Lo Nuevo en Universal Orlando!
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Lo Nuevo en Universal Orlando!

Look, travelers! We’re going to show you our hotel. It’s completely new. It just opened. It’s called…wait, how do you pronounce it? It’s called Sapphire…Loews… Nope, try again. “Loews Sapphire Falls Resort”. Show me your room. Did you notice our rooms are connected? Connec–look! This is my room. You close it… …then you open it. It’s like a bungalow. Like something you’d see at the beach. You have to do the mattress test. But the mattress test I– I’m gonna jump from here! Wait. Let me move this. One, two…! Not bad, not bad. Nice job, congratulations! Let’s see…the bathroom, look–wow. I can film your mattress test. Then let’s do it. From one bed to another. One, two… It’s so soft, right?! Yeah, so soft. Well, we’ll give you a tour around the hotel so you get to see it. Okay. Bye. Travelers, if you haven’t watched the other Orlando videos I made, I’ll leave them in the description. But those videos were filmed in January, and it was a pretty cold January. Now it’s September and…wait, is it? Almost October. Well, nearly October, and the weather is so nice. Look, there’s a pool and everything, and this hotel has the biggest pool in all the Universal hotels. Don’t you even think about throwing me. I’m not going to. Do you have anything you’d like to say? It’s really warm. I didn’t check the weather and now I’m burning. But I have my alanxelmundo cap and alanxelmundo tee so it’s all good. There’s a gym, an arcade– you say “gym” weird. Gym…gym… Well, you have an arcade, and we want to see if we can win a prize. Maybe a minion. There’s a golden watch here. French, very elegant. I see it silver. It’s golden. It’s like the dress. Is it blue? Is it golden? Travelers, like I said, this is a new hotel. It just opened two months ago in July. It is really cool. It has many restaurants, the pool, a shop, coffee, what do you need? I needed to buy a shirt that someone asked but I interrupted you! I’m sorry, dad! No, show me which one. One of these ones. Let me show you the store. This is all Harry Potter merch, which I’m a fan of. I feel like I would be a gryffindor, and I know everyone says that, but I would genuinely be one. Here they sell the hat, how was it called? The Sorting Hat. And these ones. And the magic wands. The broomstick. Oh yeah, the broomstick. “Light-up broom”. Oh, I see…you turn it on and it has some lights there. I feel like it has to be nighttime. But you can still see it during the day. “To get to the park, you take a free boat ride.” Travelers, I’m sorry for my grumpy face because… Very early, very early. They woke us up very early. Because we are in Universal. I went to get my coffee over there, and I come back to see Alan sitting like this, like the meme with the fox looking at a shoe like this. “When you wake up and you have nothing to do in life so you stare at a shoe.” That’s how you were. Today, I’m sponsored by Alan. My ‘Nómada’ tee and the cap. Yesterday I wore the ‘Help Me’ tee-shirt, and there was a dude in a store like “Oh, your thing says help me. So how can I help you?” And I was like “Mmmm-mmmm.” Today we had to wake up early, but we have a surprise. The park opens at 9:00, but it’s 7:00 am right now. Why? Because they’re gonna take us in earlier to film ourselves–I can’t tell you. I can’t tell you. You’ll see. The people at Universal are being awesome and we are gonna do something very special. Before I show you what’s going on here in the Horror Nights at Universal, I’m going two show you two attractions that I couldn’t show you here in Islands of Adventure. One of them is just renewed while the other one is completely new. We’ll start by the renewed one, which is this Hulk ride. Since it’s renewed, well, I don’t know how it’s going to go. I feel like Hulk got stronger in these past few months. Daughter! Yeah? Are you nervous? Well no, I’m not scared. I love roller coasters. But you do know it’s one of the fastest one on the planet, right? No, I did not. That green man is going to throw you. You’ll feel Hulk’s green fury. It’s fine. Let’s see if I’m this calm when I get out, though. And as you can see, there’s no one in the park because they’re not open yet. Look, it’s about to go! Did you see that? Let’s go. It’s gonna be fast, huh? I’m very, very scared! It’s too early for this. This is awesome! My spit flew out of my face! It’s too early for these thrills, dad! Did you like it, my daughter? I loved it, it’s incredible. But it was so fast that spit kept flying out of my face. It’s really cool now. It has music, the Hulk screams now, there’s lights… It’s fun. It’s tough, though. We’re a bit dizzy right now but once we feel fine, we’ll ride it again. Wait. Wait a second. Let’s at least wait until I feel ready again. If you’re coming alone or in a big group and there’s a long waiting line, you have several options. To buy the Universal Express, which saves you from waiting in line. Bye! Two, you can go in line for the ‘single riders’, which will divide the group but it will be faster. And three, if you’re coming with kids that don’t want to go, you can use the family room. That way one of the parents rides it first while the other one stays with the child, then they switch. Or, bring the older children and that’s it. Advice number four, do not have breakfast, or at least let time pass because I can feel my coffee right here. Look, what you see behind… That thing you see behind us is the new island here in Islands of Adventure. It’s called Skull Island. Here we will meet King Kong, another thing that scares me a bit. It is completely new, it opened during the summer and I don’t know it, and Regina…? Me neither. Are you excited? Yes! Perfect. And since I just watched some gorillas, I’ll see if they made King Kong well or not. But I think they did. It’s saying “Run! Don’t ride this attraction, it’s not worth it! Don’t go, Alan!” “Regina, you should ride it”, it says. I’m translating. I speak Taramoku which is her language. Come, don’t lag behind. It’s a…bug. It’s incredible! That’s cool. We’re just waiting for our 3D glasses. Just so you know, you get scared as you wait in line. This gets real, fast. If I was scared right now, I don’t even want to know how it’ll be once inside. I’m going to die. Sorry for any curse words you might hear me say. We just went on the King Kong attraction, we’re not allowed to film any of it but they are right, because otherwise the surprises will be ruined. If you find any video on youtube someone filmed, don’t watch it because it ruins the surprise. It’s really cool, it’s mostly in 3D, and the vehicles aren’t on rails. They use a different technology that very few other attractions use. It’s like a self-driven thing, or by satellite, but no rails. Plus, each “bus” will give you a different experience, so you can ride it many times. I liked it. Me too. What do you think? I mean, I was agreeing and nodding with you the whole time you spoke, so yeah. What was your favorite moment? Umm…well, I can’t say it because I’ll spoil it! Oh, okay. I’ll tell you later. Okay. Well, we’re going to enjoy the park, I’ll have to put away my camera but follow me on snapchat, that way you can stay posted, and if you miss it you can see it in my “AXM snapchat” channel. I think. But anyway, if you haven’t seen my videos in Islands of Adventure or Universal, I’ll leave it in the description. I have a special episode of both Harry Potter lands, which are incredible, and for now, let me show you the Halloween Horror Nights. In the next episode: Visit the online Alan X el Mundo store, and discover dozens of articles that will make your trip easier. We ship all around the planet.


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