his cronies in Europe?…..no? didn't think so.
    But yeah just put them in museums as a reminder of past bad times, and for gods sake start educating your damn people properly.

  • Alejandro Roman

    i dont mind having statues around as long as the person is not praised for his beliefs or what he represents, more than just history, which in this case it is, racists are idolizing and rising up to it because these statues make them feel like they still have power.

  • Jonanice

    reading comments like 🤦‍♀️

    I understand why we don't have these kinds of non-hero's as statues. Jeez it's not hard to get come on people!

    Face facts okay they act as an iconic symbol to those that support right wing views, therefore they shouldn't exist in the same way we view our true good heroes

    It's not 'erasing history' it's showing – hey as a society in the twenty first century we all agree that was an awful period of history n we're not like that anymore…

    Removing them doesn't prevent the history being taught or learned from here on out so stop trying to spin that pathetic line

  • Tulip Dew

    Just put all the statues inside a "Confederacy Themed" museum, and donate most of the entrance fee proceeds to the UNCF 👍🏼

  • Ben Grosz

    I would just like to point out that quite a few of the generals were like the Rommels of the civil war. Athough they did fight for slavery and treason, they fought respectably and well. The south and the country can honor their performance in the same way Winston Churchill praised Rommel. Many, including Lee, fought in the Mexican American war. Speaking of world war 2, two tanks were named after Confederate generals. The Stuart and the Lee.

  • User Name

    Leave the Confederate statues that are on battlegrounds alone they are a part of our nations history. Everybody knows they lost, the dominant narrative is they fought for slavery. The statues being there is absolutely necessary for us to understand what actually happened during the battles and when.

  • Philip Godsworth

    White people want to tear down the statues to hide evidence of their collective sins.

    Sorry shitheads, you aren't fooling anyone.

  • Margarita M.

    The logic is simple: regime falls, the shit praising it gets removed.
    You don't own people – get rid of symbols having anything to do with that (South was prospering basically from owning people).
    We were and are gettimg rid of Nazi and Communist regimes' symbols in Europe and only "nostalgic" idiots are against that.

  • Daniel Flores

    I swear white people hate themselves so much. I'm not even white I'm a second generation American but even I see the historical value these monuments have. Racist or not they are part of American culture and should remain. Does the left not have any pride whatsoever. They are so self destructive I'm not surprised at all in the surge of white nationalism. In the end this is what the overlords want… The American people in fighting. We should not forget that being an American comes before race all day everyday.

  • shmaveyea

    Take them all down but don't destroy them. Put them in museums, write about why we took them down, teach school children why these represent hate and bigotry. They're more valuable being used in the future to teach about our present day than they are being used to teach about the civil war at this point.

  • sapphyrus

    Germany doesn't erect Hitler or SS soldier statues just because it's a part of their history, that excuse is completely illogical. Statues are for honoring people and people who fought so slavery could be kept should never be honored, anywhere.

  • Doug Pender

    On Wikipedia, there are over 700 confederate monuments listed in the United States, but not even 100 union monuments. It makes you wonder who erected all of those confederate monuments. Why so many if it was just a battle of states rights and not slavery?

  • Tucker Bowen

    i cannot put my disgust over this into words. this is absolute bullshit. not only is this a perversion of history, against the direct words of Churchill himself, but they're blaming those people for the actions of the white supremacists of today who use them to symbolize beliefs that are nothing like what the Civil War was really about. this is fucking propaganda!

  • OrionoftheStar

    Is it entirely split between "tear them down!" and "we loves the Confederacy"?

    We shouldn't be trying to hide or destroy the Civil War stuff, we should be shoving them in museums. They're evidence of a shameful part of American history, but one that we should still be aware of and acknowledge. Destroying monuments only makes us feel better about having done something anti-racist, but they still have a place in teaching us history and reminding us of our potential to fail as human beings.

  • tenacious645

    You know what's funny? Colbert and so many others say screw these statues, "they supported slavery!" But so did the bible you fucking hypocrites. Trash the Confederacy, I do, but throw that fucking Christian dribble out with it.

  • Boba Is Awesome

    Just put the statues and monuments in a museum alongside explanations of their treasonous acts against the US, problem solved.

  • Xyce Bedet

    So Colbert is implicitly promoting the destruction of property by the general public. The fact that this asshole has a platform on CBS is disturbing.

  • Clash Bandikute

    If you want to preserve history, do it with stuff like photographs, video footage, textbooks, museums; you don't need a statue to remember what happened.

  • J L

    Canada removed a confederate plaque that honored Jefferson Davis from a building in Montreal this week, Great news! https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2017/08/15/plaque-honouring-confederate-leader-jefferson-davis-removed-from-montreal-building.html

  • thura3

    The problem with America right now. Technology. Hicks in rural America now have the internet, and we are all now seeing the REAL country we live in! They can now "comment" on the Blacks, and Jews, and Woman, and Gays, and Blacks, and Commies, and Muslims, and Porn, and Taxes, and Blacks, and Blacks, and Blacks… that they have been blaming all their problems on?

  • aciarduce

    The Daughters of the Confederacy erected a most beautiful monument at the battlefield in Shiloh Tennessee. It's amazing to look at. While they do have views I don't agree with, they do a good job at portraying both people at events from the view of the South before, during, and after the war.

    https://www.nps.gov/resources/place.htm%3Fid%3D79 – This is the Shiloh monument, standing there since 1917. It's a tribute to the fallen, and as an Boy Scout, I went to many historic sites and hiked MANY miles along war trails. This stood out.

    P.S. – I don't think they are twins….. There's something about the eyes that gives them away.

