Lincoln Was Racist Too. Confederate Flags and Texan Textbooks Rebuked.
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Lincoln Was Racist Too. Confederate Flags and Texan Textbooks Rebuked.

The stakes during the 1858 Senate debates were high. This was a time before the
17th amendment so rather than being elected directly by
the populace the incumbent democrat stephen douglas his Republican challenger Abraham Lincoln would need
to appeal directly to state legislators to accomplish this they organize it to
have to be throughout Noi now known as the great
debates lincoln-douglas debates they were
attended by a large in active crowns who could at times be
heard responding openly to the candidates as the debate
swirled on though the incumbent Doug listen mister
region covered several topics none was covered more extensively and
that have slavery Union password to be 1861 in Abraham Lincoln was on the cusp up
his first inaugural address without a place to set his iconic stew
hi had for delivering the speech it was his rival Douglas voluntarily
held for said only a few steps back this
symbolic gesture union between Democrats and Republicans
perhaps one of the last to be seen with the American Civil War to lives million million their during their
debates in 1858 resulting in the Union didn’t seem
far-fetched the question of slavery wasn’t old one a problem that pervaded the National
Dialogue the birth of a nation article 1 section under the US
constitution prohibiting comments from banning slavery importation into the
year 1808 the idea was to give the new nation
twenty years to solve slavish cuz despite the high ideals in the
American Founding had the new constitution disallowed
slavery you would have never been adopted
three-fifths compromise determine that during census counts sleaze would be considered three-fifths
other person rather than be ignored to ironically this gave southern slave
police state more representation in Congress as the
number of members in the House of Representatives mister lesion and so began the great
splint American politics from the birth the
constitution and the Civil War in 1860 reflected this division unsound sleeve in three was a constant and contentious struggle
right up into the start of the war to stricken Nova bound to keep the
nation together politicians tried for nearly a century to create a patchwork laws that could avoid a confrontation
Missouri Compromise of 1820 prohibited slavery you western territories North the 36th
38th parallel except for Missouri of course hence the
name compromise sometimes new the proposals like this
which is to stop gap thomas jefferson even mentioned in personal letters that
a temporary fix such as the Missouri Compromise would
leave only to the eventual dissolution the by 1840 from various efforts at the
state level near the all sleeves in northern states
for free to contrast this the booming cut mystery insured to sleep
population in southern states continue to explode both the North and the South 3 here to
expand and bring new free and sleep states into
the Union respectively more slave states with me
more representation for slavery in washington and vice versa every new territory
admitted to the nation was a potential land mine for conflict
after taking a considerable amount of territory from Mexico the spoils needed
to be divided sleaze & Fri areas the compromise of
1850 me the territory a new slave state taxes a bit smaller admit in California as a free state and
that the new territories a view to and Mexico decide for themselves whether
they wanted to be salim for free the kansas-nebraska activity 54 proposed again by stephen douglas the
happy ending I remember admitted the new states a
Kansas and Nebraska National out there voting
population here a white males woodland to decide if they should be slaveholding
or free states the nation was at a breaking point
rather than admitting slave states a priest aids more than democrats were desperately
trying to hold the Union together by using the popular sovereignty principle
to allow new states to vote on slivers these kinds of compromises woman up for
something rats rightfully saw the institution of
slavery under attack last log on the fire worm million better said the last
slashing gas in the flames was the majority opinion from the 72
Dred Scott decision the US Supreme Court this denied former
slave dred scott his freedom contending in the majority opinion that
neither Scott nor any person African descent had any
right to petition the federal government for their freedom as they were me eyes at the government
not citizens the United States these were the right
issues discussed at great length during the lincoln-douglas debates Stephen Douglas was known as the quote
Little Giant shortened stature which strongly present he believed in the principal popular
sovereignty voters should decide with the united
states should have slavery perhaps as a last-ditch idea to keep the
Union from breaking during the debates he accuse we can have
being a full-on abolitionist see equal rights for black people a
