Managers – How to Design An Employee Bill of Rights
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Managers – How to Design An Employee Bill of Rights

– Hey, everybody. Today, I’m talking about
an employee Bill of Rights. Now, this is the example
that I have included as a free download. You’ll find it as a page link
in the very first comment. They’re out there on the internet. There’s lots of different versions. This is just one I’ve cobbled together, consider it a starting off point. You really need to have something that works for you and your team. Why do you want to do this? Engagement, pure and simple. Not the shallow “everybody
be happy engagement”, but real engagement. The engagement that drives
difficult questions, that drives insight. The kind that allow people the ability to set boundaries, and they’re boundaries that
you also need as a manager. So, this is a contract
between you and your team. This is not a hundred
percent the responsibility you have to your team. They have a responsibility back, too, because you’re all agreeing
to the statements listed. Now, in my case, I have 10. I would encourage you to
not go beyond that number, but, again, change up the content for an agreement that works for you. I’m gonna give you a
couple quick examples. I have statements such as, “You have the right to
ask for what you want,” or, “You have the right to say yes, no, “or I don’t understand. “You have the right to make a mistake.” Now, notice, none of those say that I, as a manager, have to
give you what you want, or I, as a manager, need
to change the decision because you’ve said no, but it does allow for conversation. It allows for respectful engagement. It allows you to benefit
from other perspectives, and your team to benefit
from other perspectives, so that your team knows they can speak up, or they can set a boundary, or they can ask a question. Now, again, it might
not change the outcome, but, man, what a
difference when people know that they’re being heard, and they’re being
understood and listened to, and you never know, it just
might change the outcome. It will absolutely increase the level of engagement with your team, it’s going to drive deeper insight, and you’re definitely going to
move to a new level of trust. I would encourage you to hand this out as part of an onboarding package. And either way, whether you have existing team members and you’re just gonna go in on Monday and hand this out to them, or with a new person, make sure you revisit it, and let them know you’re going to. Give them a couple days, then get together and
go through line by line, and make sure that you
get their understanding of what this means, and you also share with them the intent and purpose behind it. I’ve never had anybody
ever try to abuse this. It is absolutely just
an informal agreement, however, I always kept it posted, and I encourage you to as well, so that your team remembers
that this is something that you’ve all agreed to. I really hope you found this useful. I really hope you enjoy the download,

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