• Syncopator

    Re: Impeachment– the articles won't include anything on the Emoluments Clause, because donors on both sides all have their own businesses and LIKE the idea that the could become President someday without having to close out their business interests. So they won't support that. They'll have to get him on some other issue, so– hello, here's this election subversion conversation with Ukraine and China, that and his resistance to investigative processes which itself may be considered impeachable, etc.– so that's how it's got to go. Or maybe something about a deal with Turkey allowing them to go after the Kurds, in order to help his hotel investment over there. Sitting out the clock does seem to be Trump's strategy.

  • Michael Cruz

    The Dems need the impeachment scandal in order to help them win in 2020. Watch this vid of Allan Lichtman’s 13 Keys to the White House:

  • firefox5926

    23:37 i hear Russia very ice this time of year .. mild summers, good waters no extradition treaty with the usa nice people, good food no extradition treaty with the usa lots of rich people and oligarchs and did i mention no extradition treaty with the usa?

  • nowthenzen

    'Hillary had a sneeze' she fainted .. caught on camera
    'speaking of 500 years' .. 'he's not the youngest guy' Sanders is 2 years older than Biden and a year younger than Pelosi

  • Kkay

    I believe that PG&E is less concerned about fires in California than they are about being blamed for them, hence their precautionary measures.

  • Kanuckistan

    Mark… "so basically you're the Americanist, you know the constitution, tell me what's going on here" … and then you proceed to talk. Let Carrie run wild on this!

  • webfreakz

    Thanks again, always fun! Somewhere at the start you seemed to suggest that Trump might somehow try to stay president for a longer time than allowed, but you didn't elaborate on that (or I missed it?). Can we get that in the next video? 🙂

  • Aaron Bono

    impeachment would definitely be a good thing because it would show people that they can't get away with a crap that Trump's trying to get away with. to let him get away with all this crap without putting him in jail will just encourage the next person who might actually be smarter and do much more damage.

  • Noss Cern

    U think Biden & Clintons aren't corrupt when its been reported in NYT – debunked??? – everybody is corrupt – Trump is just a dumbass buffoon version – opening Trump Hotel right before Turkey moves against Kurds style – Clintons & Biden did it better for more, they are competent corruption – this is why Trump has been hired – he is blowing the whole thing up – everything – the swing states are economic disaster zones and they will vote for anyone…literally anyone who will even pretend to pay attention to their plight

  • P Walker

    Sorry, Mark. But the same people who are now saying "we know it was them" are the very same people who said that Hussein had WMDs and connections to al Qaida. These are also the same people who regularly lie to Congress and get away scott free.

    The media peddled the WMD line despite public opposition and the actual truth.

    Same sh*t, different stink fifteen years later.

  • Santiago Valenzuela

    I don't think the Supreme Court has jurisdiction over criminality on the part of the president. Has to be impeachment. If nothing else trump can just pardon himself preemptively if a court tried to do anything.

  • David Anderson

    By FAR my favorite podcast – keep up the good work you two. Excellent analysis on Hong Kong. And stupid pumpkin spice! 🙂 D.A., J.D., NYC

  • Jesus SavesUS

    Hi, Age is not the main factor relevant to an operation with a Stint. And heart attacks, attack with no age in mind. Now a by-pass is a serious operation…a stint is not considered a "heart operation". And our politician's have them often…lets take Cheney for example! 3 heart attacks before becoming VP, and defacto leader. If you actually read into the health problems of our senate and supreme court…well lets just say HRC's cognitive disease which causes her to faint doesn't show up much on CNN. If age is a problem, maybe we need an age limit on our senate. Or the federal court appointments all the thru the judiciary. Do people not understand lifetime appointments, and what a lack of term limits elsewhere tends to mean? Do we live in the the same america or are people just this easily led?

  • CEV12

    It's interesting to see how personal opinions on a candidate play into predictions. For example, Carrie's shown that she's pretty centrist and establishment, and she's no fan of Bernie, (preferring identity politics), so her view is that Bernie's campaign will be irreparably damaged due to his heart attack.
    To speak to her follow-up assertion that Bernie's voters will easily move on to Warren, though–
    I love Bernie, speaking for myself. And I'm not much interested in Warren (if she's the candidate to vote for, it will be pulling teeth). She seems to take on every progressive cause of Bernie's a day late–which makes you wonder whether she's truly progressive. She didn't throw her support/endorsement behind the progressive in the 2016 run. She used to be a republican. She conferences with Hillary. And she just recently announced a universal healthcare platform on her website (what took her so long?) …to state a few.