claim which Lincoln denied no way which may surprise
you on and not nor ever happen fever bring
about anyway social people who call the white and black reasons but I am NOT
whatever happened here in the borders drew torturers rooms more all final
offers modern American people I’m sayin
addition to this there’s political differences in like reasons Jordan for ever to reason to
dinner on term social computing phone and in as much as the Guadalupe on a
dream into there must be positioned superior and if you’re good as any other
man and free returns your position sign webber’s political
expediency perhaps Lincoln was nonetheless opposed to the expansion of slavery and
believe strongly that the union could not continue to
exist as have sleeve and half free and though
this series debates in illinois is was only for US
Senate it came to represent a microcosm the
American political narrative at the time and two years later after
Lincoln’s wholesome defeat by Douglas in that senate race both men wouldn’t
Sen as nominees in their respective political parties in the election 1860 Linkin representing a new but united Republican Party
opposed to the expansion of slavery and Douglas representing a fractured
democratic party whose southern wing had nominated
another man dedicated to keeping the
institutionalized their split would win link in the presidency before
even taking the both a office seven states and already
seceded from the Union at this point you may be wondering why review this why go through this
narrative once more in the past few weeks has become
incredibly obvious that many people in the south are tempting to watch slavery from history
whether it be in Texas school curriculum or by
clinging to 10 variations in the confederate flag this
at the same time many states are choosing to take it down
from the public spaces Texas lawmakers want to boot give the
slippery relatively little prominence compared to
stay rights people defending these text books and
its this flag need to reevaluate use it was an obvious
enough from my narrative so far the Confederacy represented slavery in here I have for
you some the actual statements obsession from
several on the first few states themselves
explaining in plain English their motivation was
clearly slavery was in states rights unless you
referring to the states right on sleeves here it is directly quoted the seed Georgia in the very first line:
the people Georgia having dissolve their political connection with the government
of the United States of America presented their Confederates and the
world the causes which have led to the separation the last ten years we have had numerous
and serious cause of complaint against our non slaveholding Confederate States with
reference to the subject old African slavery mississippi our position is third in a fight with
the institution up slavery the greatest material interest in the
world its leary’s was the part which constitutes by far the largest and most important portions
commerce on earth South Carolina we affirm that the
seasons which the government was instituted have been defeated the government itself has been me
destructive them by the action and non slave-holding states those states have assumed the right
descending upon the prop prepare propriety about domestic
institutions and have been underwrites property is
stand which indigenous States and recognize the Constitution day have denounced sinful the institution of
slavery and Texas in all the nuns the voting
states in violation love that good feeling
comedy which should exist between entirely distinct nations the people and for themselves
into a great sectional party Nash strong enough numbers to control
the visit each other states based upon a natural feeling hostility
to the southern states and then they’ve been efficient
patriarchal system African slavery perky me proclaiming debasing doctrine all the Roman you
respect race color a doctrine at war with nature in the composition experience in mankind in violation on the plane is revelations
lines the institution of slavery was the
central reason behind the session southern states and the creation of the
Confederacy solves along this main the Confederacy was born its various
lands were designed and it was that exact so the resistance
that inspired segregationists in the fifties and sixties to once again to get the flag as a sign of protest
towards integration as a southerner I do understand their
prized we don’t have to be silly about couple years ago I visited my family
cemetery in Nashville Tennessee was made aware of several Confederate
Veterans that leave their I’ll no with these men on pedestals but
neither do I vilifying there’s simply part of my past thank you learn from their mistakes
without hearing their symbols with out teaching and incorrect version
history so what do you think given that
individuals have a right to fly the flag should be back the movement to remove it
related symbology from public spaces and how do we deal with taxes and the
new textbook correction in


