Marriage (Court Consent to Marriage of Minors) Amendment Bill – Second Reading – Video 6
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Marriage (Court Consent to Marriage of Minors) Amendment Bill – Second Reading – Video 6

the opportunity to speak on the marriage court consent to marriage of minors amendment Bo and I do want to firstly think in acknowledge Jo in Hayes for having this bill in her name and I think it’s really important to think the committee whilst I have not been a part of this process prior to it I think it’s very important to acknowledge and thank the committee for the work that they have done on this bill my understanding is that they’ve worked really really hard and they’ve had some really good collegial discussions and conversations around this fo I just wanted to come back to something that the Honorable Maggie Barry said and she said this is a story that is not often told that was actually quite appointed in sobering statement for me to hear personally and it made me stop and think and trying to try to imagine how it must feel for some of these young people that are forced into a situation of marriage and extra I can’t even begin to imagine how that must feel so for me it endorses just how important this piece of legislation actually is I also want to acknowledge my colleague Priyanka Radhakrishnan who has worked in the sector and worked with women who who have been forced into marriage so what so just around this but what it does is it amends the Marriage Act of nineteen fifty-five whereby currently 16 year olds and seventeen year olds who want to get married must get the permission of the of the appearance what this bill does is it provides a safeguard to our young people to ensure that the marriage is consensual and that it will require the consent of a family court judge for the marriage of a 16 and 17 year old but sometimes forced marriage can be confused with arranged marriage but it is not the same with an arranged marriage there is the element of choice two people are introduced to each other by the appearance and the idea behind that is that marriage is actually difficult enough so they introduce individuals that have similar interests in similar family values and backgrounds to try to make the potential marriage as smooth as sailing as possible and after a period of courtship the couple can choose to continue with the relationship and enter marriage if they so choose however forced marriage and the motivations are and can be quite different and at least one partner doesn’t have a choice in anecdotally if anecdotal evidence does suggest that it is quite often the young woman so whatever the motivations for that might be it doesn’t make it right this is an important bill because it does go to the heart of what we in government hold dear and is core to our values preventing forced marriage will protect New Zealand children and I just want to quote from a submission from the wellington Community Justice Project this bill adds a layer of protection where parental protection fails and requiring Court consent after ascertaining the consent of the marrying individuals this goes a long way towards eliminating coercion coercion and thus forced marriages it ensures that those children who don’t have the protection are given the safeguard of the judiciary New Zealand as a democratic society and we are really proud of that we are the first country to give women the right to vote and it is important that our children are and feel safe and we know that young people around the ages of 16 and 17 are a vulnerable group of people in they deserve be sure beater protection under the law I just want to also quote from an article it’s that’s a quote by UNICEF and they’ve said that child marriage is a violation of the rights of girls and women girls who are married as children are more likely to be out of school suffer domestic violence contract hiv/aids in a dire due to complications during pregnancy in childbirth child marriage also hurts economies in Leeds to enter generational cycles of poverty so this bill will go a long way to ensure that that children don’t have to continue being forced into marriage against their will and I really commend this bill to the House Speaker Chris Buescher thank you very much mr. speaker can I start by congratulating Joe Hayes

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