Mark Rienzi: The Administrative State and Religious Freedom
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Mark Rienzi: The Administrative State and Religious Freedom

As the administrative state grows, you have
more conflicts between administrative power and, and religion. As administrative power grows, the, the room
for conflict grows, and you’re more likely to have these conflicts. You’re also more likely to have them because
elected representatives and elected officials tend to be generalists. They have to, they get elected by a broad
swath of the voters. People who work at agencies tend to be single-minded
and narrowly focused on their one particular task, and that may be a very important task,
but it’s frequently the case that agency bureaucrats are willing to either ignore or just steamroll
religious liberty when it gets in the way. They may disagree about the outcome of particular
cases, uh, but I think most people understand religious freedom to be the fact that under
our Constitution, and under federal civil rights laws, the government is supposed to
leave some room for people to live out their varied faiths. Uh, we have religious diversity in this country,
which means that people have different religious beliefs about things. If we’re going to allow for religious diversity
in the country, we also need to allow for religious freedom, so that the government
can’t punish people for living out their faith.

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  • Kegga Puusi

    How relevant is this 'religious freedom' fetish, when the god that it is based upon is just one more in a long line of fabricated, imaginary gods?

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