Make a New Site with Federalist
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Make a New Site with Federalist

so this is the federalist front end in
both it both doubles as the hello Federalist site for us as well as the
wall guns screen in the back end of the app so I’m gonna press the login button
the first thing to know about Federalists and compliance is that you
don’t have to have a separate account for Federalists instead we just build on
top of your github account so your agency just has to control who has
github permissions to edit stuff admin stuff reads stuff but essentially if you
have control to edit the backend code of the site then Federalists thinks you
better listen okay granting you the ability to edit the Federalist settings
for the site so as long as you can mess up the site that way you can mess up the
fight this way it’s basically a way to think about it but it means you know a
separate set of logins yeah Jimmy not using wall guernica using get the credential and the question was can you clarify is Federalists using
a log and Doug of credential or github that’s homme we’re using your
credentials because we don’t want you to have to track in two different places
who has access to edit stuff about the site you shouldn’t have to you know log
in to Federalists and change permissions there and log into github and change
permissions there if the site content sitting on github just in one place and
this lets us simplify and it also makes her ato easier which makes the cost
lower for you no questions on line so far great so I’m looking at a whole long
list of websites here most of you are not going to have anything like this
list I just do a lot of demos and so I have a lot of sites
well let’s click into one of the sites for example and look at one of our
templates so this is the Federalist modern team template and all of its gory
and it doesn’t have a lot except for some basic gsa content and it has you
know a few different items you can click some different things to scroll through
a header and a footer and it has this about page I want you to pay attention
to this about page it says about GSA mission history some basic type of web
content so you in web development in the life we’re in front and land right now
right this is this is a header this is a smaller header this is another header
we’re gonna edit this stuff in a second off the template you can see this
template is sitting at HTTPS which means it’s
because Federalists automatically provides the certificate to host your
website securely you don’t have to worry about that all you have to do is correct
connect your domain name system to the right place so here’s our template we’re
now going to make a new copy of it so I’m gonna go to this add website button
I’m gonna choose the modern team template which is the template we just
had I’m gonna press use this and then I’m gonna make W slight demo 24 because
I’ve done this 24 times now on this on this particular account I’ll press the
create site button and really hope that there’s not some kind of bug that just
goes to crop up today and there wasn’t it’s already building that’s great I’m
always nervous whenever you do that everyone that ever demo software always
has that paralyzing fear I hate to name it that makes it more control okay so
now I’m building out the site let’s talk about what’s actually happening on the
back end right now federalists is taking the content of this template sitting
here the back end inside of github and it’s forking it it’s doing an action and
github that we’ll cover in the training in a little bit but it’s making a whole
copy of this code so the code that builds this site the front-end code that
builds the site it’s making a copy of it and it’s putting it over in my personal
space in github it’s putting it in my personal profile it’s calling it W slash
demo 24 and then it’s gonna go into federalists and build out that site
right in front of me so if I press the refresh button you can see that it is
the bill that’s currently in progress open up this screen you can see here’s
the code sitting in and github for W slack demo 24 now this screen I’m going
to cover a lot more about and they get how training so if it’s a if it’s new
and scary especially for folks on line please don’t worry about that
you’ll be able to we’ll talk a lot more about all the different things on the
screen and what it means for right now I just want to direct your attention if
you can see especially folks in the back it’s hard to see there’s a list of
folders here I’m gonna go to the one that says pages and then I’m going to
open up the one that says about MD so here’s that same stuff if you remember
that was sitting here in our template about GSA mission in history
so someone is streaming and needs to turn off their volume thank you but I
appreciate your interest in hearing me twice so when federalists is building up
something you might you might be asking well how does it actually take my raw
web content and put it up there well your raw web content can look a few
different ways you could just make a bunch of HTML and Dreamweaver and we’ve
had a contractor that actually did that made a bunch of stuff in Dreamweaver and
then shipped it over to us and we’ll publish that exactly as it is the vast
majority of federal sites use a static site builder to put their pages together
a builder is something like Jekyll or like Hugo you might have heard of those
those things before and they work like a like a chef with a recipe so they take
the raw content of your site is sitting here and what we call a markdown format
that’s the dot MD that were and when we say about that Indy up here and then
somewhere else is the actual HTML page that has all the
images and styling and all that kind of stuff the advantage of building this way
is that you can give your content experts the ability to edit your site
without having to worry about all that HTML stuff that even abstracts all of
that away but it’s completely up to you federalists makes it possible to go one
way or the other way that matters a lot especially in the government for teams
that may not have a dedicated front and expert or a dedicated expert that knows
HTML Katherine if I can pick on you one more time like you have a team that
knows a lot about content and doesn’t know a lot about the specific colors and
stylings the intent of the system is to let you edit your content without having
to worry about all that color and styling all that Jekyll does in the
build process is that it takes your HTML templates that you have it takes the
content that you have and then it mixes them together so I want to point out
here this says layout page what that means is that it’s it’s telling it’s
telling federalists hey take the HTML for a page whatever that looks like in
the template combine it with my markdown here make that file and that’s the
resulting HTML that gets published so at this point I’ve definitely stalled long
enough for the bill to complete successfully
awesome and we’re gonna look at the website you’ll see this looks like an
exact carbon copy of this because it’s the same back-end code and one of the
points of federalists is that you can use all the code sharing the github
makes possible you can borrow beg steal from all the other folks that are using

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