  • Snowjunkie

    I agree completely with your conclusion save that the flag should be banned. That flag was not of the nation that the rich men who owned the slaves and themselves devised the secession, but rather of the poor southern whites who went off to war out of a sense of duty to their brothers and defense of their home.

    also banning the flag is kinda akin to downplaying slavery in the textbook :/

  • walter edwards

    I would rather not see a Confederate flag but they have the right to fly it on those things they own. I just don't want to see it on public buildings, where I pay taxes and is supposed to represent the people.
    Texas is wrong for whitewashing history. that's already done enough, when it comes to the contributions of minorities to the growth and defense of this country!

  • Andrew Legnani

    very thought provoking I am a Northern Historian and have been for many months wondering why the Whitewashing of historical text books in places like texas… even in the north I have been known to hold my Colleagues feet to the fire about this issue when they back away from the actual history and said " The Civil war was economic not about abolition of slavery." clearly i can understand people not wanting to talk about it because of shame of the past, but Germans I have meet talk about the Nazis and learn about them in primary school. Learning history isnt about shaming a person for there ancestors lack of knowledge it's about educating people on why who and where. It is in that hope that historians have that we may learn and not repeat mistakes of the past in the future… as far as the confederate flag is concerned. don't fly it over municipal areas such as churches and government buildings. put them instead in a historical museum fly them there and in national parks designed to educate people on what the flags stood for and more importantly for historical preservation. as much as i hate the idea of slavery, racism etc I know it's important to keep artifacts alive for preservation to teach and educate people about the past… "If we learn nothing else from history at least let us learn how not to repeat it." PM. Winston Churchill

  • ArtPlays

    Correction, Lincoln would've won the election without Breckinridge spoiling it. Lincoln got an absolute majority of all the votes in all the Northern states he won. But he got almost no votes in southern states, so he only ended up with around 40% of the popular vote, but even if Breckinridge( and Bell) voters voted for Douglas, Lincoln would've still would've carried the Northern states and thus the electoral College 169 to 134, even though he would've lost by almost 20% of the popular vote

    (California and Oregon would've flipped, as Lincoln won a plurality of both, but it wouldn't have cost him the election.)

  • ahouyearno

    I know it's an old video but the confederate flag and the hackenkreuz flag have very similar meanings.

    Americans should treat the confederate flag the way germans treat the hackenkreuz flag. A symbol that represents the blackest pages in history. No german flies that flag because every german knows what it stands for.


    The South definitely succeeded due to slavery, but there were other reasons, like American tariffs which crippled Southern economies

  • Alt-Centrist NeoBuddhist-AnarchoBonapartist

    honestly, it does seem to have more to do with state rights even after you went through the video, it's just that slavery was the particular subject within states rights that started the civil war.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop

    Lost-cause revisionism is another reason woodrow wilson was one of America's worst presidents. And that's saying something, considering his peers.

  • Jacob Brumfield

    I live in Arkansas, and when people have confederate flags, it has nothing to do with racism. People here usually have them just to show pride of where they come from. Nothing to do with racism at all.

  • kabreu

    To me, it's unjust to look back in shame on people like Lincoln trying to appeal to racist masses in the 1800s. At the time, abolishing slavery alone was seen as an absurd extreme. Lincoln was the good guy and was doing God's work by fucking the Confederacy and keeping the Union together and without slavery. But it doesn't mean that the Union should be painted as without racism. I'm glad you didn't focus this video on explaining Lincoln was also the bad guy, and you explained how the Civil War was in truth over slavery rather than simple state rights. History shouldn't be ignored, but it should be looked at as "this is what people in the area and at the time believed in." I've seen too many people want to paint both sides as evil and everyone involved including Lincoln as unjustifiable. Also, hearing you read the states declarations of secession was fucking hilarious. "Propriety"

  • Carlos Garcia

    The issue of slaves did not come part of the issue by itself since this video forgets to say that under the U.S. Constitution; PROHIBITION ON BANNING SLAVERY
    Article I, Section 9, Clause 1 of the original Constitution prohibited Congress from passing laws that banned slavery until the year 1808, 21 years after the signing of the original Constitution.

    This was another compromise between Constitutional Congress delegates who supported and opposed the slave trade. Article V of the Constitution also ensured that that there could be no Amendments that would repeal or nullify Article I before 1808. In 1807, Thomas Jefferson signed a bill abolishing the slave trade, made effective January 1, 1808.

    Article IV, Section 2 of the Constitution prohibited free states from protecting slaves under state law. In other words, if a slave escaped to a free state, that state was not allowed to "discharge" the slave from their owner or to otherwise protect the slave by law. In this case, the indirect wording used to identify slaves was "Person held to Service, or Labour".

  • Steve Borowsky

    Whitewashed? Dont you mean the north whitewashed it's history, since slavery in the north didn't even end til two years after the confederacy, and Jim crow two generations after and Lincoln was a racial separatist who wanted to deport all blacks to starve in South America?