  • toto now

    Yay! Mark and Carrie! I've got to say w -t-f to hear you actually say Bernie and Warren voters are the same. And it is not just loyalty question. Do you really not know this? Then????? Warren is almost as old as Bernie AND Trump AND for gad's sake BIDEN. All of them could and will have health things that happen. Oh shit. Now you are not even alluding to the truth dawning on us. The depth of the betrayal of the ruling class both Democrat and Republican is getting more and more crystal clear through the lens of this Ukrain weird focus Impeachment . Are you guys just toting the establishment line? Honestly I've liked your show and lectures etc. but now I – can – not – tell.

  • yahooramji mahadevan

    1. please, could we have the full speech video/audio-(of Dr Raghuram Rajan & Prof Arvind Subramanian) In India many media, choose few lines from the full speech and make as Breaking news, Headlines- As an Institute it is your ethical duty to share full speech video in public. ( the 2 lectures in this week) 2. In India, the ruling party supported Media share their favorite portion lines from Dr. Raghuram's speech and the opposition party supported Media shares their favorite portion lines from Dr Raghuram's speech

    and Prof Arvindsub speech (moderation)

    – Please share full speech

  • Roger Kamben

    And Carrie, it doesn't surprise me that you're all in for Warren. Hillary/Obama neoliberal with a paint job. Technocrat grandma with voice like an angle grinder, which wouldn't have bothered me as much if she was like a Bernie, Tulsi or Yang. We all know she's not really gonna do jack shit, and that's why her merc is selling well in the Hamptons. You fit perfectly into her demographics which has very little overlap with Bernies. Harris, Booker, Beto etc all failed and Biden has no chance against Trump, so Warren is the compromise the Elite can live with. And no Hillary didn't just sneeze, she had serious health issues and rambling brain hemorrhage Biden?? LOL! But yeah, with Bernie it's time for "serious impact" trolling. Your Ivy-league bubble bias is showing.

  • Fotos On The Fly

    Nutrition research is simply an embarrassment to good science. I have a Ph.D. in microbiology and immunology (although I am no longer in the field). But if I ever attempted to publish anything approaching the total horse manure they push out on a regular basis, I would have been tossed to the curb in about 5 seconds. The truth is that our understanding of nutrition and how it impacts all-over health is virtually nill.

  • Hamoon F

    I really like Mark's breakdown of the way we transitioned from gold standard to Bretton Woods and then Globalism… can anyone recommend books or articles about potential post-neo-liberal financial systems? I can't seem to find anything other than "return to Gold standard" or "keep things as they are" rhetoric. Surely some intelligent theories exist. Thanks!

  • CMW

    The extortion of people by real estate owners is the thing that the left should concentrate on in every country. It's the one thing that the rich hoard that the poor need and can be done at a local level. Don't let corporations and mafias own residential property.

  • tyrannosaurus in f14!

    Warren does not have the same supporters that Sanders has. Sanders has more solid support among independents and with younger voters as well as non-college educated voters. Warren vs Trump means she wins the popular votes by millions but still loses the EC, maybe by fewer votes than HRC. Sanders vs Trump means Sanders wins the EC, even if overall turnout is somewhat lower for both.

  • Bill Smail

    The gentleman over at the Duran do a wonderful analysis on all of these topics, especially Trump and the Ukraine.
    The Moderate Rebels podcast did a great job of breaking down the HK story 😉

  • Amy Fink

    Bernie could govern better from hospice than any of the other candidates. Warren won't stand up to Trump because she's not that authentic, not that committed to the progressive agenda, and believes she can bring about real change through wonkery. The fact she is aping Bernie already demonstrates that he is the real leader. Biden's just a loser and his star will continue to fall through this whole impeachment deal. We need someone who is committed and reliable, and who has through these things through. That's Bernie and only Bernie. Regarding Bernie's health, keep in mind that Trump is obese and only a few years younger, and that DICK cheney was defacto president for 8 years in spite of 4 heart procedures. He managed to get a lot done (with the help of most of the $%&*&^*^ Democrats) p.s. Biden has had brain surgery and Warren has a weak spine.

