Live Phobia Intervention – from the NLP Master Class Highlights reel
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Live Phobia Intervention – from the NLP Master Class Highlights reel

– Does anyone here have a phobia? Does anyone have a phobia
they’d like to get rid of? Yeah, what have you got? – [Woman] When I go into an
MRI, they had to put me asleep because I freak out when I go in. – Yeah, yeah, here we
go, heart’s palpitating. Okay, so if you could
rate it from one to 10, what would it be? – [Woman] 10 plus. – Here we go. Would you like to get rid of that? – Uh huh. – Great, would you like to come up front? (applause) This is how easy it is to get
rid of a phobia for anyone. It doesn’t matter whether
it’s a spider, snake. What’s this phobia that you’ve got? What’s this feeling that you’ve got? – Well I didn’t realise I had it until, because I have a heart problem, and they wanted to see me for a MRI, and when I went I didn’t realise
until they put me in there. And then I just totally freaked out. And they had to get me
out of there quickly. It took me three days to
overcome that feeling. I can feel it now when I say it. – You can still feel it? – Yeah. – Okay, so what would it mean for you to get rid of that phobia? – That would be wonderful. – Great, let’s do that, let’s do it. Cool. So when you, is it just MRIs
or is it confined spaces in general, is it specific context? – I think more so when the
space is like really close, when I can’t see anything,
just what’s there. – Okay, yep, okay, so can you do that now? Can you bring back the phobia right now? You can do it now? – Uh huh. – Yep, can you not do it now? Can you stop doing it? Can you just do something else? – Yep. – Cool. – Is that good? – Here we go, here we go. So what we’re doing is I’m
going to teach you guys how to actually do this. So you guys can actually
do this, if you literally know anyone with a phobia,
you can actually do this with someone that you know. Like literally it’s so super simple. Have any of you guys
seen my phobia bust video that I did on Facebook? You guys seen some of that? I actually walked around Perth with a sign saying, and I did this in Hobart as well, busting people’s phobias in
less than five minutes for free. You know just for fun, and obviously for marketing purposes,
but um it’s amazing. I actually wondered around
and actually helped people with their phobias. This is really simple. So not to diminish your experience, but in a few moments you won’t
even remember what it was. So this is really cool stuff. So when you think of, what
do you want to give it? Is it fear of, fear of what? – Feeling trapped. – Feeling trapped, okay. So when you think of feeling trapped, teach me how do you do that? Like if I was to replace you
in like as a temp for the day, how would I do that? So teach me how to do it,
like would I need to maybe create a picture or think
of something in my mind or make a sound or do
I need to hold my body in a certain way, like
teach me what do I gotta do? – It’s a feeling that comes here, like it tightens up and the
heart beat just starts popping. – Starts popping, okay. Cool, is there anything
that happens before that in order to make the heart start popping? – What I see. – Oh, what she sees, cool. What are you seeing? – Enclosed and just what’s in front of me, and it’s so close to me. – Uh huh, cool, okay. So it sounds like you’re creating
a picture in front of you. – Uh huh. – Uh huh, cool. Where is this picture? Is it like here, here, where is this? Where are you creating the picture? – Here. – Right in front of your face. Cool, okay, so what is the picture of? – Just dark. – Dark, okay, and do you
ever forget to not do this? – No. – Like do you ever
forget to do the phobia? – Ah, yes. – You do forget to do it. Like every now and then
you’ll just forget to do it, and you won’t do it. – Yeah, it’s only when I’m put
in that area that it comes. – Yeah, got it, okay. – I try to avoid it. – Got it, okay, and so
what would happen if, okay, and forgive me because
I’m a bit of a slow learner, like I’m really slow at
learning these things. But it sounds like I’ve
gotta make a picture, yeah? Now what I’ve gotta do is
make that picture so it’s all the way, did you
say it was all the way to the back of the room and
kind of really small and pink, was that it? – No. – No, so what do I do? – It’s in front of me. – Ah, okay, so if I made
a picture all the way down to the back of the
wall, would that work? – It’s far enough away. – I wouldn’t want to do that then. Sorry, I’m really, really bad at this. Sorry, sorry, okay let’s try again. So if I made this picture,
which is all the way down to the back of the
wall, a nice pink fluffy ball that’s making like a little mouse sound. You’re not scared of mice, are you? – No. – No, it’s like a little speaking sound of a little fluffy mouse. And then I created a
little, the next thing was so I created a little sensation, was it in the toe, or was it? – In the heart. – In the heart, so if I
focused on making a sensation in my toe, would that work? – Yeah. – In the toe it would work? – It would take my mind away from me. – Oh no, so what I’m trying
to do the phobia here, so you gotta help me out, I’ve
gotta recreate the phobia. So at the moment I’ve
got like a little mouse in the back corner. – Squeaking. – Yep, yep, yep, and then
I’m thinking of my little toe that’s kind of pulsing and kind of tickly. Will that work, will
that create the phobia? – No. – No, well I better not do that then. Hmm, okay, you guys get what I’m doing? Right, we’re working out the strategy. All this is is an internal strategy. So if you were to take that picture and take it all the way back
to the back of the wall, so it’s all the way back there. And maybe make it really, really small, like you know the size of
the exit sign up there. – Uh huh. – Yep and just lock that in place. How does that feel? – Good. – Good, yep, and if you
just make yourself be aware of the little tickle
in your toe as you hear the little mouse squeak, yep, yep. Now what I want you to
do is I want you to know, I want you to know lock that in place. So just imagine that
representation you’ve got now that will replace that old thing. And the other sound
that a top kind of makes when you put the lid on,
just lock that in place. Yep, cool, so now when you
think of that old thing we were just talking
about then, what happens? (laughter) – Nothing. – Nothing? – I feel I don’t know if you saw it, but my shoulders dropped. – Did you see that? So see if you can bring it back? You know that old thing
you used to be able to do? See if you can do it. (laughter) Try really hard if your
brain can recreate that thing you just had about two minutes ago. Come on. – I can’t. – How long have you had that phobia for? How long have you had the phobia for? – I’d say it’s must be all my life. I never realised it until
I went into the hospital. – Okay, so you had this
thing your whole life. Okay, let’s just test
to make sure it’s gone because it can’t just go that easy. Quit it. Try it, just honestly, try really hard, try really hard. Try and bring it back, like try your best. No, there you go. Can’t do it? – No. – Here we go, we’ve just
scratched the record. We’ve just, we’ve just
updated the internal software. We’ve just completely changed the filters. This is all unconscious. Right, we’ve just given
you a new strategy. So what happens is your
brain has now found a strategy that’s going to help you avoid that negative emotional experience. So your body now will just
not go to that anymore. So now when I ask you
about that old thing, what comes to mind? – Well the picture at the
back and the squeaking. (laughter and applause) Are we done here, is there anything else? – Yeah. – Congratulations. – Thank you. – Well done, well done.

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