Low Intervention Birthing Techniques
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Low Intervention Birthing Techniques

– Hi, I’m Seabrin Jensen. – And I’m Danae Young, and we have Courtney
Caldwell today with us. And she is gonna go over
low-intervention birth methods. And we’re in one of our labor suites. – Can you show us some different positions that a woman might be able
to do while she’s pushing? – Sure. So this is probably one of the
most common pushing positions that we use or that we see. These are foot pedals. We’ve got mom kind of in
a semi-sitting position. In this position, a lot of ladies can actually
grab behind their thighs as well and pull their thighs
back just a little bit. The partner can also hold onto their foot and assist with pushing mom’s feet and thighs to help support her. What I like about the foot pedals is it leaves mom open to do what she wants and what feels comfortable to her. Another option is we have stirrups attached to the foot pedals that come up and it actually supports mom’s thigh here. So if mom feels like she wants a break or she wants a little extra support, that can be very comfortable to her. So this is probably the most common method that we use for pushing. – How do you feel in it? – Comfortable. – Yeah? – What’s nice too is
after she’s done pushing, she can just kind of lay back
and rest and close her eyes, listen to music and just kind of relax in between contractions. Another low-intervention pushing position would be side-lying. This works really well for
moms who may be exhausted and tired and who need a
little bit of a break as well, but it also gives them freedom of movement while they’re laying in the bed. For side-lying pushing, a lot of times they can use
some assistance from us, or a lot of times they’ll
pull their thigh up here and possibly this way. What this does is open up mom’s
pelvis, allows her to push. So ladies, this is
another pushing position. This is great because
gravity is helping her with the pushing, and it can save her some
of her pushing efforts. Ladies who push in this position usually can have some rapid progress. During this time she can
relax in between contractions. I can put counter back pressure and do the double hip squeeze as well, while we’re waiting for
the next contraction. And then when it’s time to push, Lindsey can kind of bear
down in the bed and push. And this works just great because she’s in a upright position where gravity is helping her. The squat bar is another
option for pushing. This is wonderful at using in an upright gravity
position to help with pushing. During this time too,
the nurse a lot of times will help support mom’s perineum, especially if the baby’s
getting close to delivery, because there can be a lot
of pressure on her perineum during that time. It helps mom learn how
to focus where to push because it helps with
that pressure feeling. Do you mind to demonstrate, Lindsey? So during a contraction
Lindsey’s gonna come up and she’s going to push, push,
push, push, push and squat. And then when her contraction’s over, she’s gonna sit back down and relax. Now, of course, if she was
getting close to delivery she might stay in this position or she might go to her side after that, but it allows mom to rest in between. But really helps give
support for using gravity and upright positioning for pushing. – Okay, beautiful. And you can also utilize
the mirror during? – Of course. The mirror is wonderful for moms who would like to help see their progress. Sometimes if they can
see their baby’s head too it gives them an idea of where to focus and where to push, but also gives them that positive feedback so they can see that their
baby’s getting ready to be born. So this is an option for
all ladies who are in labor if they would like to utilize it. – Great. – We have some other little accommodations that we can offer you guys
during your labor process. We just got these little
diffusers that are awesome. We have lavender and peppermint oil that we can put in them, and then they light up. They make the room smell great. They can be a calming effect for you. Some women like to put
the oils on a wet rag and put it over their belly. That can help them soothe
during contractions. This is the tennis ball that Courtney was kind of explaining to us that we can put pressure on the back there along with this little guy. And then we have K-Pads that can warm up and so we can obviously
put that on your back where you may be having back contractions that can just kind of
relieve the pain in that way. And then– – This is one of the
belly bands that we offer. These are wonderful. This can help mom, if mom needs fetal monitoring, and this can help hold
the monitor in place without some of the
achiness of the straps. But it also is great because
it can help hold heat or cold in place on mom’s back to help
as a comfort measure as well. So we call those the belly bands. – Awesome. – Yeah. – Courtney thank you for your time. We appreciate all this information and look forward to seeing you in there. – Thank you. It was my pleasure.

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