  • Susan McDonald

    Dr. Lichtners predictive table, 100% since 1984. YouTube. 13 points, not candidates, party. Republicans has 5; 1 more and they're out. End of talking, analysis, polls.

  • Cy5208

    I love this show esp Mark's work but I truly find him lacking on certain things esp certain stories that play outside the establishment narrative. I certainly got Wait-What Whiplash on Hunter Biden not being corrupt, the Russian did it we know!, as well as his quick riff Hong Kong, though he wasn't as confident on that. Another take I've heard is while ofc there are mainland influences they left most of the local capitalists to do what they want to maintain the status quo. The thing is you have strong Anti-China business elites and if the whole show was being run from Bejing one would hardly expect that.

  • Joy G

    Carrie is the perfect exemplar of a bubble dwelling academic. How do people who live in different strata of society understand another human's experience if they've never experienced their lives? I don't know if Carrie knows this but it sounds incredibly condescending when she speaks so dismissively about Sen Sanders. His politics speak to marginalized, poor and desperate people, when Carrie brushes aside him, she's in a sense brushing aside these people.
    The fact that Carrie prefers Sen Warren is typical of an elite viewpoint. It seems like the attitude is akin to "I'm not suffering and therefore there is no problem," which is INCREDIBLY frustrating. She's just an example of many others who have the same views, which ignores the vast majority of the public. I like Mark's views because he's bridging the gap between two classes and has an insight into both worlds. You'd think that would make an impression on Carrie but it doesn't seem so.

  • Psuke Bariah

    There is 8 years difference between Sanders and Warren, they are both over 70. Dick Cheney has had 5 heart attacks and that f*ck er is still alive. Bernie's health is fine, any other position is concern trolling. And, btw, I believe his schedule is "slowing down" to the level of all the other candidates who were doing nowhere near his level of campaigning prior to his heart attack.

    And Warren's voters are not Bernie's voters.

  • Joe G

    there is evidence of Hunter Biden connection to Ukraine energy company. he gets like 30K a month or something along those lines. there’s no evidence that anything totally illegal was done but shady for sure. it’s pretty clear..

  • ivanoffw

    So, Trump is bad, and has done some bad things, no impeachment. Then he wants some dirt on the Democrats, surprise, impeachment.
    So, Nixon is bad, and has done some bad things, no impeachment. Then he wants some dirt on the Democrats, surprise, impeachment.
    W lied us into a war in Iraq, tortured people, didn't try to get dirt on Democrats, No impeachment.
    If Russia actually hacked the DNC server, the NSA and probably a few other agencies would have evidence, they don't. So the real conspiracy theory is believing that someone in Russia hacked the DNC server. The FBI was not allowed to investigate the server, as the DNC hired a Ukrainian backed company to do an "internal" investigation that got redacted before being sent to the FBI, curious. Someone once said, that you repeat a lie, that Russia hacked the election, enough, eventually people believe it to be true. Sure Trump is bad, please don't let him steal your critical thinking skills.

  • Clayton M

    You guys a sooooooo wrong on the Ukraine. Please do more research. You’ll find they have been involved with the starting of Russiagate and Joe Biden did force a prosecutor to drop a case against his son and then boasted about it. I hate hearing you guys being wrong about something.

  • DeadMarine1980

    "Impeachment is a bad idea" actually no. Because the Democrats are kinda forced to impeach, they have to set a standard. If they don't then that means Trump will just keep breaking the law and or the next guy after him will break the law because he will say "Trump did it". Or worse he'll do what was suggested by Mark. He'll call the secret service and have all the Democratic leadership arrested.

  • Gavin Hillick

    Sanders' and Warren's supporters are nothing alike. His supporters are generally less educated, poorer, more racially diverse and about equal regarding gender. Her prime demographic is college-educated white women. That's a lot of Hillary supporters who won't support him out of spite for daring to challenge Clinton last time.

  • Khatti's EITAP

    Want to do something about global warming, point out to the smart and rich class that carbon is a great material to turn stuff into, and one way to get it is to mine it from the atmosphere.

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