Lindsey Graham Praises Trump’s #SniffyMcAdderall Speech
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Lindsey Graham Praises Trump’s #SniffyMcAdderall Speech

>>Lindsey Graham had a very different take
from the rest of the American people when it came to Donald Trump’s speech following
the escalation of tension with Iran. Now that speech was a disaster, we covered
it. In fact, the speech was such a disaster that
words like adderall began trending on social media. And so get a load of how Lindsey Graham felt
about the speech.>>The President made a very bold decision
today to allow things to come down. This speech will be talked about long after
his second term. This is on par with tear down this wall Mr.
Gorbachev. This is resetting the relationship between
the world in Iran just not United States. The President said there’s an evil empire
in Iran that’s bent on destroying the world, killing the people in Israel and coming after
us, and now will no longer tolerate it. So this is on par with Reagan’s tear down
this wall speech.>>This is on par with Reagan’s tear down
this wall speech.>>Maybe he’s only heard two speeches?>>This is insane and as I mentioned, words
like adderall were trending because his speech was such a disaster that people thought he
was on drugs. And I just wanna show you another word that
was trending, sniffymcadderall that was also trending following Trump’s crazy speech. But you know what? Twitter is not the end all be all. Oftentimes Twitter is incorrect about things,
right? So,
>>I’ve seen it,>>Why don’t we show our audience some evidence
of this remarkable speech and then you can judge for yourselves.>>Your campaign of terror murder mayhem will
not be tolerated any longer, it will not be allowed under my leadership. Our economy is stronger than ever before and
America has achieved energy independence. These historic accomplishment shades,
>>Tolerated and then the reason why people thought he was on drugs is because he was
acting like he was on drugs.>>Terrorist, Tolerated.>>Okay, no two awkward drug field sniffs
were repeated. That was just a video montage.>>A special snowflake unique in its own way. And by the way, so yesterday when we were
covering the story I mentioned how adderall was trending and adderall, of course, is a
prescription drug that you take orally, but I forgot that some people actually do crush
it up and snorted. Because you know he’s doing the sniffing thing
as if he was like on cocaine or whatever, but he could be using,
>>So look, I think, I don’t know what it is, I don’t necessarily know that I lie by
any of these theories. I will say for those of you who might take
adderall for its generally prescribed purposes, I cannot speak on anyone we are not in any
way trying to stigmatize that or anything. But if Donald Trump is taking something and
he is not making clear what he is taking, then that can be concerning especially when
he is on that is war.>>Yeah, look, prescription drugs exit for
a reason, but they get abused by people who should no t be taking them. And we don’t know if he’s actually taking
them. It’s just funny because that word was trending
following his speech because the speech was unhinged. It was unhinged. The fact that Lindsey Graham has no shame
and refers to that ridiculous speech as something historic and incredible, it’s incredible to
me that he would think that. Because the reality is he doesn’t think that,
the reality is he doesn’t respect Trump, he doesn’t like Trump, we all know he hates Trump. Even now, every once in a while, he’ll throw
out a little jab at Trump and make it clear that he thinks Trump is a complete not a moron
but what Lindsey Graham cares about more than anything else is remaining relevant. In fact, he admitted so much during an interview
with The Daily, the podcast for the New York Times. Please go and listen to that interview with
Lindsey Graham. He says in his own words, that he’s nice to
Trump now because he wants to remain relevant. And so he has no shame none whatsoever. He’s willing to go out there and you know,
use all these like platitudes and all this lovely language about Trump’s ridiculous speech,
full well knowing that it was nonsense.


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  • Marc

    Adderall seriously makes you sniff like this randomly when your peaking!.. this is without snorting. Larger doses of Sudafed also does this.

  • Maine Wills

    The speech waa 100% terrible. Lindsey Graham is a complete idiot who's willing to sell his soul to Trump. Trump knows he's a puxxy and have no respect for him at all. How can you have respect for a weak ass man like Linndsey Graham.

  • Penny O

    Outrageous and disgraceful! And this is who's in charge?
    And no one else is able to overrule him since he exhibits
    impairment!!! You can't make this up…

  • Chris Whalen

    TYT, c'mon. Liberals give the benefit of the doubt too often. Trump snorts Adderall and pseudoephedrine. There is a lot of evidence of this including first hand accounts.

  • mugwump242

    "An evil empire bent on destroying the world." Was Graham mistaking Iran for Mordor? Any statement like that (outside a fiction novel) should instantly flag a politician as having no credibility. It's childish.

  • Matthew Lewis

    I'd rather have an evil empire in Iran as a bat-shit-crazy lunatic in the White-house who can destroy the world with the push of a button..
    Hey Lynsey was it better as Lincoln's Gettysburg Address..

  • Telly Vin-a

    i'm starting to think that after mccain died, graham just stopped giving any f*cks. he's now just playing his version of an over the top republican character, maybe even taking that acting class he's been wanting to do so badly.

  • DDONTE 2000


  • Errol Harris

    I thought I was the only one that noticed he was high as a kite. And that southern drawl accent. haha. My boy Trumpy was flying

  • Underhander

    I don't see any Iranians launching drone strikes killing people in airports, I don't see Iranians shooting black kids in the back, I don't see Iranians creating companies that sell weapons of war to the whole world and ban others from doing business with U.S. businesses… Trump and Graham are the evil empire…

  • William Rowland

    He always gets that weird smug look on his face pronounces words wrong and sniffs when ever he’s in front of the large crowds. Drug tests for the congress, senate and the president if they want the job then stay drug free

  • MisterNiles

    What in the hell does Trump have on Graham? It has to be something REALLY bad. Snuff child pornography with an anti Christian theme? Seriously? What the hell could it possibly be? Or is Graham deep into early onset dementia?

