Love Rewind: An Intervention Update || STEVE HARVEY
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Love Rewind: An Intervention Update || STEVE HARVEY

– I was dating a guy off and
on for a year and a half, and I blocked him last summer because he didn’t want to go further
with the relationship, I’m looking for marriage and children. Fast forward, he got in
a really bad car accident over the holidays, and so I unblocked him, to check on him to see how he was. So since then, he’s
like randomly hit me up for career advice, real estate advice ’cause he values my opinion, but he doesn’t say, hey, how are you Dawn? And then ask me the
advice, so I’m wondering, is he just trying to throw out bait to see what I would do? – When you break up with a guy, when you’re considering going back, try to remember why you
broke up in the first place. Always think very carefully,
(applause) what was it. He wasn’t serious, he didn’t
give you what you wanted. Before, you wanted the
relationship to go further, he wouldn’t ready to commit. Now he has his two car accidents, you reach out and you check on him. Now he calls you periodically, and he asks you for advice. He’s right back to just
worrying about himself. You have to remember what
you want out of this. – [Dawn] Right. – And until you get
what you want out of it, if I were you, I would
stop giving to this person. – [Dawn] Right. – Because it’s one-sided. – [Dawn] Right. – You’re a really nice-looking lady, you really deserve to
have somebody your own, and that’s not what he wants, seems like. Can I ask, how old are you, you’re young. – 37. – Huh?
– 37. – You’re 37? You too old for this. I bet you there has been several men who has requested your
time, but in your efforts to try to see what he gon
do, you’ve held them at bay. – I will say for that point, I have actually have
entertained other men, – [Steve] Huh? – I have actually have entertained, I actually don’t hold them at bay, I let them come and try to court me and all that.
– Okay. – I would say, lately
though, folks have tried to play me then I’ve
had to cut them off too. So it’s like, you know,
I’m very transparent. Look, I’m grown, I’m trying
to get married and have kids. And some people, you know they try to push the envelope, and I’m like, no, you asked me on our first date and that’s what I told
you, I’m not playing. And so then–
– Where do you live? – LA. – Can I introduce you
to a really nice man? – Sure, sure. (giggles) (audience aplauds) (giggles) – I’m gonna introduce you to him today. – Oh, okay, look, okay.
(crowd cheers) – He works for me. – Oh, okay. – As a matter of fact,
I have two guys for you. – [Dawn] Oh, okay. (laughs) – You just got yourself
some options today. – (laughs) Thank you, thank you. (audience claps)


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