Martin Luther King III Pushes To Halt Alabama Execution | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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Martin Luther King III Pushes To Halt Alabama Execution | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • Moms MADD

    Guilt by association, He could have warned the cops about the guy in the house he didn t. He could have stopped it he didn t. He should have picked better friends. He isn t innocent.

  • Splodin News

    What about the civil rights of the three dead police officers and their families?
    A fourth officer survived the assault rifle ambush, but I'm sure his life was never the same.
    This crack dealer lured arresting officers into a crackhouse under the auspices of surrendering.
    He conspired with his partner to ambush and murder them with an SKS assault rifle.
    This justice is 15 years overdue.

  • Velvet VanBuren

    Anyone else thinking silently that Trump will stop this execution just for his benefit? God knows this execution is wrong and I am absolutely against this execution…Im just saying Trump might step in for his own selfish reasons

  • Splodin News

    Mr. King,
    If you want society as a whole to support civil rights, you must STOP DEFENDING THE WORST members of your race just because they have the same skin color as you.
    Condemn criminal behavior.
    Call for justice against the minorities who endanger neighborhoods, fracture families, and destroy the honor and reputation of your race.
    Your "struggle" will never end if you continue defending evil.
    This is just common sense.. oh well, what's the use? Professional "victims of injustice".

  • Baby drumphf

    So if you are a black person in America convicted of a crime & are not the trigger man but in the wrong place at the wrong time then you warrant the death penalty in hillbilly Alabama. If you are a tRump supporter and benefactor no matter how heinous then you are pardoned and spared.

  • vox qui vive

    MLK III called it. Killing an innocent man is a lynching. I just hope from the bottom of my heart the governor sees sense. This is truly horrifying – an innocent man set to die in the coming hours in one of the most developed countries in the world.

  • Stephen f

    Isn't that called beyond a reasonable doubt …like come on execution of ppl not guilty of the crime ….smh ….totally unacceptable. …

  • Jacqueline Otto

    The real killer came forward and confess so why a innocent man has to die? Americans, are we sure America is the greatest country on the face of the earth?

  • Jerry Broxson

    His stupid a– should have picked his friends better! GO ALABAMA, give him the room temperature challenge. 🤭😭🤭😭

  • Justice

    see, a sentence for a man who's involvement hasn't been cleared, and we have a WH Psychopath who does terrible stuff to betray the country who's getting away with everything. Nice justice system in place…

  • Neural Burn

    In my opinion, death penalties should be carried out by the State Governor in person. That would quickly change the fate of these laws and, at the least, how people vote and who they vote for.

  • endwelfare

    People hear Blaming trump are just stupid. The crime took place in 2004 why didn't Obama do anything if he was truly innocent

  • koala koalason

    Trump is going to get more Americans killed because of all his lies and misinformation Trump is a traitor Trump for jail Trump for Russia Trump get coronavirus and die for Americans take all your trumpers with you

  • Eric V

    Just go to the "Trump Pardon Center", sign up for free for your pardon in minutes with our handy
    online service! At TPC (not to be confused with T.P.C. "Trump's Perfect Call", another online service) you can get pardons, commutations, tax write-offs, and those sweet, sweet government appointments. In just minutes, for a "small" processing fee you too can enjoy the favors of those in power and get the justice you so richly deserve!

  • Kelly ann kanye

    The Entire Story was never told how the corrupt officers were involved with these guys, before the shooting, which led to the shooting…but hey, Alabama is still Alabama, until the People change it…
    My heart goes out to all families, involved.

  • Rabbit Skipper

    I used to be hardcore for the death penalty. Until I realized that it's implemented unfairly mostly to poor and people of color. Also the value on cops lives are rated higher than everyone else. Because it's almost a guarantee that a defendant of a slain officer will get the death penalty. While I've seen civilian murderers get 6 years. Which is sad because I've also seen people get 20 years for a pocket of crack. Until white or wealthy people get it the same. Or all victims have the same guaranteed death protections as cops. Government executions should be abolished.

  • Neat Gifts

    It is sad to see but not a surprise what so ever that this kind of injustice still goes on today. We really are not that far from the time of lynching in this country. If Nate Woods is executed, this will only be one more lynching of an innocent black man in America's long history of murdering black men and calling it justice. It is also troubling that we are appealing to this Governor to save this man. Google her name if you don't know why it is disheartening that this young man's life hinges on a Governor with a history of uncaring of black people.

  • L D

    So when Mr. Martin Luther King III, when should we take to the streets and have a civil rights march??? We must never give up on the DREAM!!!!!

  • Mari Bel



  • Murray Flewelling

    This guy happened to be at that house and as a result someone else shot them after he surrendered. The US is a total cesspool .

  • Christian Cole help him

  • Hull Style Produtions Change the World

    Its not white or black issue its a human issue. Dammit how much longer are we going to remain stupid and sickness? The soul doesn't have any color

  • Khady Windsouri

    I am against the death penalty, states should just let prisoners leave and wait for their day. A lot of people are innocent in prison and staying alive give them the opportunity to prouve that they are innocent if that is the case.

  • darryl runnels

    Who really cares what you baby murderers and sodomites think? I know I don't. You have no credibility so shut up and mind your own business.

  • Sharon Boston

    So the Justice system commits murder bcuz someone commits murder? This is absolutely sickening! Karma is coming. It's called the wrath of YAH & it is ABSOLUTE.

  • Sharon Boston

    Kay Ivey, you apologized for the "black face" incident, but no apology is going to change ur participation in the murder of this innocent man & the wrath of YAH that is COMING TO YOU & ALL OF THE HATEFUL RACISTS INVOLVED. I pray that The Most High YAH sends His wrath to you SWIFTLY.

  • Pat Springs

    It is an OUTRAGE that they gave this guy the lethal injection. Hanging him would have been far more cost-effective.

  • eastwood brown

    This is a clear example of why the death penalty can never be decided by anyone; especially those who weren't present when the killings took place.

  • Kathryn Shaw

    I sometimes wonder if anyone in power in those Southeastern States recognizes that people from other parts of the country actively avoid that part of our nation. Their reputation for irrational and rabid justice is enough to scare anyone away from the deep south.

  • Shantel Childers

    The criminal system doesn’t work and if it doesn’t work how are you putting people to death aka murdering people?

  • Lillie Brown

    That's why your vote counts. Not just president but also locally state judges, mayor, senators. Let me ask you this question if your vote doesn't count why do we have voters sequestration in this country tell yourself that (why).
    This was a lynching. We have to stop asking the same questions over and over again. Vote
    We continue to say the system is broken, but the system is doing what it was designed to do. Black and brown people in this country are looked upon as nothing still. When we say black lives matter there is always a white person saying well white lives matter blue lives matter, but we are continuing to be murdered by police, the government when it comes to the broken system and our own people. So we need to stop asking stupid question and find meaningful solutions.

  • MrRCDarkAngel

    Have you seen the Trump commercial using a Black woman to suggest Trump is better at criminal reform . Bull ! In Alabama the rightwing lynches another black man. In Georgia the Republicans won a election were the governor elect had ties with vote purging of Black people.4 more years of rightwing rule? This " cold civil war" may heat up with average people being slain by the state when a president gets away with crimes by saying" witch hunt" to his cult followers.

  • scottybee33

    Look at Epstein…the Justice system is an imperfect construct of fallible MEN… Ppl get away terrible things, and others Innocents get incarcerated for complete BS…. So bottom line the Death Penalty should be reserved for 100% certainty, but not eliminated.

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