  • Lelynn Miller

    if some1 associated with FOX made a vid like that, (2:03 mins in) they'd b using doubles & mirrored images & slowing it down & speed it up & all that fake & phony NONSENSE!! 🙄 aint gotta reedit Trump tho… dudes a fool, all on his own. 😳

  • TinkChoctaw

    We have to look through the smoke screen. Trump is going to nominate McConnell for the next SCOTUS position and Graham is going to be Senate Majority Leader. They don't give a damn about the American people. It is all about Money and Rulership.

  • John Hood

    Spiritual people would say, that he just sold his soul to the devil. If he is a spiritual person.
    I also know who he is working for and I know his god for real.
    I think someone need to call the ghosts buster for him.

  • rationalguy

    It's more than obvious that Trump is a drug user. I have no idea what he's using, but it's clearly something. He displays classic "high-low" symptoms.

  • polite critique

    If someone attacked schools in state of Lindsey and Moscow Mitch then the pigs will finally vote out these big nosed Christ killers cursed enemies of heaven and future Antichrist army synagogue of Satan remember

  • Richard Johnsen

    This president is so incompetent he needs a cat to flush his toilet and a dog to lick his ,er, sorry Lindsey, but he still needs the cat!

  • Lelfia Khaleghi

    Yeah i know there is an evil in America, at the White House at the Oval Office; so, we need to bring him down too, VOTE BLUE.

  • Ben Henderson

    The general on the right is looking around like he's trying to figure out who's batshit crazy enough to believe this lying orange sack of psychotic shit.

  • Dewayne heath

    This is why this world won't change for our kid's these old 900 year old people still in Congress like it's the 40's or 50's these old people don't want change put some young people in there with real ideas. Until then nothing will change. Sad but true.

  • Shakeerah

    People will be talking about the speech long after his first and last term because., quiet frankly, I thought he was having a heart attack while most people thought he was on drugs. He made NUMEROUS mistakes and sounded like a complete idiot. Mr. Graham if you believe him that makes you an idiot. Stop kissing the devils ass.

  • Anthony Clay

    I am surprised you guys heard the speech because you, along with Nancy Pelosi, are in mourning over death of the Iranian general. What time is your flight back to America. How is the weather in Iran?

  • drew pedersen

    Maybe he's just really, really, really, really out of shape?

    Although I'm going with really, really, really, really on drugs.


    When people thought George Bush junior was crazy or phony or a joke for president….. Donald Trump beat him with a landslide

  • Rob Blokdijk

    I love Linda!!! She is a top comedian 🤢 she is so tolleraideble.
    Ofcourse the world will talk about this wonderful speech for decades 😂 DEAREST Linda.. you silly lill manwhore. Grease up your buttplug, your in for a invasion by the presidential champignon. Enjoy!!!!!!

  • Carla Costa

    The man to the back, right of Trump is looking like Trump is nuts. Why did they go against Congress? Couldn't the ones in charge tell him NO!. It is a law we get approval from Congress first. If he told our military to go shoot someone on 5th Avenue they would do it!!!!!!

  • jim harmon

    Iran people seem more supportive of our President than you people .
    You lost in 2016 and will lose in 2020 learn to like it .
    Fun to hear losers cry , howl at the sky . Just shows how intelligent you are . LOL
    Your ignorance was fun at first now it is getting annoying.


    Lindsey Graham is a flip flopping piece of 💩💩💩💩💩💩 man dont you get tired of defending and ass kissing being a ball sniffing leech to Donald con man Trump

  • Melissa Graham

    It will be talked about. I for one don't TRUST someone on dope with the lives of this countrys. Having to take it is one thing but I believe he uses it for pleasure. I think he's sampling Cocaine/Moscow Mitch dope.

  • Larry Stran

    The people of iran was uprising against there goverment obama turn the other way . at least trump is giving them support .

  • Larry Stran

    Trump don't even drink alcohol or smoke. The turks are off there rockers . its called trump derangement syndrome. May 2020 be a long year for cenk and anna . then bam another 4 years of trump . maybe Another 8 More years thr first 4 wont count do To the fake impeachment and the sham Muller investigation and corrupt fbi and doj and all the corrupt Democrats. Obstructing a presidents official business of the united states . wouldnt that keep america. Great👍

  • Unanimous

    In every aspect of his life he’s propped up by others. This behavior is strange but to make that leap that he’s on a narcotic
    Is not cool. You really don’t know.
    I hate the guy but why fan the flames?

  • phanatic215

    I need to know what Trump has on Miss Graham. It has to be child rape…HAS TO BE!!. Not necessarily little kids, but maybe like a 15 or 16 year old gay kid.

  • Rotten America

    Actually there's a dangerous administration in our White house that has no regard for American safety .But no one's getting him out…And all these Republicans Senators on broad to Deceit Americans ,detouring into conflict that has no justification…

  • hell awaits

    That's got to be really hard to be a general or a commanding officer and have to stand behind that bag of shit whistle through his nose and speak like he stroked out mins before going up to the podium. And then we have Lindsey Graham who left the confines of his home just long enough to give his 10yr old boy abductees a chance to heal and plan their escape. You can tell right after Jeffrey Epstein died the whole Republican party side of huge sigh of relief that no one will be outted but at the same time they're all freaking out because they haven't had a decent piece of ass in a while.

  • Edwin Wright

    Lindsey Graham has taken ass kissing to a whole new level. He's a gold medal ass kisser. A complete absence of pride and dignity. I don't know how he can look at himself in the mirror.

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