• Carvan Jackson

    Bless Him you are my kind of Pastor. However, your wife was for stating the nonwhite does not look American. It under the blood, though!!!

  • Cal Blanchard

    What the hell are these check points for other than it allows the authorities to see inside the car. The questions are non consequential. Are you a citizen? where are you going? where are you coming from? did you poop today? any guns in the car? are those artificial avacado's or did you bring them from Mexico. All of these questions are meaningless if you respond to them properly. Lying is expected and if you do you can proceed.

  • Buzz May

    Again I say as long as our government has the CHICKEN LITTLE SYNDROME and allows this ,it like living in NATZI GESTOPO control.


    See and the funny part is the woman said about smuggling fireworks ! So you are breaking the law and you should have been detained . And what a racist comment about (he don't look american) how racist of her to say that ,you know Americans come in many different colors right! What a bunch of idiots in the car!

  • dzlf250

    All you had go do was say yes you wasted my time everyone's time. Ooh big guy cow boy hat glasses they should of known you were an American from that gay cow boy look.

  • Ryan Russell

    Maybe they should have pulled him out and gave him a boo boo on his eyebrow. He could then go on Infowars, get a suit and tie, starts preaching and saying “soul winning” every ten seconds, stand up on his pulpit, talk about gay people needing to shoot themselves, start a flame war with James White and be the next NIFB Pope.

  • Curtis Chapman

    2:24. She says he doesn't look American. Can someone explain what an American looks like? I thought it was all races, culturez and religions. But, If you wanna get real technical on what an American looks like, I can tell you it's definitely not white. It's not Africans or Mexicans either. A true American is a Native American(iIndian). So for all you people who think America or an American is one race, your not even a real American.(unless your Native American.)

  • Dougie Quick

    First of all I hate being overly parented by police as much as anyone …I have several real problems with abusive police officers ….I have more reason than most to speak out against cops HOWEVER I do NOT understand the logic behind "police dui check points are unconstitutional" THAT makes zero sense ….Now if it were a sidewalk checkpoint? OR if at the DUI checkpoint they were harassing passengers? In other words abusing the entire reason for the checkpoint? Then I can see an issue ….but the state or city trying to curb drunk driving with sobriety checkpoints? How IS THAT unconstitutional? Driving a vehicle is NOT a right….Not just ANYONE can drive an automobile DUHHH! I swear some of these morons act like it is unreasonable to have police….just let people do whatever the hell they want to? I don't get it the argument? Now I DO get the concept that many police want to overstep anything reasonable and just go on fishing expeditions to the people they deem to…..the problem of course with resisting the ASSHOLE typed cops is that they ARE asshole types to begin with …..all an asshole cop has to do is say he smelled something ….he can always say "I am trained to use my nose to identify the presence of cannabis or alcohol" and whether he or she actually did or not? It's their word as a sworn officer with x number years service…..YOU are screwed …see that's the thing ..they can lie and there's not squat you can do but file a complaint ….or break their neck and go to prison for it…. But if the state's government wants to have sobriety checkpoints to lower the number of people killed or maimed by drunk drivers? OF COURSE it's legal! It's just as legal as them running your license plate to make sure you are in a registered car! ….Don't we all want everyone to be licensed, insured, driving a safe vehicle, sober and and not driving recklessly? Of course we overwhelmingly DO ….how does that happen? Through ENFORCEMENT of laws……But by all means DO give asshole cops a headache …when they begin obviously overstepping …..PLEASE file complaints and get in their face! Better you than me! I personally have belted totally innocent cops as a teen …so I already done my share hassling cops ….you all take it from here…

  • Dougie Quick

    They want to ask for my license and registration and insurance and smell my breath etc? Go for it I am GLAD they are doing these things! …But now they want to go on a fishing expedition beyond THAT? Just because they are overzealous nazi PRICKS? FUCK EM! AND i sincerely hope if a cop gets shot in the face it is one of THESE rather than the many that simply do their jobs….

  • shonuff master

    She says, "He doesnt look American!" Well I'm sure neither does she if she's blonde and green or blue eyes, real Americans are Native Americans not the hand me down Europeans or British that migrated here many yrs ago!!! So of you're white blonde green or blue eyed and you're last name is Johnson or Trump you're NOT 100% full blooded American!!! Educate yourself white people.😎

  • Alex Ortiz

    People so stupid this is why our rights will be taking away little by little cuz of stupid ass white folks like this dick head. Asshole

  • rpalmeri

    “He doesn’t look like an American.” What exactly does an American look like? I think an American look like a Chinese American, Hispanic American, Italian American and many others. How dare you imply otherwise.

  • Darrin Lindsey

    Look up United States v. Martinez-Fuerte, 428 U.S. Code 543. The Supreme Court ruled that checkpoints going immediately toward or immediately away from the Mexican border are legal, and the questions that they ask, DO NOT violate the 4th Amendment. Answer the damn question, so you can "freely travel".