  • Inquisitor Blizzard

    For those people that are saying you need statues for historical purposes. Read a book. Statues glorify ideals, people, or events. An example. You know that statue of soldiers hoisting a flag pole up? Most people would not know what event that statue immortalized. A history book will tell you that it depicts the US marines raising the flag on mount surabachi during the battle of iwo jima.

  • HamelinSong

    I don't know… watching this from the other side of te world, looks like a bit much. Every statue has an historical value…

  • josh Unknown

    Hey let's tear down all the roman memorial statues in Europe and the colosseum and the roman aqueducts hey they were a slave empire and that stuff was built by slaves. Oh wait what about the pyramids tear down those as well. By letting those pyramids stand we are supporting slavery. Actually anything anywhere where any civilization had anything to do with slavery we should destroy it.

  • kinn grimm

    And there we have it, often from something bad comes something good. You have to love the irony that the racist and fashist protests outcome is to get rid of their symbols. Make america great again ! =)

  • 546 cowboy

    What would you expect from liberal late night show hosts. Would these same people complain if we removed the Washington monument because he owned slaves? Most of the Founding Fathers were slave owners you know.

    You cannot change the history of America by removing these monuments or the Confederate flag from prominence. Do you see the idiocy of this BS?

  • Daniel Gregory

    People are constantly carrying around pictures of Slave Owners every day. George Washington, Andrew Jackson, and Ulysses S. Grant. Their on your money.

    If you're tired of your old, racist money, please send it to me for proper disposal.
    Help end racism.

  • Christopher Shankle

    Take them down give them to the NAACP and United Negro College fund. They can auction them off and the white nationalist can buy them or whomever else can purchase them.

  • Brubigo

    Every time i look at the pyramids they remind me of the many slaves that lost their lifes building them, if only taking them down would solve things that already happened, i have an idea, maybe keep them there, serving as a reminder…oh wait, that's what historical monuments are for

  • true American

    the mansions in Newport Rhode Island on Bellevue Boulevard was built with the blood of slaves as the main import in United States

  • Bobbeh Mcstuffinshire

    imo tearing down those monuments makes those people no better than Isis tearing down priceless artefacts in the middle east. They're an important piece of history that can be used to remind people of how that way of thinking is outdated and irrelevant and that way of thinking is.

  • Kieran Saul

    Those protesters tearing down statues are still in the wrong. They're not any better than the rioters looting shops and burning cars. I know that Stephen didn't outright applaud them, but he didn't outright condemn them either.

  • Duane Shields

    Irony is the most missed used word, not counting the teens who literally die of embassment. But this is sweetly ironic. Those rasict idiots who protested the removal of one monument are the cause for a lot more being removed. Well I guess through an ignorance that Trump stupidly supports, in a way. By these becons of rasism going away, it is making America great again.

  • Daniel Wang


  • Khadras

    Yea, removing every piece of bad history will make it all go away..
    Instead of trying to cover yours eyes, maybe should just embrace and learn from your past.

    Any plans to remove monuments of George Armstrong Custer and the like or are they okay, because you treated the indians well 😛

  • Otto Boldin

    A southern white man walks into a bar and yells, “These damn left wing Zionist want to take down our statues. That’s our heritage, I tell you. If they take it down, we won’t know who we are. That’s past, I tell you. Our past!”
    A black man at the end of the bar says, “Yeah, and my people were slaves. We had our history stolen from us and we’re lost as a people. We want some form of reparations.”
    And the southern white man says, “Oh shut up, that’s the past.”

  • Dr Johnson Hungwell

    we better get rid of Coca Cola it was invented by Dr John Pemberton a civil war soldier and Spam , cheese biscuits , chicken pie that's racist food 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 they ate these foods back then

  • Dr Johnson Hungwell

    We need to get rid of
    aunt Jemima
    hot dogs are white
    sausage is dark
    marshmallows white
    chocolate brown
    Uncle Ben's
    it's all racist ……….😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • J.A. Bristol

    Most of those people at Charlottesville aren't white supremacists, they're just people who know their history and don't like it when politicians try to smear the legacies of great historical figures for the sake of promoting their own petty political agendas.

    I'd like to clarify a detail about the Civil War which is commonly misunderstood due to an intentional oversight by certain politicians and historians of a particular disposition. Whereas secession was about slavery, the war itself wasn't. Secession and the Civil War are two separate issues as it was three whole months between the time the last of the first batch of southern states, Louisiana, seceded on January 26th, 1861 and when confederate artillery fired upon Fort Sumter on April 12th the same year – which started the war.

    The Confederate government viewed this sustained military presence by a "foreign" government (they now saw the U.S as being a separate country) in South Carolina as an act of military aggression by the United States and thus a direct attack on what they believed was a constitutional entitlement to leave the union. In short, the state's belief in their right to secede propelled the first shot at Fort Sumter. Hence, the Civil War was about a states' rights to independence.

    Now, some might argue that if they wanted independence over slavery, and they started the war over independence, than they started the war over slavery. This is incorrect. You didn't have to be a proponent of slavery to recognize a state had a legitimate claim to secede over it or any other reason. The colonists started the war against Great Britain once King George started shooting their taxes through the roof, does that mean the American Revolution was about a desire for low taxation? No, It was about their desire for independence stemmed from the fact that they no longer consented to King George's rule.

    When Abraham Lincoln refused to let the southern states go, he struck a blow to the face of everything the founders laid out with regard to self government. The government derives it's power from the consent of the people, and the people down south didn't consent to Abraham Lincoln's rule so they saw fit to break away from said government. The "grand experiment" of self government failed that day the confederates surrendered at Appomattox on April 9th, 1865.

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