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Manipulating Voters with Poll Tested Campaigns | The Real Ratigan

The problem with poll tested campaigning can be summed up in a very simple way two politicians of two completely different political parties both want to be your president, your senator, your congressperson what it may be they don’t actually believe anything they simply are interpreting whatever the data in the polls is and then seeking to pander to the fears and desires of that poll here a classic example a patient’s bill of right polls well so the Democrat comes out with a patient’s bill of rights the Republican comes out with a patient’s Bill of rights the Democrat’s patient’s Bill of Rights says if your doctor chops your leg off you can sue them the Republican’s patient’s Bill of Rights says if your doctor chops off your leg you can’t sue them Neither political party is trying to make sure that theres no doctor chopping peoples legs off

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  • Travis S

    Yeah. Our political system has turned completely self serving. I would say both sides have become completely collective in their way of selecting a candidate. From my view point, each sides political ideologies have become more important than people. For republicans, they have to take care of the Jews and Israel. Any candidate that would say otherwise is put on the defensive quite quickly. The democrats have gone completely bonkers with free everything. If someone says "you're going to have to work for that", it's adios amigo. The entire system is committing logical fallacies in itself because everything turns into an either/or false dichotomy. Now add the system has become completely polarized. People have become far too emotionally attached to their ideas. Anyone who steps out of line gets, so to speak, sacrificed. Speak "the-truth" and the worshippers applaud and cheer. While the entire problem is "the-truth". People need to be able to accept that they could just be wrong on an issue. No one is ever 100% right, but we treat it as if the ideas that are on a certain side are.

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