  • Steve Borowsky

    Even the most mainstream historians don't believe the Civil War was over slavery. It was an excuse concocted by Lincoln. Lincoln cared about centralizing power and gaining control. He was a follower of Marx and a racial separatist. At least the people down south didn't mind living next door to black people,, unlike the people in the north

  • Charles Chapman

    it evidently makes some people happier to pretend Lincoln was a racist and the Civil War wasn't about slavery! How nice for them. The rest of us are stuck with the facts-50 years of slave owner rhetoric-and the constitution of the CSA DEMONSTRATE OTHERWISE!

  • Greg Orcutt

    One point I rarely hear discussed: every country in this hemisphere ended slavery without a war. These are countries we typically disdain like Mexico and Cuba. But somehow Lincoln could not end it except via a massively bloody war. He was not a great statesman. Just the opposite. If only we had had leaders like they had in Brazil.

  • Aadarsh Balireddy

    As someone from Texas… I can say our text books and schools made no attempt to downplay slavery. We learned about all the horrors of slavery and things like that even in elementary school. That's just for the schools I went to, though. I don't know about the others.

    The Dallas area seems to be kind of liberal (by Texas standards) so that may be why but I don't think most Texans would try to argue slavery was not a terrible thing.

  • Raymond Licon

    First are you resident off Texas? If the answer is no then mind your own state's business. If you are run for office. The state I believe is trying not to lend itself to the victim mentality a lot purple have in regards to this issue. I'm a Latino and I refuse to be seen as a victim. Even though there has been plenty of racism towards hispanics. Just because my parents and grandparents were truly discriminated against. It doesn't give me the right to gain some unfair advantage over anybody else. That stupid victim mentality is going to screw up the country in ways we can't even imagine yet.
    We have the greatest country and advantages in this country. Everybody has a chance to succeed. Some bigger than others. But it will never perfectly even just because we not machines. If we were then communism would work.

  • Brian Sheehan

    Was Lincoln a racist by today's standards? Absolutely.

    Was he a racist by 19th Century American standards? Absolutely not.

  • Netaji Thevar

    As a non-American, I have some questions regarding the North-South divide.

    1) Why were the northern states free of slaves in the first place? I do know their economy was largely based on manufacturing industries unlike the labor-intensive plantations of the south, yet they could have benefited from the cheap slave labor right?

    2) Why did the northern states feel so threatened about southerners having slaves? Why was this threat so serious that a balance between slave and free states so crucial for the nations unity?

    3) If the northerners had not put so much pressure on the south, they wouldn't have felt that their economy and way of life was under threat, it was quite natural for them to feel insecure and proceed to secede from the union. If the north had let slavery to exist, wouldn't it have eventually died out? just like how women got their rights, blacks also would have got their rights. Then was was a war necessary?

    4) If you think the northerners were more humanitarian, then where did this feeling come from? I mean, it was the 19th century and the white man still considered himself to be superior to women and all other races and yet, despite the lack of any kind of social rights movement what made the northerners suddenly feel it was their moral duty to free the slaves?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  • BeerReview

    There's two perspectives on the confederacy, the states that instituted slavery saw it as an essential economic and state by state law issue as the Union traditionally until Jackson had selectively ignored certain federal laws, states had more sovereignty within the Union than today. Back then I doubt most common folk honestly knew any better not excusing their actions but that's the reality of how the Confederacy saw the Union. Keep in mind military regiments/militias were organized on a state by state basis at the time versus the military industrial complex of today. Then there's the perspective of the non slave states who would do whatever they could to keep the Union together no matter the cost. In the end it still took the country another 100 years to federally end discrimination based on an individuals ethnic background. Then again some would argue America is still racist but not Morgan Freeman so I'll take his word for it.

  • darkcloud

    "incorrect version of history" just because the north won… history is make by the winners.. and the confederate flag is a representation of the states that leave the union, and yes slavery was one of the main issues but the power of decition of the people of those states was too, as the economic repercusions of the abolish of slavery would have in those states.

  • Mimi Baldwin

    I do not believe Lincoln
    was racist. I believe he was playing politics to achieve his goal. Thank God for Lincoln. If he was a racist he would have never signed the EM Proclamation to free them.
    Texas is very wrong for downplaying slavery in textbooks- give all the facts and not suppressed anything. As far as the flag. The government should not fly the segregated flag of the civil war bc they were defeated. Slaves were freed and that was over 200 years ago.
    Its also disrespectful to African Americans and other groups. Thats just like flying a Nazi flag or erecting a statue of Hitler.

