LexisLibrary: updating legislation
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LexisLibrary: updating legislation

This video will show how to check for updated
legislation using Lexis Library. It is important to know the currency of any
Acts of Parliament or Statutory Instruments you are using. This video will demonstrate
how to do this using Lexis Library. The quickest way to find a piece of legislation
is to use the quick find box. Enter the name and year and then tick either Act or Statutory
Instrument. Alternatively, you can click on the tab legislation at the top of the screen
and enter in the details in the appropriate boxes. We are going to look for section 17
of the Employment Act 2002. Click on find. Click on the title in your results.
Locate the text of the section using the table of contents tab and click on the title of
the section you are interested in, in this case, section 17.
You need to ascertain that this section has been brought into force. You do this by checking
the appointment date. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to
check this. This is the date this section came into force.
If the section doesn’t have an appointment date then it has not yet been brought into
force. We’ll see an example of this later. Let’s now look at s.18 of the same act.
You can see instantly that the text has been replaced by three dots. This means that the
section has been repealed. Details of the repeal are in the notes section. We’ve looked at how to find out when a section
came into force and a section that’s been repealed.
We’re now going to look at a section that has not yet been brought into force. It is
vital that you know that any legislation you are relying on has been brought into force.
This is the legislation search screen. You get to this screen by clicking on the search
tab at the top of the screen and then legislation. You can then enter the specific details of
the piece of legislation you are looking for. In this case the Criminal Justice Act 2003
section 35. Once you have located the text of the section,
it is important to check the commencement date in the notes.
This section does not have a commencement date meaning that it is not yet in force.
As this act is over 10 years old it shows how important it is to make sure your sections
are in force. Here is a summary of the legislation on Lexis
Library. If text has been replaced by three dots it
means that there has been a repeal. If text is in italics it means that it will
be repealed at some point in the future. If text is underlined and in square brackets
it means it is about to be inserted. If text is in square brackets it means that
it was inserted at some point by an amendment. For all of this formatting it is important
for you to check the notes at the bottom of the screen for more details. This video has looked at updating Act of Parliament.
If you need to update a Statutory Instrument on Lexis Library you do it in the same way. For more help and information please ask a
member of staff in the library or visit the library website.

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