  • Ariel Gonzalez

    Hi if anyone reads this could you please pray for my dad, he has been afflicted with nerve pain in his feet since late 2017. It is severe pain in both his feet. I gave him the gospel in summer 2018 and thankfully he is now saved but it’s become apparent that no amount of surgery or time will heal him. If you’re reading this please pray whatever God leads you to pray for the situation. The nerves in his feet were damaged due to repetitive nature of his job. He was a very hard worker so he worked himself too hard but he did it so my mom could be a stay at home mom and to take care of me and my little sister. He has been such a great father to me and I just want God to use this situation for good. I would love if one day he could be healed enough to go soul winning and win souls and be zealous for the things of God for God showing him mercy. Thank you.

  • Sad Toast

    If Illegal Mexicans can say "yes I'm a US citizen " in a super THICC acsent then what's the point of any of these?

  • Tom Tuttle

    Weird question. He asks about citizenship then you ask am I free to go. You don't answer his question then after you stop why don't you move on? Highway patrol can't stop you for running the check point if you stop and the officer admits you did on camera.

  • Ulises Castro

    Isn't it ironic that 99.99% of Border Patrol perssonel Is from mexican background, checking on American citizens?
    Just saying……!

  • 9 Lives Radio

    when they claim they have signs and you must obey, pull up a sign that says they pay you $100 for every question they ask and another $100 for each one you answer. Have it at the ready and use their own logic on them.

  • Eric Mcguire

    I've stopped going to Canada, I love Canada it's easy to go through the boarder into Canada but coming back into my home country is like your a terrorist, they question you about everything and think your up to no good, this country is a joke anymore

  • Les Glover

    how about just answer the question and quit being a douchebag. You fkn idiots that think you're badass engaging with border patrol, what a joke. answer the question, show him your ID if you have to and move along.

  • Les Glover

    Oh hell no. I just finished watching this video. First off you're a douchebag and so is your old lady. And what the hell is going on with these border patrol agents? Every time I come back from Canada I've got to show two forms of ID. Because I don't have a passport I have to give them my driver's license and birth certificate. And they're pissed off about my birth certificate but that's just the way it is. But this guy, he's probably the first guy to rag on middle easterners and Latinos coming into the country illegally. And here he is, making a scene cause he wants to be a tough guy. I have no problem with the border patrol agents dragging his ass out and teaching them some respect. All you had to do is answer a few questions and maybe show him your ID. What a fuk head.

  • scott tyger

    What a goddammed idiot! Tell him "yes" if you're a citizen and go about your business! And what kind of gullible, mouth breathing degenerate would say "he doesn't LOOK American"?

  • Ric Rovey

    SC Jesters don't make law and it's time we stopped pretending they do. SC Jesters Han down opinions opinions are not law

  • Nordicrace 927

    Most of you must have lots of time to waste not me I’m too busy being a grown up and doing real grown up shit to have time to waste giving a hard time the men and woman trying to protect America from criminals

  • Kerry Knight

    What you NEED in this situation is a massively loud horn. When they walk away or try to "detain" you hit the horn… Lets see their response when you annoy them back.

  • DG Oskie

    Dude you are an idiot. U held up a huge line just because u couldnt answer yes. Total tool. I hate shit like this its so ridiculous dumb.

  • laurin Amyotte

    Were they carrying something illegal? People are really stupid, just answer the fucking questions and get lost.

  • barebone2

    LMAO americuckold land, why do we have mexicans as border patrol? no wonder so many drugs and people come through.

  • Gregory Collazo

    When it comes to borders , we do need to check people. If a nation does not protect it's borders it will not remain a free soviergn nation. He wasn't even asking for proof or trying to unlawfully search the guy. Just asked , simple yes even if it was a lie could have ended this lol.

    But people wanna be douche bags for the sake of internet likes.

  • Christopher Cunningham

    For everyone who says it’s not a big deal and just answer the question, it’s not about illegal immigration. It’s about the fact that our government is now openly corrupt and under the control of a shadow government aka deep state. It may not matter to you now, but when we allow them to continuously sodomize our rights and it reaches the point of when they’re asking “are you a Christian”, I have a feeling then you will cry foul. It’s coming though, give it time and continue to give the government intelligence agencies, I mean Facebook twitter Instagram Apple, millions of pictures of you and your family and detail your life for them so they can have an accurate profile of you and everyone you know for the day they wish to destroy your life. But hey, I’m the conspiracy theorist right

  • CON shalby

    Pastor Anderson i am against race mixing also mixed race sex I hope the Bible support purity. Please answer me.

  • Min röst gäller

    Tap the like button if u notice that it's the first day for this beginner. "I wanna travel free in my own country" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️my gosh what a failure.

  • Darrell

    Do they really believe that someone who wasn't a citizen would say 'no'. If you just say yes, I'm a citizen you're free to go. Seems like an easy way to slip thought the border.

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