  • Julius Caesar

    For the United States I believe a deep learning of slavery in the u.s. to be important and states right equally one is a issue that still has ripple effects and the other is just an important thing to know as a citizen

  • Motorcycle Tow Service Cycle Man Towing

    Get your facts straight, slaves were counted as 3 5ths instead of one whole. This reduced the representation of slave owners in Washington. I hope you are not making more videos because you are misleading people who listen to you. What are you looking for a job at CNN? People like you piss me off.

  • websnuff

    You can't say Lincoln was against abolition then point out all the states secession from the union before he was sworn in HAD to be about A and not B when in the time A was B…A being slavery, B being property and state's rights

  • Michael Snyder

    Yes, Lincoln was a racist in that he personally did not think an African was the mental equal of a white man. But he became less and less set in this belief as the war went along. Yes, he was willing to accept the continued existence of slavery within those states where it existed if it would avoid a civil war. He was not going to accept the spread of slavery from those states under the "Dred Scott" ruling by a conservative, Southern slave owner dominated Supreme Court. He became convinced that slavery needed to be abolished when the South refused to give up its "peculiar institution" or the right to extend it elsewhere. He became convinced it had to be abolished when it became apparent it was a critical war asset to the South. He also became convinced that regardless of social or cultural equality, any free man in the US should be a citizen and all citizens should be equal before God and the law. At the very least, while he supported a gradual transition of freed slaves to full citizenship, he also supported immediate citizenship for any African-American that fought for the US. It was his efforts that resulted in the 15th and 16th Amendments, that prevented the states from denying citizenship to legal residents not convicted of a felony or stripping that citizenship without due process before the law, which the Southern states had done in the 1840s to Native Americans and free men of color (this included forbidding the possession of firearms). Abraham Lincoln was a great President that in the end preserved the United States, its democracy and abolished slavery. The South rebelled under the leadership of slaveowners, to sustain and preserve slavery, regardless of whether they had a right to secession, and such rebellion was an armed insurrection under the Constitution which Lincoln (Buchanan had the same responsibility but was a coward and ducked it) had the duty to suppress.

  • mrdave2112

    You are assuming the Declarations of Secession are in fact the originals just as people assume the current 13th amendment is the original 13th amendment. Once an original document is destroyed by the victors, true history is unknown. The north destroyed southern court houses and burned Confederate documents near the end of the war. Wars are fought over economic control ( tariffs not virtues). Human behavior is consistent.

  • nora22000

    Lincoln stopped being racist when 200,000 Colored Troops left their slavemasters, trained and fought bravely in the Civil War, even though Lee and other confederate generals shot all captured all black Union soldiers. They fought valiently without furlough until the end of the war, suffering 40% casualties.

    Lincoln was so impressed he gave a speech stating that blacks were as smart as whites and both were equal. A man at that speech decided to assassinate Lincoln and then did so.

  • S Allen

    An incorrect version of history? Said without even a hint of irony. People truly don't understand the history of slaves and slavery. What you have been taught was taught to you to keep people divided because a united America would be a strong America and could not. be so easily controlled. Spend time to learn the truth about the history of slavery, not just here, but arounfld the world. You need to have the intelligence to understand the times and the culture too. Many people view history with today's mentality which causes an extremely one-sided and skewed view of history. If you spend most of your free time watching YouTube videos, it's not likely you will do the research or have the capability to understand the truth. I can twll you one thing about those who dwell on the past, you are doomed to have no future. Ultimately, ignorance and perpetuating racism and hate will keep us all divided and, mark my words, will make slaves of us all one day. Enjoy the ignorance and hatred that many of you cling to like a child's favorite blanket. The cost will eventually be the freedom you abuse and take for granted today.

  • Talltrees84

    Put Confederate Statues and Flags on private land. People that want to see them can do so. When you have them on public land it becomes a matter of public land supported by taxpayer dollars. This is like private and sectarian schools getting public funding while still being able to discriminate against your own children who do not belong to their religion. Many of the Christian Academies set up in the South were to avoid integration. Russia and the former Soviet bloc do not erase their Communist History but they don't have statues to Lenin and Stalin, et al. Ditto for Iraq, no statues of Saddam. Does not erase that era from history books.

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