Marathi Manus & Fight for Rights | #bhadipa
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Marathi Manus & Fight for Rights | #bhadipa

-Uncle… -Huh? -It’s 36. Is that how the full form of 36 looks? No worries. Here, take this. Here. -Here. -Uncle, see if you have 6 Rs. change. You’re driving the rickshaw all day, don’t you have 4 Rs.? You’ve been doing your job so many years, but don’t have 6 Rs, do you? -Heh. -There, now the meter says Rs. 37! Yes. Keep chatting away; it’ll slowly go to 40. Do I look dumb? Or is this a sale? Is there an offer? Rs. 4 added for free on a bill of 36? What’s going on? -Uncle, why are you being stingy? -Hey! Just pay me 6 more bucks, I’ll leave. No, not you. We will leave together. We will keep travelling until the bill is actually 40. Drive through narrow alleys; break the signals. I will not rest until I’ve had 40 rupees’ worth of a ride. It is my birthright! Come on. My eye is on the meter. Plenty of time to drive around still. Come on. “Marathi feet only walk ahead.” Although slowly… (Marathi man and the struggle for rights!) I can’t find curry leaves. Where is it? Here. Shall I pack for 10 bucks? Shall I pack a punch instead? You’ll charge me for curry leaves? In my hometown, our backyard has this huge curry leaf plant. People come and pluck the leaves. I don’t ask them to pay me! Are you trying to rob me in daylight? Want to take a shortcut to getting rich, do you? Fit everything in what I’ve already paid. I want a curry leaf bunch for free. Curry leaves with coriander is my birthright! I will not rest until I get it. Stop it, uncle. Here, your curry leaves. It’s free! And he surrenders and yields curry leaves! I’m Marathi. -Really? -Stop giving my ears-piles with your Marathified Hindi. Here. Take it. Piles? (As you sow…) Powder, oil, desiccated coconut. That’s all of your stuff, uncle. -How much is it? -173 only. 173. Alright, here it is… Count this once- it’s 150. -Just 150? -Wait, here’s the rest of it. -Last time, you gave me candy instead of change. -Yes. This time, I’m paying you with chocolates! Oh no! It’s one rupee less. Here. -Sorry! It’s tit for tat. -What? Uncle… (Who’s the boss at home? The wife!) Potatoes, tomatoes, coriander… And curry leaves? -Here! -Ew! What kind of filthiness is this? Oh it pains! Argh! Take it out, it hurts. Take it out quickly. Yuck! Now we can’t use it for anything. -So you’re throwing it away? -No. -Then? -I’ll use it only in your meals. -(Whines). -And what is this? -What? It’s coconut oil. Like this? Loose? Oil is oil. loose or packed, however it is! -It is all the same. -It is not. -Of course it is. -God! When will you learn? -What happened? -This oil is made in such an unhygienic way! It might be contaminated. That’s why they sell it so cheap. What if we use it and it harms our health? Whatever product you buy, check for this fssai mark first. Got it? You are so smart! Although you did fail your 10th grade twice. Why do you keep going on about my schooling? Shut it. -Okay. -What do we do with this oil now? What do you mean what do we do? I’ll return it to the shop! -Yes, do it. -Yeah. -Anyway it’s dangerous to keep this at home. -Why? -Don’t you know? -No. -America can attack us for oil. Their men are everywhere. -Argh! -Argh! -Who’s there? (Papers old, precious as gold) -Rishi… Rishi. -Come, uncle. Have a seat. You borrowed the paper from me on the 10th. On the 14th, you borrowed the Saturday supplement. Took my son’s Employment News. My wife’s Homemaking magazine. -And my Pyaasi Jawani… -Uncle, uncle… -So, what about it? -I’m selling back old papers today. -Old papers? -Yes. I sell old papers and buy shaving blades from that money. Yeah! Once the blades go blunt, I use them to open milk bags. -Uncle, do you have a blade right now? -No, I… Why do you need it? I can’t listen to all of this anymore. I’ll take that blade and cut off my ears. Well, I have a blade… and an idea! I’ll bring the milk bag; cut that with your ears too. Be right back! What?! (Stay in line, avoid the fine.) Listen, when do you think we’ll get the cylinder? Hey! Hello, madam… Excuse me? Am I standing here because I enjoy staring at people’s necks? Go back. To the back. Join the line! It’s for everyone’s good. It’s for everyone’s good to stay in the line! Can you hear me at the back? Don’t worry, okay? -Excuse me, Mr. Bachchan? -What? -What? Nothing… -What is it? What are you- the cashier’s son-in-law? Claim your special treatment at home. Not here! Come on, to the back of the line. Come on! -Join the line. -Yes, I’m going! It’s for everyone’s good to stay in the line! Got it? Hey! It’s for everyone’s good to stay in the line! Go to the back. Sorry, that’s fine. Come on now… Come on, come on. Blackie, this is your line. Alright. Come on, move ahead. Where is it? Fire ant… Fire… Where…? -Following the ants up to the top? -I… (To the moon and back…) -Hello? -Hello, sir. I’m at the location. Did you? Come inside, you’re on the street. -Please come outside, sir. Alleys here are too narrow. -No! I have a right to good service from you; I’ll make sure I get it. Come inside. Now, follow my instructions. -Straight ahead. -Yes, I’m going straight. -Take a left. -Taking a left. Okay, you’ll see a temple there. Visit there if you can; it’s a 200-year-old temple. Come straight from there. -Coming. -You’ll see a handsome man waving at you. Not that one! I’m here… -Uncle, this place is too far inside. -Well, it’s mine! Uncle, if we take a right from here, we’ll reach Uranus, won’t we? Ur…anus… No, dear! It’s your birthright to like and subscribe to BhaDiPa! Don’t rest until you claim it! If you liked our video, make sure you write that in the comments. -BhaDiPa has two more channels- Bha2Pa and… -Vishay Khol. -Do like and subscribe to them as well. -In a line, of course. -In a line. -Because… -It’s free! -It’s free!


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