Lobbying for the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act
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Lobbying for the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act

My name is Joe, I’m a
foreigner living in Hong Kong, and I have something really important to share with you about this city. So, several weeks ago, I
actually went to Washington, DC, to meet with congressional
staff who were preparing the Hong Kong Human Rights
and Democracy Act of 2019. I went there because I was afraid that certain business interests
or the Chinese government would somehow weaken or kill this bill. And my trip went very
well, and I was amazed. Like, I accomplished
everything that I wanted to do, and there is massive support for this bill from nearly everyone in the U.S. Congress. And it should have passed by now. Something is delaying the bill, and we can’t wait any longer in Hong Kong. So I am going to go back again to meet with legislative staff on Capitol Hill, and just push them however I
can to pass this bill quickly. I’m asking you to support me
by donating for this trip, by praying for me, and also
by calling senators’ offices to ask them to support Senate Bill 1838, the Hong Kong Human
Rights and Democracy Act. This bill will help keep China
accountable about Hong Kong. You know, there’s so many
things that need to happen if Hong Kong is going to remain free. And I think this bill
is one of those things. So let me just tell you a
little bit about what happened when I met with Congress,
the congressional staff, about Hong Kong. I saw that they were
responding very seriously with real questions that
show they really care about what’s happening here. I’m just a random guy
who lives in Hong Kong, but they wanted to take
time to talk with me simply because I’m an
American living in Hong Kong, and I’m fairly engaged with the protests. And also, legislative staff
deal with a hundred different issues every week, and they’re in America. So it’s not trending
on their Twitter feeds, they’re not seeing media
coverage of the conflict all day like we are in Hong Kong. But they do know the Hong Kong situation is very important, so they listened. I showed them the photos of
the millions of people marching and the countless ways
that Hong Kong people have creatively demonstrated
their desire for democracy. The Senate staff I talked
with were truly amazed at how Hong Kong people are
standing up for their rights, and doing it with so much passion and creativity and patience. And they let me cry as
I shared the stories of the protest suicides
that have taken place just near my home, down the road here. I poured out my heart, and
told them that I’m married to a local Hong Konger. We have no plans to leave. We’re gonna raise a family. We’ve been talking about
raising foster kids or our own kids. Anyway, we love Hong Kong. This is our home. And I just want you to
know, especially if you’re in Hong Kong, that the
Senate staff I talked with were very moved by the
ways the Hong Kong people are supporting each other
and not losing hope. I even saw some of them
tear up during our meetings. I shared one story of
how a couple months ago, across the street from
my apartment, there was a high school student who nearly jumped from his tall apartment building.

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